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Kalista Build Guide by DvanH

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DvanH

Kalista casually being Kalista

DvanH Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My in-game name is Rito DvanH, and yes, I work at Rito Games. I'm a player from the Netherlands and thus I play on EUW. I have been playing Kalista for some time now and haven't lost a game with her. This is my first guide so I hope it'll help you out!

I'll try to update this guide frequently.

Let me know in the comments on how I did!

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Starting off with Doran's Blade and a Health Potion will give you a little bit of sustain because of the 3% lifesteal.
On your first back get the Bilgewater Cutlass if possible. If you have another 325 gold to spend, buy Boots of Speed as well. This'll let you use your Martial Poise more often. Try to get some kills and keep farming! When you have enough gold to buy the Blade of the Ruined King go back. If you can finsih your boots to Berserker's Greaves buy them as well. The real fun starts here. You'll be dealing tons of damage and are able to spam your Martial Poise to dance across the lane! I like to buy the Statikk Shiv because the stats are nice and gives you some Critical Chance. If their support is getting tanky early on, like Leona it's smart to get a Youmuu's Ghostblade due to the Armor Pen. This combined with the active will give you the chance to even shred the support's HP bar.

Building Infinity Edge after you get your Statikk Shiv will let you deal TONS OF DMG.

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Game time!

Early Game
So you started of at the platform and make your way to the blue camp to help your jungler (if needed). Give that blue some basic attacks and make your way to the bot lane to start killing some minions. It's important that you keep using your Martial Poise. So keep dancing around your lane. Try to harass your opponent whenever possible. A neat trick to harass is to use Pierce on a nearly dead minion with about 3 - 4 arrows (E) in it. Killing this minion will pass the Rend (E) arrows to the enemy behind it. In this case you want that to be a champion. If you can sneak in another AA do so! If not then proc your Rend (E) for some nice damage!

Due to your Sentinel you can have constant vision of the River. It has a range that can reach the mid lane so you don't have to worry about getting ganked. If your jungler is close he can kill the Crab roaming between mid and bot. This will give you vision at Dragon so you have constant vision for bot.

If your mid-laner is struggling against his opponent it might be useful if you help him. Make your way to mid and start killing minions and maybe even the enemy mid-laner! If it's possible to destroy the tower without YOU dying it's ok. Maybe you can take the Dragon on your way back. It's nice to have some stacks from the new Dragon . So try to keep vision on Dragon and kill it whenever possible.
If your team is doing well in teamfights force them! Because Kalista is strong in teamfights due to her Martial Poise and her constant use of her Rend (E).

Late Game
If you farmed well and gained some kills in the process it's time for your late game. Probably your team is forcing teamfights all the time, and be sure to be there when you're needed! It's possible your team lacks an engage. Luckily they have an Kalista in their team! Use your Fate's Call to summon your Oathsworn and let him do the rest. Try to position yourself on the back line and hit the nearest target. When the enemies lost focus on you in the fight it's smart to make your way towards their carries. With some decent Attack Speed you'll be able to freak out the enemies with your Martial Poise. It's hard to hit your Q Pierce in a busy teamfight but try to spam it. Whenever you see a low healt enemy with some of your arrows in his back, use your E Rend to kill him and reset the cooldown so you can kill someone else with it! If you fought well your team is victorious and you might even get a Baron or even their Nexus!

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Unique Skills

Kalista's passive Martial Poise is one of the strongest passive's in my opinion. This passive gives a new meaning to Kiting. It's hard to get used to in the first place because Kalista can't cancel her AA. When you're winding up your AA you can right-click again to dash a short distance towards your command. This passive offers Kalista so much mobility. It's great to chase your enemies and even if you're being chased. Once you're used to this passive it'll help you out a lot! Try to use this a lot. It's easier to dodge skill shots this way and you can make some nice #LCSBigPlays with Martial Poise.