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Lee Sin Build Guide by Jamieoriginal

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jamieoriginal

JungLee Sin: UnstoppabLee Sin

Jamieoriginal Last updated on September 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my Lee Sin Guide! I recently started to main Lee Sin, and have been having so much fun and success I decided to make a guide, showing my mostly tanky, minimal damage, maximum fun play style. I truly enjoy flying all around the map as Lee Sin, he is extremely fun to play and has pretty much no counters. The only downfall is that SOMETIMES he gets banned in ranked, but not usually. Also, if he falls behind in the jungle, it is mildly difficult to catch back up. Overall though, he is an extremely strong champion, 1v1, teamfighting, peeling, and clearing (also taxing if you choose to do so.). Lee Sin is by far the most Blind champion. Remember, blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy.

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You can start any ability at level one if you're at your own buff (preferably red), I just prefer Sonic Wave because of the % health damage and overall damage. If you are invading, start e, and if you are getting invaded, start w. Make sure to get 1 point in each skill by level 3. I max Q first for the damage you get, W for the utility and obviously E last because the slow doesn't change per level, and the damage isn't significant enough to max first, unless you are going for a full damage build. Iron Will and Safeguard, although scaling off of AP, give an extremely important shield and even more important, a 5% to 25% life steal and spell vamp. They are extremely important for sustaining in the jungle and jumping and saving team mates. His kick,

Dragon's Rage
is one of the most important parts of Lee's kit. If you haven't heard of Insec, look him up on YouTube, and you will find countless awesome plays by him with ward jumping --> kicking back to his team, which you can see Lee Sin Combos in that chapter. Obviously you will be getting a point in your ult whenever possible.

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Obviously Smite is a must in the Jungle.

I Take flash because of the huge utility in the jungle and team fights it gives you. Also, check out this video by Shake Drizzle (By far the best Lee Sin player in NA) on why he uses flash. It's sick. Although he uses it for jukes, you can use it for flash-kicks, escapes (obviously), gap closers (obviously), etc. Its extremely useful in general.

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With the recent patch to armor pen runes, I decided to take a highly offensive rune and mastery page, complimented with my highly defensive build with evens out and makes my Lee Sin extremely strong. Armor yellows and Mr/Lvl Blues are highly recommended, although you could use something like cooldown blues. Also, Flat AD reds are extremely useful, but if you feel necessary, you could use movespeed quints, or if you wanted to go super pro, go EXP quints. They're ridiculously good.

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I go 21-9 because of my defensive build. Also, I play extremely aggressive with Lee Sin (tower dives, chases, low hp all ins, etc.) so I want all the damage I can get without items. Defensive tree is self explanatory, and offensive tree is just damage, armor pen and cooldown reduction, which is ridiculously useful on Lee Sin.

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After Laning

Lee Sin is a dancer. He cannot sustain battles for very long without regaining energy. So, once you kill an enemy, or weaken them, dash out of battle, whether it be with your W, or just running. Cooldown, regain your energy enough for one more combo hit, and dash back in. He dances around battles. He should never be in a battle for very long. He excels at chasing people who have flashed or spun through walls. He can Q and dash through the wall, killing the enemy he runs into. Remember that his Q does more damage base done how much health the enemy is missing. 10% of their missing health. Think of his Q as an underpowered Garen ultimate, with he ability to catch an enemy.

When 1v1, figure out your surrounding, and who you're fighting. If the enemy has more than a Stun or Slow, you might need to back off and wait for support. If the Enemy is a great 1v1 champ, namely Tryndamere, or Udyr, you can Kite around, doing damage as your energy permits, but I don't suggest it. Someone Like Ashe, Gangplank, Twitch, Evelynn, and Tristana. You REALLY want to avoid Heimer and Teemo, as they can blind you, so your passive won't do what it needs.

Don't hesitate to grab Red Buff, and blue buff if you feel your cooldowns are nasty. You can solo dragon at about 12, 10 if you are really confident in your ability. Remember to pop everything when fighting dragon, and your Shield, W-W, gives you the armor and Lifesteal you need to survive easily.

Lee Sin is an assassin. Be sure to troll the jungle after teamfights, and between teamfights to find stragglers and weaker foes. More often then not, you will find those couple enemies that can't stand up to you, and you can obliterate and run off before the other team is alerted. He is also a fantastic clean-up crea. If someone can't quite catch or finish off another enemy, the balance of Lee Sin's shield and a few cripples can change the fight in your favor.

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Team fights

As I stated before, he is an assassin, and he dances around fights. He isn't designed for sustained fighting until later. Lee Sins is great at picking off squishies and taking them out from the back, while your team distracts those who can disable you. Don't be afraid to run out and regain cooldowns, this is what Lee Sin does. If you need to run off and catch a runner, feel free, since you can get back to a fight with a simple W. Makes sure you find those that are weaker to you, and that you can smash easily.

Also, watch your team, if your teammate has something like Children of The Grave, Ignite, Grog, or another DoT, be sure to escort them out of the fight with a shield, or if the fight is over, shield them over and over until they can back successfully. I have countered Children of The Grave so many times with this strategy.

Don't be afraid to fight around ledges. If your team is smart, you can do 1 of two things.

1). Jump to a teammate in a dire situation, escaping with your life intact


2). Sonic Wave an escaping/Flashing enemy and chase them down, the returning to the fight.

you are GREAT at catching ANYONE who can dive through walls, anyone with a Flash, a spin, a jump. Anyone who has a quick escape. you have to use logic and a level head to catch where they are going, and where they flashed to in order to catch, but it is easy to get the hang of after you get used to Lee Sin.

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Useful Combos:
() = Not Necessary, but possible.

Q+(E)+R+Q = Standard Execute combo.

QQ+Flash(preferably behind your target so you kick them back into your team)+R = initiation

QQ+Ward Placement+W to Ward+R=Fancier way of initiation.