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Yorick Build Guide by egotisticalnoob

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League of Legends Build Guide Author egotisticalnoob

Jungle Yorick

egotisticalnoob Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In this guide, I will tell how you can jungle with Yorick. Yorick is an amazingly fast jungler and great ganker. He usually levels up about just as fast as a solo laner, which is very fast for a jungler. He can also invade the enemy's jungle very easily and gank their jungler. The first build I have is for a Jungling DPS Yorick, which I prefer. The second build is for a jungling Yorick, which is also very good.

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Armor Marks - In my opinion, these are a must-have for any jungler.

Mana/5 Seals - Yorick needs mana regen to be a fast jungler.

CDR Glyphs or MR/level - CDR is great for killing fast and jungling faster, magic resist is better for tanking.

Movement Speed Quints - A little extra movement speed can be great for landing E on someone while chasing. It also allows you to jump in and join team fights earlier or initiate faster, if you're tanking. They're also great for retreating, if need be. Overall, movement speed is very valuable on Yorick.

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1-8-21 is by far the best mastery tree for Jungle Yorick in my opinion. The utility tree just has so much to offer Yorick. The 8 points from the Defensive tree are very good too, especially the health regen/mana, since you'll be going for a Manamune.

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Skill Sequence

Your Q will allow you to kill the fastest, making it the best choice for level 1. You need your E (heal) at level 2 to keep you alive. Then, you need your W so that you can get gollum (blue) as fast as possible.

I always level up E first. The heals make you very hard to kill. It's also a ranged attack that's very spammable and going in fights.

For DPS, I would always level Q second. It kills faster than the other abilities, making it good for dealing damage. It's best use, however, is for the speed buff, which you will likely be using more often with a DPS build.

For tanking, I would level W second. More/stronger slows makes you a better .

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Summoner Spells

Always go Smite, since you're jungling. You could do without this if you get good leashes. I normally play solo queue or with just one or two mates though, so I usually can't trust my team to help me much.

For DPS I go flash as my other spell. This allows you to jump in and kill faster or retreat much easier.

For I prefer Exhaust or Ignite. Exhaust is definitely the best for ganking, but Ignite generally fits Yorick better throughout the game. You could also still go Flash on him while tanking.

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Jungling Path

Start at the small gollums. Blue won't do **** for you at level 1 and is just a waste of time. You don't need a leash, but I strongly advice getting one since it will save you a health potion. Use your elixir (which allows you to jungle and level up very, very fast) right away and then your Q, a health pot, and Smite. You should get the first gollum almost instantly and then the second will go down in a few seconds.

Next, go on to the wraiths. Don't target the big wraith first, that will only slow you down. Kill each of the small ones, then the big one. Use your Q and E as fast as they recharge to finish the creep quickly. You will normally finish these before your smite recharges, so save it for wolves.

If you're spamming Q and E, you won't make much mana left for wolves. This is no problem though. Just use smite and a couple abilities and you'll still get them fast. After getting the wolves, go back to your base and buy boots. If you got a leash at gollums, you should have one health potion left over for gollums. If you don't, buy another one.

After going back, go to the big gollum (blue). Start with W, E, Q, then use all your abilities constantly, along with Smite, and you'll get it very fast. Blue buff should give you enough mana to constantly spam Q,E without having to worry about mana. You'll also be able to use some Ws to jungle faster. Once you have a Tear of the Goddess, you'll be able to constantly spam your abilities while gaining back your mana almost as quickly as you can use it.

After gollum, do not go to wolves. Go straight back to the wraiths, since wolves won't be respawning for a while. You'll kill the wraiths in a few seconds and then you can go back to wolves and then down to gollums. You won't need any health pots for jungling, after getting blue, since your E should heal as quickly as you take damage.

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Alternate Jungling Path

You could also start at wolves and move down to gollums. I prefer starting at the gollums first, because a leash will help you more there and I believe it goes a tad faster. If you start at wolves, it's best to save smite for a wraith so you can get level 2 right away to kill the wraiths faster. But, if you start gollums, you get to use it twice in one sweep, having used your first one earlier, allowing you to clear the jungle faster. There are a couple advantages to starting wolves though. When you do start wolves, you can get wolves a second time right away after getting blue and then move down from there, instead of running back to wraiths, and you can also steal the enemy's strong wraith with smite, before hitting your wolves.

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Extra Notes on Jungling

First of all, I would strongly advice everyone to practice jungling with Yorick in a bot game or at least in normal play, before using it in ranked or something. It's very easy to mess something up in the jungle, when you haven't done it before. A couple extra ' experience will do you wonders, making you a lot better and more comfortable, knowing what to expect.

Of course, it's always good to have a plan for jungling and everything, but your team will often need ganks or help so they can go back to heal. So, do not be a nazi about sticking to the plan every time. Helping the team should always be the top priority. Getting the jungle comes second.

Also, you can solo dragon if it's ever safe to, once you are level nine or higher. If you somehow have a Youmuu's Ghostblade while you're still level seven or eight, you may be able to solo dragon earlier. At around level twelve or so, Yorick can even solo dragon in under ten seconds!

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Starting Items

+ + Sight Ward

Most junglers start with a cloth armor and health pots or something similar. I've found that the best start for Yorick is actually an elixir. Now, the obvious question is, "Why would you go elixir when it takes the small gollums and wraiths just to pay for it?" The answer is that the damage allows you to clear the jungle extremely fast, so you level quickly and will be able to gank early. A long sword gives you the same damage as an elixir does, but the problem with a long sword is that you don't get enough health pots to keep jungling as long, so you have to go back earlier. You could maybe pull off a long sword start with more armor runes though, I don't really know.

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The Sight Ward

With an Elixir start, you have enough gold left over to buy a ward. This won't slow down any of your items during early game, such as your Boots right away when you go back, so there's really no reason not to get one.

How you use this ward depends greatly on the game. Factors such as whether or not the other team has a jungler, which jungler they have, whether your team is on top or bottom, and which lanes on your team are most likely to push all effect this decision. Generally, placing the ward by the other team's blue or in the bush alongside your bot lane are good places. You could also wait a bit and then place it by the Dragon. Well, this isn't a guide on using wards, so I'll stop here.

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I would say that Boots of Lucidity are definitely the best on Yorick. Cooldown reduction is so important on him, since it gives you more slows, more healths, more speed buffs, more damage, and it allows you to use your passive much more. Often possibilities for your boots include Mercury's Treads, Ninja Tabi vs AD heavy teams, or Boots of Swiftness to make you a better chaser.

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The First Items

- Tear of the Goddess is a great item to rush with Yorick. You should always get a Manamune on him later, so this will get your mana stacking early. The mana regeneration is also very good for Yorick early game.

- Youmuu's Ghostblade is another must-have item on Yorick. The best part of it is the cooldown reduction. The active is also very good on him though, so you can chase and fight a lot better.

- You should always have a Manamune on Yorick. Mana and mana regeneration is extremely important on Yorick and this item should give you all you need.

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The DPS Build

- Hextech Gunblade is great on Yorick. The life steal and ability power are both ok, but the attack damage, spell vamp, and slow from the active are great. The Bloodthirster is a possible replacement for this. You can also get a second or even a third Hextech Gunblade, depending on the game and your own preference.

- Frozen Mallet is best for its slow. The health and AD also help both you and your ghouls. If you want an item that gives some more AD, you could go with The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, or another Hextech Gunblade.

- The main reason you would get a Banshee's Veil is for its passive. The cc block is situationally amazing. It can save your life repeatedly in some situations. Since you're a melee dps, you're especially at risk to cc, making this item a good choice. Of course, the health, mana, and magic resistance is all very good too. Like the Frozen Mallet, this item can be replaced for something with more AD.

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The Tank Build

- I've already wrote about Frozen Mallet in the DPS section. This item is pretty good for DPS Yorick, but it's great on Yorick. Since you'll be tanking, the more cc and health, the better.

= Warmog's gives you lots of health, which allows you to a lot better. It also makes your ghouls much stronger and more annoying.

- You have lots of health, so the Atma's passive gives you a lot of damage, which helps both you and your ghouls.

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Yorick is probably one of the most underplayed champs in the game and I almost never see one jungle. Yorick can jungle uberfast anyway and gank very well. I've done a fair amount of jungling as Nunu and a lot of jungling as Amumu. Both of them are supposed to be some of the top junglers in the game, but I really think that Yorick is a better jungle than both of them. So, gogo play jungle Yorick. You'll probably be suprised by how good it is.