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Xin Zhao Build Guide by kori101

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kori101

Jungle Xin For Beginners - Season 5

kori101 Last updated on July 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys/gals this is my first guide, I make no claim to be an experienced player, honestly this is just the build I've played that works the best combined with my knowledge from other guides, I designed this guide just to help newer players, its no secret that Xin Zhao could be considered a beginner/"basic"/"easy" champ to play, I created this in efforts to kind of reduce the already minimal faults that could lead to a feed and at least provide a strong introduction to the jungling role for newer players. I never intend this guide for anyone with more than the basic skill level I possess, as I know this probably isn't the most powerful Xin Build existing in the current (patch 5.13) meta. This guide intends to reduce the need for player skill by creating a burst based ad Xin for the jungle which I find easily learn-able and generally quite fun to play. Hope all reading enjoy!!

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Pros / Cons

    + One Major Pro of Xin Jungle is sustain potential
    + Large scaling ad and attack speed makes solo dragon easy
    + Minimal Skill cap
    + Has a knockup, and slow
    - No escape
    - Basically stuck if specialist mage counters
    - Passive can limit team fight potential

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Gameplay Summary

Ill split this into 3 sections:

Early game - the usual gromp gank, usually I go gromp to wolves then check for first blood ganks, heavy hands, I only really try for blue/red once around level 4, generally when I get skirmishers. Once skirmishers has been bought, I go blue --> red --> gank check. If there is an enemy jungler, itsa round once xin estabilishes level five you could try for the invade, generally the hardest counter ive found would be if a yasuo came to assist the jungler.

Mid Game - Once I hit level 6 I generally recall, build maybe boots if I have enough money, then I go blue buff --> red buff --> dragon. You CAN reliably solo dragon at this point, just be careful to ensure their jungler/bot lane doesn't notice and that you have full health with heals to spare. Max Battle Cry as soon as possible, and generally just try to assist your team, using your Audacious Charge to jump them from jungle edges. If your team is doing bad, generally stay in lane, by level ten I usually reach maybe 2/0/3 if my ambushes work. (the problem is, Xin's pretty good at kill steal with a high burst potential for a fighter) when you hit about 12, its time to check build possibilities

End Game - Its make or break time, people. Check the map, if your team is losing/you are doing badly, ensure you build defensive items, generally the core of devourers/ravenous should be there, if you're winning build youmouu's if you're losing build armour. Generally try to just lane with all buffs active, in respite moments from the inevitable "all mid" call, attain blue/red, try to get 2/3 dragons, being first in to try and get a team baron. Generally try to pick off or counter charge any assassins, as generally I find Xin Zhao does best by eliminating any sort of Katarina style assassin, any sort of jump towards an ally champion should be stopped by your Audacious Charge --> Battle Cry --> Three Talon Strike mash combo, this I find to be the best tool you have in a teamfight, aside from the possibility of using your Crescent Sweep as an escape method could be useful.

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Unique Skills

A few things to consider when using Xin Zhao:

    - His Three Talon Strike reduces cooldown on all other abilities by one second per hit of the three, which is why it absolutely has to be the last move on your combo/fight
    - His Crescent Sweep Ultimate, I never find to be ultimately deciding, could be used to last hit if an enemy is escaping, or could be used as an escape yourself, as it knocks back any non challenged opponents, use the ability carefully as it is his most effective team fight tool (and maybe his only one)
    - Remember that Popping the W increases attack speed, therefore increasing time till three hits which triggers the heal,use this knowledge in jungle when health may be low, however frankly the q after will aid survivability by giving a brief inactivity window