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Vi Build Guide by CheesyMcFleezy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CheesyMcFleezy

Jungling With Vi and Her Techmaturgical Wonder of Damage

CheesyMcFleezy Last updated on November 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rengar Rengar is easily countered by Vi early game if you take her into the enemy jungle and encounter him early game at low health. His teammates won't have time to respond to the attack and you can walk away with an easy kill along with an edge over their jungler.
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How does one jungle you ask? By chasing criminals around Summoner's Rift with no further ambitions or motives than to simply beat things. And what better way to do this than with Vi's mechanical fists of justice -- errr... maybe that's not the best term but still! Either way melting the enemy team with techmaturgical prowess the likes of which has never been seen is pretty fun. Just remember, "Punch first, ask questions while punching," - Vi.

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Pros / Cons

    -Very high attack damage
    -Adept at chasing
    -Great creep control
    -Escapes fairly easily
    -Invades enemy jungle well
    -Has the ability to solo Dragon and Baron Nashor

    -Low health
    -Hard to save if caught
    -Slow speed in combat
    -Bad team fighter

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Since this build is for an attack damage Vi, the majority of the mastery points should be invested into offense. Her masteries beef up her massive attack damage along with a boost to her attack speed and some situational changes. But, seeing as she is considered a tank as well, you shouldn't put all of the points into her offense. Placing points into some more situation specific spots on the defensive section will somewhat make up for the lack of defensive items in her build. Doing so will most definitely keep you alive longer in more dire situations.

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9 Seals of Armor

All 9 of the Seals should be put into armor. This is mainly because they are most effective there and you need to make up for the lack of defense in the item build. They will also buff you up a bit in order to last that extra few seconds against some annoying tank like Garen.

6 Marks of Attack Speed

Attack speed marks make you much more deadly. They allow you to dish out more damage through attack rate. This causes Denting Blows to be a very effective skill; bringing you to that third strike much sooner than it would have before. Having these marks definitely saves you trouble in trying to make up for it with items.

3 Marks of Attack Damage

Buffing your attack damage with marks will cause that extra attack speed you got to be way more effective. Dealing more damage per hit and having more hits per second allows you to devastate the battlefield. Looking at the stats it doesn't seem like much but it goes further than it looks.

9 Glyphs of Magic Resist

Adding these to your arsenal of runes will really help you against AP characters. Fighting Katarina or Ahri is hard to do without some resistance to the massive amount of damage they can deal to you. These runes will counter any strong AP character.

3 Quints of Attack Damage

These are the most important of the runes. They add a large amount more of whatever it is you want than the other runes do. Knowing that, it seems only right that in an attack damage build they should be invested in attack damage. Bringing these into play will cause you to be feared by many and attacked by few if you make use of it. Seeing as they give so much, make sure you buy these before any other ones.

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Summoner Spells


This is the mandatory summoner spell for an effective jungler. It helps you finish off buffs and dragon so as to avoid taking more damage and make sure it isn't stolen. Only use Smite to finish of a monster though. Using it earlier than that would be a waste of a good spell seeing as it could still be stolen by another jungler.


Having Flash will help you with fighting fast champions. If they try to get away using Flash themselves, then you can use it yourself then stop them with Vault Breaker and follow through with the kill. Also, if you have no other choice, it can be used as an escape method for yourself, IE if you're Vault Breaker is on recharge.

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Starting Items

Hunter's Machete - Used early game for some extra damage against those jungle creeps. Plus it's an early item for the Wriggle's Lantern build.

Health Potion - Best used for the buffs in the jungle. Use only two when you fight the blue buff right away and then the other two when you go and fight red buff. That should leave you with enough health for an early counter jungle.

Early Game Rush

Madred's Razors - Having this early game definitely helps against those jungle monsters. It gives you some extra attack speed to bring down the buffs a lot quicker and it starts building your Feral Flare stacks which help an enormous amount.

Spirit stone - This item adds life steal from jungle monsters. This will most definitely make your time out of spawn last a lot longer since you don't need to go back for health as often.

Full Build

Wriggle's Lantern - By this time you should have over 20 Feral Flare stacks putting you well on your way to mastering the jungle game. Having Wriggle's Lantern isn't only for the jungle though. It does add more attack speed to your champion along with building into the Feral Flare which adds one Feral stack every time you kill or get an assist on a champion or kill a large monster. These feral stacks add 25+(number of stacks) to your basic attack damage. Wracking up these stacks definitely secures the late game for your team.

Boots of Mobility - Having these boots provides you with extra speed when not in combat therefore helping you maneuver the jungle with more ease.
Enchantment: Furor - This enchantment will help secure that chase you may be having problems with by adding extra speed every time you hit someone with a skill. It gives you the edge over your enemies when they attempt to run for their lives.

Blade of the Ruined King - Life steal is a very important factor this early in the build. Because of that, this blade is the perfect item. It adds attack damage and life steal along with a slight slow for an active ability which will help you bring down even more kills for your team. Even if you don't remember the active ability for this weapon its effects will surely help in the long run.

Infinity Edge - The massive amount of damage that this item adds to Vi makes her a seriously destructive force to be reckoned with. Along with the critical hit chance added by the Infinity Edge you will definitely down enemies more quickly and be able to fight the dragon on your own thus utilizing your potential as a jungler and helping your team get some extra cash.

The Bloodthirster - When you get this item you will no longer need to go back to your spawn for anything but mana. With the amount of life steal you get from The Bloodthirster you should just be able to run into the jungle, kill some monsters, and be back at full health and be ready for battle. Not to mention that doing this also helps you gain some feral stacks.

Last Item Choices

Black Cleaver - This is a great last item if you have to face against some annoying tanks with massive amounts of armor. The extra armor penetration helps you take care of annoying tanks such as Garen or Pantheon. Using this item you will be able to melt right through that armor allowing you to deal the massive damage that you usually would.

Ravenous Hydra - If they have a fairly balanced team,(tanks, AP and AD characters) this is your best choice. The AOE damage helps with securing team fights and controlling minion waves. Another perk to having this item is that you can solo Baron Nashor with ease. Doing so will allow your team to continue fighting and the enemy team won't have any suspicion of you killing Baron.

Banshee's Veil - This is by all means your core item when fighting against a majorly AP team. With the magic resist that Banshee's Veil gives you, you will be able to stand a better chance against annoyingly over powered champions like Katarina or Teemo. If you don't have this item against those make sure you only engage with another team member or you have very little chance.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Summary

Blast Shield - Passive ability that gives her a shield after using one of her abilities equal to 5% of her total health for 3 seconds.

Vault Breaker - charges up a powerful rushing strike, slowing yourself, then rushes forward on release knocking enemy champions into the air for a short period of time.

Denting Blows - Passive that makes every third strike deal extra armor penetration. After the third strike of Denting Blows Vi's attacks speed raises for a small time.

Excessive Force - Next attack will send a shockwave with a cone of effect outwards. This also counts as one attack for Denting Blows.

Assault and Battery - Charges at an enemy throwing them into the air and slamming them down dealing damage. Vi doesn't take any damage while charging and knocks aside any enemies in the way dealing 75% damage.

Skill Strategy

Vault Breaker - This skill should be used to engage enemies. It will let you charge in with little time for their reaction. Also, stunning them allows your allies a chance to join the fray. It is also used for escapes since you are able to charge through walls and jungle trees.

Denting Blows - Her passive Denting Blows helps against jungle monsters mostly. This move, when used in synchronization with Excessive Force can deal additional damage on that last hit if Excessive Force is used for it.

Excessive Force - Try to hit these on the 3rd attack of Denting Blows so you can get that extra damage needed to get the edge. Taking care of winions and jungle monsters is also much easier with the area of effect for Excessive Force

Assault and Battery - Her ultimate ability should be used only to finish off an enemy or stop them from running too far. Either way it should never be used to engage; only to finish people off. If you don't know that you can finish someone of with the move or shortly there after then don't use it.

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