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Veigar Humor Guide by YourStalker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YourStalker

Jungle Veigar : Terror of Bandle City

YourStalker Last updated on July 2, 2014
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This guide was made in dedication to my friend, Summoner "Jarret Right", who was unfortunately drafted into the jungle rule as his favorite champion, Veigar. While he is not the most powerful jungler, he can hold his own against REALLY strong jungler threats such as Teemo, Xerath, Kog'Maw, Lucian, and Teemo.

While this guide may become confusing due to all the knowledge I am inputting at once, I recommend you take frequent breaks while reading this, or else it will leave you in a coma (trust me, it's happened before).

Now without further ado, let us begin!

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Why Jungle Veigar?

-He is one of the strongest junglers in the game if done right.
-He can kill everyone without even using skills.
-He can turn the tables. and show no mercy.
-He can almost kill the legendary Jungle Xerath.

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Why NOT Jungle Veigar?

-He is too high level for you, and will force your mind to revert to that of an infants in an attempt to shield yourself with this new found knowledge.

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Item Build

Here is where most people make the first mistake, the item build. The true way to build a successful jungle Veigar is to build him like a manhunter. This may be confusing, but just go with it, you will soon understand.

First, you get the Gloves of Sharpness. This will force everyone (including the jungle minions) to be wary of you. No one wants to mess with a man with a sharp plan. While it is not the most cool looking item, it gets the job done. On a personal note, if it had ATLEAST 20 more spikes on it, it would perform it's job 100000 times better.

Next, you get the Sun-Imbued Shield. A wise man once told me that a good defense is the best offense, and after tireless testing, I can confirm it is true. Since you already have the Gloves of Sharpness, you can fight people hard with it. When they decide to call in their thug friends, that's when the going gets tough. However, when the going gets tough, the tough get tougher. Use this shield to block out the whole world, forcing your enemies to cower in fear due to your extensive power. When they beg for mercy, stab them. There are no survivors.

You are probably confused at the next item on the list, the Spear of the Spider King. You are probably asking, "Why would I turn the Gloves of Sharpness into the ****py Spear of the Spider King?". The answer is due to the trickster factor. When the enemies see that you have ditched the Gloves of Sharpness to gain the Spear of the Spider King, they will think you are ******ed. They will naturally charge at you head on. This is where you strike. First, deflect their attack with the Spear of the Spider King, then bash them over the head with the Sun-Imbued Shield. The best offense is a good defense, so naturally you will smash them with your "defense." Of course, after you will learn that the Spear of the Spider King is near worthless, like one of those "ultimate" weapons in RPGs that gets replaced with an even stronger weapon later in the game, but it's the best you got for now.

Soon, the enemies won't be fooled by this simple trick. By that point, it will become harder to finish them off with this strategy. Luckily, here is where the Armor of Sharpness comes in. It is an even better version of the Gloves of Sharpness, as it covers your entire body. The mere sight of this armor is enough to scare any enemies into a coma. By that point, your defense is near unbreakable, reaching a power level that easily exceeds 9000. Any enemies that even dare close their eyes and strike at you will simply be either blocked by the Sun-Imbued Shield, or impaled by the Armor of Sharpness. Balanced.

At this point, you are missing something simple. Something all true heroes need. That's right, you are missing a cape. Get the Burning Cape of the Elder Lizard. You are now probably wondering, "Why do I get that cape that burns me? Isn't that a terrible idea as it will cause self harm?". The answer is simple, it doesn't matter if it hurts as long as you look cool doing it.

Here is a part that I am personally really iffy about. The boots. While I personally do that equip any footwear on my jungle Veigar, as you don't need it when you are already looking so stylish, many people confuse with me a mere beggar due to the lack of shoes. The simple answer is this: get the Green Boots. At this point, you would have probably closed this guide and reported it to the MobaFire site due to me even mentioning the Green Boots. Just hear me out here. While the Green Boots may be a beginner item that is easily obtainable and easily replaced, many people do not know the true potential that it holds. The Green Boots, when enchanted with the Water Stone, become boots that are so stylish that it will make everyone else feel poor. Due to how stylish it looks, I have purposefully used a fake picture of what they look like, so that this guide will not cause you to feel too badly. When you equip the Green Boots (with Water Stone) onto your current set, you will be too stylish for this world.

Here is the sad part. While the Sun-Imbued Shield has carried you so far, it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to it. To properly say goodbye to it, you will have to hike up to the top of Summoner's Mountain, meet the legendary elder, Doran, and gain an important item from him. If you have previously read my Jungle Xerath Guide, then you should know what Dorans item that I am referring to. Next, you will have to meet with Prince Jarvan IV, and tell him that you need his assistance in the farewell of the Sun-Imbued Shield. He will weep for many months, but that is to be expected from this sad quest. After his grieving, he will lend you aid in the form of Financial currency, allowing you to easily travel to the Howling Abyss. Once you have reached the middle of the bridge, make sure you stop the fighting that may be happening by explaining the tale of your adventure. Both sides will understand, and agree to a cease fire. Here is the part that will break your heart. You will need to TOSS the Sun-Imbued Shield over the bridge. This will cause many tears, but once the Sun-Imbued Shield reaches the bottom, the Howling Abyss will change to Magma Chamber. After this, you must travel and find the ARMORdillo known as Rammus. While it may be hard to communicate, once you explain the tale of the Sun-Imbued Shield, he will understand, giving you his shell. Bring the shell to Doran, along with the other Doran item that you previously acquired from him. He will combine these items, making the True Doran's Shield. It's protection is ten times better than the Sun-Imbued Shield, only at the cost of leaving a gap in your heart. Rip in peace, Sun-Imbued Shield.

At this point in your adventure, you are missing a simple item. A headgear of any sort. I personally recommend getting the Hat of the Crazed Wizard. The story behind this hat is that it was once a wizard, who had, for the sake of magic, abandoned his sanity in pursue of the true magic. However, one of his experiments had sacrificed the lives of everyone in his town, which had deemed him a danger to society. All the legendary heroes of old united and defeated the Wizard, sealing him in the form of a hat and locking him away in the Catacombs. While this hat is dangerous, the power that radiates from it is enormous, and the style of the hat is quite unique. Breaking into the Catacombs in simple, with the gear you currently have. Once you have acquired the Hat of the Crazed Wizard, there is only one thing left to do.

The final thing to do is acquire the Angel's Shank. This will easily replaced that ****py Spear of the Spider King. Firstly, you must travel through Heaven's Gate. Be careful, as Heaven's Gate is actually a Cherubim class angel. After traveling through it, you must defeat a goddess by the name of Ilias. Defeating her is no simple feat, but with your skills that you have acquired throughout this journey, and the gear that you have obtained, you will be able to do it. After defeating her, you must search through the graveyard. You will search for the gravestone of Manami Mitama. Hidden deep underneath that gravestone is the legendary Angel's Shank. It was said that this weapon was made by the legendary angel, Razia, who crafted this makeshift weapon while surrounded by demons, slaughtering all the demons with it and fleeing back to the over-world. Once you descend back to earth, chuck out that Spear of the Spider King, as it is worthless to you now.

You should have all these items obtained by five minutes into the game. Any more time than that, and you are confirmed to be slow.

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Skill Build and Jungle Route

You are probably confused as to why I have combined two completely different sections into one. The reason is simple, one ties into the other. For all those confused, I recommend you take a short break, as the following section might break your mind. GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE A BREAK!

Now that you have taken a break, I shall continue with the explanation. What many people do not know is that when you use Event Horizon, it is actually a portal for Veigar to get to the Dark Summoner's Rift. It is a place where the true dangers lurk. Baron Nashor, a monster regarded as the strongest is Summoner's Rift, is actually one of the weakest monsters that have fled from Dark Summoner's Rift into Summoner's Rift. So you are probably wondering why I am recommending you only put points into Event Horizon. The reason is, you will have to jungle in Dark Summoner's Rift. While those monsters there are definitely formidable, they are the only monsters which will help you become powerful, a feat that you will need to do in order to combat the legendary Jungle Xerath.

The reason you put more points into Event Horizon is that the portal only allows you to stay in Dark Summoner's Rift for the short time of five years. While that time may be enough to fight any normal man, it is not enough to face the most powerful junglers that have existed. The more points you have in Event Horizon, the longer you can stay in Dark Summoner's Rift.

Once in Dark Summoner's Rift, you will have to start small. First, kill the Ancient Mana Merchant. While he may not be an actually enemy, the extra mana and cooldown reduction potions you obtain from him are useful.

After that, you will move onto the Corrupted Hellhound. Beware, as he will spit acid at you from afar, and the two extra heads he has are dangerous.

Moving on, you have to take out the Red Elderly Witch. The experience that you gain from fighting her is stunning, and the flaming wand upgrade that she bestows upon you is quite useful.

After that, you will move onto the Twin Monoliths. While they are slow, they hit for a huge chunk of damage (TONS OF DAMAGE). Slaying these formidable opponents allows you to move onto the Spooky Ghosts.

While they are not very powerful, the Spooky Ghosts are very spooky. Some people prefer to skip over them, as they are 2spooky4them.

Next, you move onto the True Wight. He is a powerful enemy indeed, as he is the maker of the Trinity Force. He will be a hard creature to slay, as he has an absurd amount of health, and damage that rivals that of the Twin Monoliths. Did I mention that he has a machine gun for an arm? I know, no effin' way.

After the long fought battle with the True Wight, you will be need to move onto the Frost Wyvern. He is a dangerous opponent, being able to fly, breath frost fire (which reduces you to a fumbling townsboy), and recite all of the Nirvana songs off the top of his head.

Finally, you will move onto the Gigaworm. At first glance, he may look like the simple Baron Nashor, but on closer inspection, you will realize that is a disguise. He is roughly the size of Summoner's Rift. He is atleast twenty million times stronger than Baron Nashor. A hard enemy to fight indeed, but a possible one.

You are probably wondering why I did not give too many details on the strategy needed to fight these creatures, and why I only listed the weakest enemies in Dark Summoner's Rift. The reason for that is simple: revealing too much of Dark Summoner's Rift to someone who has not gone there themselves is fatal, causing the person to die of an aneurysm. I will let them learn those themselves, as I can only give so much advice.

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While I apologize that this guide is so short, as I wrote it in only five minutes, I have tried to pack all the necessary information needed to successfully Jungle Veigar. I chose this time to focus more on the origins of the items, instead of the basics of jungling, as it should be obvious by now.

I hope this guide has helped you, Jarret Right, for your jungle Veigar skills seemed to have been lacking a certain something. Do not thank me, as I write simply to aid you in your adventures. Think of me as one of those side characters in a town, who always repeats one line.

Sorry for my terrible English, as I am totally a Brazilian. Hue hard.

-Your Stalker


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