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Karthus Build Guide by Almourex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Almourex

Karthus, Lights Out - Forever (In Depth) WIP

Almourex Last updated on June 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there, I'm Almourex and this is my Karthus Guide. I made this guide because of the lack of in-depth Karthus guides so I decided to share my wisdom ,as you may call it, with Karthus to the rest of you. This guide will be mainly about Karthus (obviously) and most things you need to know about him and how to play him. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


+Global Pressure (With R)
+One of the Best Scaling AP Mids
+Lots of AoE for teamfights
+Automatic Damage (With Passive)
+Sustainable in lane (Long Range Q and E gives Mana)

-Squishy Early Game
-Reliant on farm/kills
-Tough laning phase
-Countered easily
-Almost no CC

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To farm with Karthus is pretty self explanatory once you have played him at least once or twice. To farm with Karthus is to use your Q on minions and try to get it to hit one minion at a time for the q "crits" so you can last hit easier. At rank 1 your e will give you all the mana back you used for your Q along with in general it will give mana back so this is generally a good idea to last hit with your Q. If you cannot get a minion with your q just use your E as a last resort to kill it. DO NOT USE YOUR E TO FARM I have seen many Karthuses just sit in the middle of the wave with their E on hoping to get a lot of farm. The correct way would be to sit back and passively farm since you dont want to be pushed far enough ahead so you would get ganked. Whenever you can such as if the lane is pushed up take your jungler's wraiths so you can get some extra cs.

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Early Game (Warding and Laning)

Although earlier in the guide I have told you to play passive and farm you should help out your team as well and not just hog all the attention to yourself and say "team too heavy pls"

BUY WARDS ON RETURN TO LANE This is one of the most important rules that many people forget. Buying wards with Karthus is one of the most important things of all time considering how most people will try to gank Karthus and shut him down extremely early-mid game by camping the **** out of you. When you ward you need to ward in these spots specifically.

Red- Vital Ward Spot
Orange- Not recommended but does work
Yellow- Extra gold and you want to help out team
Pink- Place a Vision Ward in one of these two spots if you have extra gold to help out your team.

For Laning Phase you should follow the classic chart on where to be in lane when playing.