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Rakan Build Guide by MatterJuzzon

Support Just build Spelltheif's come on dude. [7.13]

Support Just build Spelltheif's come on dude. [7.13]

Updated on July 5, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MatterJuzzon Build Guide By MatterJuzzon 5,307 Views 0 Comments
5,307 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MatterJuzzon Rakan Build Guide By MatterJuzzon Updated on July 5, 2017
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Hey guys, this is my take on how you should build Rakan. I think Rakan is a really strong pick and if played properly he can be devastatingly powerful, but I think that the itemization choices of most players don't really max out his potential.
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One of the biggest differences between my build and most others is that I choose to build Spellthief's Edge over Ancient Coin. I think this is the superior choice because of the support quest on it, the extra AP, and the early game poke. The speed boost on tribute procs makes him far stronger in team fights as well as small skirmishes. It is also helpful in the laning phase, since you poke with your Gleaming Quill so much, so gaining gold from it is nice.

On Rakan I like to max out CDR, once you get it maxed out you have so many opportunities to engage, disengage, peel, shield, heal, and most of all you get more sexy team fight ults. You may be saying to yourself about now, "Well why wouldn't you build support items with, CDR?" Well my good sir and or madam, you see his Gleaming Quill heal, his passive Fey Feathers, and Battle Dance all scale with ap, really well in fact, 70% on the heal, 80% on Battle Dance, and 90% on Fey Feathers.

I picked these items for a very specific reason. First Hextech Rocketbelt ; I chose Protobelt because of the CDR, and the active. 10% CDR works very nicely with that item bringing it up to 25% after Eye of the Watchers. The active gives you a little bit more mobility, which when used properly can help you engage from even further away.

Next Morellonomicon. I chose Morello because of the stats it gives, and also for the grievous wounds passive. The pure stats are really good, but the main factor is the 20% CDR on it, after this item you should be at 45% CDR. The grievous wounds passive is also really good against characters with heavy life steal.

Now Rod of Ages. I think RoA is a really underrated item for not only the stats it gives but additionally the tankiness you get from the passive. It give pretty good stats overall and it only gets better the later on into the game you get, it's not as urgent as other items, but getting it can really make you last a lot longer in fights, especially with how much you'll be casting spells.

And last, but certainly not least, Rabadon's Deathcap. I'm not gonna lie, you build this just cause it gives you a heaping load of AP. It's really good as the last item because it gives you a bunch of tankiness, your heals get outrageous and your shields are pretty ridiculous as well.
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Fey Feathers
Rakan's passive is way stronger than people think, it's really good in the laning phase just for the extra tankiness it provides. That's where it stops though if you don't build AP, if you do build AP however, it becomes way stronger. Fey Feathers scales with a massive 90% of your AP, if you get a lot of AP the passive doesn't stop being useful after laning phase.

Gleaming Quill Rakan's Q is a very powerful poking tool especially early on, it has pretty good base damage and it also has the heal so you can generally come out on top of trades. You generally want to try to use it more when you or your ADC is low. It can definitely be used for pure poke as well.

Grand Entrance This ability is one of the things that makes Rakan so fun to play, getting this off can set up kills so quickly, especially if you have someone like Yasuo on your team. Landing a 5 man knock up with this usually, means the end of a team fight.

Battle Dance This ability has a couple of really good uses, I'd say it's one of his more flexible abilities, you can use it to get yourself out of situations pretty easily, you can set up kills with it, and you can use it to save teammates. Just be careful when there is a Brand on the enemy team. When I use it, I usually try to save the second charge while I look around to see if anyone needs a shield, or if you're just protecting someone from an onslaught of damage, you can cast and recast on them when they are about to take damage.

The Quickness This is where those huge plays come from, The Quickness is such a powerful tool, it can set up perfect plays if your teammates follow up. Pair it with any ADC with good teamfight ults and you basically just won the fight. Stand out examples of this are Xayah and Twitch. There are a couple of different ways you could use your ult, one of my favories is casting it when the enemy team is grouped up and pulling them as close together as possible and then using Grand Entrance knocking as many of them up as possible. Doing this is pretty tricky, but when you pull it off it sets things up really well. Other options are casting it, then using Grand Entrance on one target, it's perfect for catching an out of position carry, and it basically guarantees a kill. You can also use The Quickness to disengage if you really need to, it's usually only an if you have to kinda thing though.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MatterJuzzon
MatterJuzzon Rakan Guide
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Just build Spelltheif's come on dude. [7.13]

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