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League of Legends Build Guide Author grelic

Kassadin-Blinking In And Out

grelic Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So i've been playing Kassadin for a while now and, although i take a few brakes now and then, this build has always worked really well for me. At first glance you may say, "Where is your health?" but just try out my build and don't attack me until you try it.

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My rune set up is pretty standard for my casters. , , , and . the magic pen is fairly clear as to why i use it...this is an AP build. the mana regen/ lvl i use, one because i have them, and two because it helps greatly with mana issues early. Kass is a mana hog early game specially if you are harassing, so the yellows really help. the AP/lvl blues i like more than the flat AP because it overtakes it fairly quickly. Kass isn't at full potential until lvl 6, and the ap/lvl will scale better when kass is dominating. The flap AP quints aren't that much less AP than the AP/lvl quints, so i take the flat ones to provide a bit more harassing power early game.

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i use a standard 9/0/21 masteries making sure to take the point in CV. also make sure you take 3 in meditation because we need all the mana regen we can get.

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ok, so i know i don't have any added health in this build, but there is a reason for that. Kassadin should never be the first one into a battle and should always stay in the back.

i start with the because it gives a bit of health early game so you don't die in lane, some ap (you will have 32 at lvl 1) and mana regen to allow you keep lane dominance.

try and stay in lane until you can get and a (1345). if you have to go back before you have the money pick up boots and some health and mana pots. if they have a jungler get some wards too. if you can get take really helps early game.

next Sorcerer's Boots. the magic pen will really make your abilities hit hard. if you are doing well and think you can stay alive rush your next. the stacks will really help you out, but if you die often, skip over this.

many people will rush at this point, but this is a mistake. your ToG will still be collecting mana, so why not focus on your . once you complete that, you will be taking half of peoples health bars with one little combo.

if they have build up large amounts of magic resist go for your , but if they don't see you as a threat and aren't stacking MR, go . they will be sorry.

next is / , whichever you didn't build yet.

finally, sell your doran's if you haven't already and build a . while it won't make you hit any harder, it will give a bit of survivability. if you get CCed and die, blink out as soon as your GA brings you back to life and laugh at their team.

if the game still isn't over at this point, buy some elixirs...order of importance goes > >

if you notice a lot of CC on their team, you might want to add a for not only added survivability, but the spell block as well. it also adds a bit of mana which will give you a bit more AP. i would put this in before your or the .

if they never stack large amounts of MR, then don't waste time on as it will be inefficient and instead go for the to make sure you never get killed

also, instead of your or (if they don't have MR) you can throw in a . this adds armor, AP, and a stasis that lets your rift walk come off CD...what more could you want?

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Skill Sequence

nothing special here, max out Q, then E, then W and take R whenever you can. the silence on Q hurts casters and is great for breaking up ultimates (nunu, kat, as well as preventing others)

after s few ranks of E and a bit of AP you can farm entire creep waves easily. just watch those gold numbers pop up. try to get the melee creeps as well, but the ranged ones are easy gold.

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Summoner Spells

while many Kassadins use to get around the map, i find rift walk does a good enough job.

the reason i take is because it often is that little bit of added damage needed early game to get some mejai stacks. it also helps a ton against mundo and lifesteal champions

i take because it provides so much utility to the whole team. you can really mess up a jungler, save yourself and teammates from ganks, check for dragon and baron kills, and with it on only a 40 second CD, it can do all of that often. many people say it should be on a support character, but why not on kassadin. other spells are not that great on kassadin, and CV has saved me and my teammates numerous times and even won games for us.

/ / are all unnecessary because of rift walk.

you should never be in melee range to need and the slow isn't necessary due to E. if you use this to get away from a gank then you should learn to use rift walk better.

while does solve mana issues early game, the runes and masteries and pots work well enough. plus after you get your mana isn't really an issue so clarity is wasted.

while can be useful in situations, i find much more useful to not only you, but the whole team. and it is on a shorter CD. cleanse is a summoner spell that corrects your error, so don't make any errors (and rift walk is a great spell to get yourself out of tight jams). on second thought, Cleanse is very interchangeable for CV. but in order for it to work you have to be good at using it (which i am not), so i take CV instead. it does greatly increase survivability though.

if you want to use any other summoner spells on kassadin just please leave

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Kassadin is great at ruining teams and getting around the map, but no one should ever been in the front line with a kassadin. you can blink into the fight if you want to, but just be sure that you can get out alive.

Kassadin is, in my mind, the best escape artist and chaser with his ultimate.

stay in the back of team fights so you don't die instantly (we want to keep all of our stacks on mejai's

finally, moving around the map is quick with kassadin, just make sure you let the extra mana cost go away before you use rift walk a second time.