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Katarina Build Guide by Alexas341

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexas341

Katarina AD--->The Real Master of Noxus

Alexas341 Last updated on July 1, 2012
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How build the REAL Katarina?How unleash the true power of the Master of Noxus?
I have the response, i gonna show you that Kat don't need a up and is viable.
Because she have a high mobility that you can't almost never catch her if she don't become too greedy.
She have one of the better Magical burst of the game.
Without ulti she have low CD and high damage on Bouncing Blades and Shunpo who work well with good auto attack and nice lifesteal.
So huge damage but about sustain?
More than your offtank and sometimes your tank...

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Hello and welcome to my 1rst guide for attack damage Katarina.
In this guide I will explain you how AD works on Katarina and explain items, runes and mastery page that I'm using while playing with her.

Im here to show you how to have a different build for the Sinister Blade.
I'll just show what i found and what i think is better to have a good Katarina who is useful same at endgame at 50min for example.

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First things you MUST understand ALL:

KATA AD IS MAGIC DAMAGE YOU CAN HAVE 99999 AD and 0 AP will be 99999 MAGIC damage.
So stop we need ap and no ad at mid.

Look:All skills deal magic damage with AD ratio except for Shunpo but balance with higher ratio on Death Lotus and Bouncing Blades and don't forget the auto attack after the shunnpo.

So on mark put for down enemy resist and you normally have it for mage.
Greater Mark of Strenght better but you maybe don't want to buy them.Add just more AD who is better for harass auto-attack,farm and squishy ennemy like veigar.

Seal will be because Kata ad so need some ad.
But in offtank you gonna need magic resist for more sustain against AP mid.
Flat if you want to be agressive early game but i prefer by lvl because i want more sustain late game.

Glyph need to be because Kata have long CD at early game and die because of 1 second or less of cd its really bad.
And for the offtank build you can take magic resist too because defense masteries give you reduce Cd by lvl.

And to deal more damage.

Katarina Cannon glass

Katarina offtank

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In defense because need some resist on Kata who is squishy if you wanna play agressive or not die too fast.
22 in attack because need more ad and some magic pene again and this unlock more reduc CD.
Some lifesteal work well with doran and thirstblood and +5%ap good with rylai and Void Staff.
After you don't need 2 ad at lvl 18 its pretty useless when you can have good utilities but forget masteries about death(you don't wanna die????) or mana (don't even ask why).

For the offtank build take in offensive tree more AD and +5 AD +AP for the Ignite to unlock reduc CD and 10% pene magic.
For the defence take all resist,pv for more sustain.
After that you can have +3% speed really good to escape or chase.
better with Trinity Force and janna.
Take reduc cd by lvl really good and more hp with less damage you gonna be really tanky same if all focus you because you are very tanky.

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against squishy enemy or someone you think you can beat(when you will have more exp with this build).
But against strong mid like Kassadin or who have good early harass take +3 .
So 2 for begin for good ad and you will have good harass and more sustain with +160hp.
Take and with 20more magic pene you will already deal tons of damage.
And just wait for normmaly you are lvl5-6 and you had some kill.And until you have and buy at least all time 2-3 and don't forget use them!!!
This goona help you against harass to stay longer for farm the .
And don't forget Sight ward.Kata don't need ward?yes she need but forget to ward,really.
Just keep them ALL TIME.

After the first you will have nice lifesteal and damage and really more than AP.
Why? Very simple because AP is suicide and AD harass.Ok more damage Bouncing Blades Ad and more damage Shunpo AP what better?harass from really far without danger or waste a tp and be in ennemy range often near tower.
And Death Lotus have better ratio and damage with AD so what you want,be more powerfull?
I can give you more---> better push better farm better regen because you gonna begin with revolver so epic lifesteal on Death Lotus and Bouncing Blades.And the best ***-kicker ever because 400 AD when enemy begin escape low HP and take this shoot, he feel it bad.
But don't try CAC when its not necessary.
now?For CC, you don't have ,so you need ,and add some AP never bad with hp for more survivality.
And to finish sell you ward because you need cause in endgame magic resist begin to be boring.
But recently i discovered a good guide for Katarina AP
And with few calculs we can see that is good only when enemy have more than 80 magic resist.
Pretty rare except for tank but your main target is carry ad and ap so for more damage and more survivability prefer .
And don't forget to buy ...

Offtank later:
if you are really feed so you can almost oneshot everyone or if the lane phase if longer so with lifesteal you have more sustain.
But if your too feed normally ennemy team gonna focus you.So if happen take early offtank because you still deal huge damage and you can tank.

Offtank early(that i use actually against good enemy):

HexdrinkerBegin with hexdrinker add AD, magic resist,and a good passive for a less prize than a b.f.sword.
with a complete Malmortius you have almost same Ad than with The Bloodthirster without lifesteal but with more sustain on magic resist who is helpful at mid lane against ap.

And the lifesteal is not really effective early game so continue to take potion.
Take Heart of Gold to earn money and more sustain.W8 for the The Bloodthirster who give good AD.
Finish the Randuin'Omen who is really nice on Katarina because give HP,ARMOR for more sustain.If enemy focus you, you slow their attack, Randuin'Omen give reduc cd really good to kat and a really nice active because you can slow enemy and ulti that replace for me the Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Add Phage and the red elixir and you gonna be really tanky.
Take after Trinity Force who is good for your movement speed your sustain your AD and great passive who slow on auto-hit.
And finish with an Infinity Edge,more AD and 250% critical with Trinity Force its just an amazing end game item , and still better with green elixir so you have good chance to hard critic.

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Explanation: After a champion kill or assist, Katarina gains 25 gold and her cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

Your bread and butter.
After each kill your cooldowns reset for your normal abilities.
After three kills, your ult cooldown resets.
To abuse this passive get lots of ability power and attack damage, so you can kill more people in a team fight.
This skill requires you to have fast reflexes, when playing Katarina.

Bouncing Blade

Explanation: Katarina throws a dagger that bounces from enemy to enemy, dealing magic damage.
Katarina throws a dagger that hits up to 2/3/4/5/6 enemies, dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+0.35) magic damage. Each subsequent hit deals 10% less damage.

Range of the first Bounce: 600

Your harassment skill.
Scales both from Attack Damage and Ability Power, one of the reasons why we are building Kat hybrid.
If you cannot auto attack minions, last hit with this.
Can be bounced off from a minion, in order to harass without going near the enemy and taking damage.

Killer Instincts

Explanation: Passive: Katarina's attacks deal increased damage.
Active: Katarina's next basic attack has a bonus effect. Bouncing Blade deals full damage to every target hit and reduces incoming healing to the target, or after using Shunpo Katarina takes reduced damage for 3 seconds.
Passive: Katarina's abilities and melee attacks deal 8/12/16/20/24 additional damage each hit.
Active: Katarina's next basic ability has a bonus effect.
Bouncing Blade: Deals full damage to every target it hits and applies 50% healing reduction for 5 seconds.
Shunpo: Katarina takes 15/20/25/30/35% reduced damage from enemy attacks for 3 seconds.

If you see Requiem on top of your head, use killer instincts, than shunpo to someone, this might help you survive and make Karthus waste his ulti.
If the enemy has a burst healer, such as Soraka, Taric, or if the enemy carry has Heal summoner spell, use Killer Instincts + Bouncing Blade, to reduce the healing done to the carry by massive amounts.
Always turn Killer Instincts when it is off cooldown, because the cooldown timer starts when the skill is activated, not when another skill is used after activating Killer Instincts.


Explanation: Katarina instantly moves to her target's location. If the target is an enemy, she deals damage.
Katarina moves to her target's location. If the target is an enemy, she deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.75) magic damage to the target.

Range: 700

Your surviving tool.
When in team fights use Killer Instincts than go in with Shunpo.
Always carry a ward with you so you can put it down and Shunpo to it, this will have a Flash effect.
Always try to execute your enemies with Shunpo, so you can have a quicker time killing the others.

Death Lotus
Explanation: Katarina goes into a state of extreme focus, throwing daggers with unrivaled speed at up to three nearby champions.
Katarina goes into a state of extreme focus, throwing 10 daggers over 3 seconds at the closest 3 enemy champions. Each dagger deals 50/65/80 (+0.25) magic damage.

Range: 550

Does 1040 + X Damage if fully channeled at level 16 with 0 ability power.
Hits three different champions, 10 daggers each, adding up to 30 daggers in total.
You can use this ultimate more than once in a teamfight, this will help you wreck up kills.
This ultimate doesn't need line of sight to be activated. Even if your enemies are against a wall, you can still channel this ult, and it will hit them. This will surprise your enemies, and can lead to you getting kills.

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Skill Sequence

When you gonna make bounce your dagger don't forget to use killer instinct and when you gonna shunpo on an enemy use it too.
So -.To harass from far.
->->-> ->-->Kill

At begin of game if the ennemy is squishy or have no very much AP try ->-> and run if you deal more damage than him and he have no potion do it again(do it too if he deal you no or really useless damage), and when you see he's low life but you can't kill him do it with ignite and BOOM.
Ever try to killer and dagger if enemy use he will waste it like that.

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Unique Skills

Imagine you did Drake ,2 rules ;p and all ennemy team come and surround you.just put a Sight ward throught wall and shunpo on it^^.
of course you can do that everywhere and instantly with enough skill for through all wall or go faster to escape or kill someone with a good dagger.
And the best if you are well feed you can ward nash or drake.
But be carefull this skill is really difficult i think without smartcast.
2 sight ward or more,1 for vision we never know.
And 1 to escape or kill ;p.Or you will maybe use 2 to escape or 1 to do a kill and 1 to fast shunpo back.Have very much possibility.

Just one possibility.
Sry for the bad quality, but i can't do better if you can mp me i gonna send you the replay to put it on guide.
Just did a kill and try to escape from a hard chase.
For the score 7/1-->20min they had surend 2min later.


Rather than having to click to select your target, smart cast will automatically cast on whatever the cursor is over, assuming of course that it's a valid target.

It allows you to get your spells off more quickly, and the only real detriment is that you can't see the range finders.

Emissary of the League

To have it
Step by step process:
1. Create a custom game and start it with only you in it (so you can access in game settings without being a sitting duck)
2. Press escape
3. Choose "Keyboard Bindings"
4. You should see a scroll bar on the right of the menu. Use it to scroll down until you see the options "Smart Cast Spell 1-4".
5. Click on "Smart Cast Spell 1" and press q.
6. Repeat for each of the remaining skills with their appropriate hotkeys.
7. If you want, go ahead and set up "Smart Cast Summoner Spell 1-2" with the hotkeys d and f
8. Click OK
9. Exit the menu

Assuming you followed the instructions right, you should now smartcast.

Junior Member

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Summoner Spells

:Because Flash-> Preparation-> Shunpo->dive-> Bouncing Blades->kill->shunpo out-Go to shop^^

Or just escape...

for more AP and AD and to finish enemy---> =1kill--->don't waste it!!!

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Creeping / Jungling

Don't suicide to creep use your blade and your kick to approach at low lvl and Shunpo to miss an enemy skill on your own minion.
Although Katarina isn't the best of farmers early game, just make sure you stay back and last hit when possible. If a wave of minions are low on health use Bouncing Blade on them to get a few last hits.And with AD Katarina you can easily creep and last hit minions with auto-hits.

Mid-late game is where Katarina shines with farming. You simply annihilate minions with your Bouncing Blade which havebetter damage than AP Katarina.
So you just need to put a Bouncing Blades shunpo on one and kick other to oneshot and finish them fast or with the low cd you resend another blade to finish them.
Try to ever have a look at the map and at mid game never be stop.
Search the better way to have gold,look the biggest wave of creep that you can have and if you can't take the jungle.
If no one want blue take it for low cd and red to slow on auto-attack after Shunpo.
And if you go too far on ennmy lane don't forget to put 1 Sight ward.
This can save your life when enemy is missing.
But ever look for a team fight because your the carry of the team and your ulti is really useful to get many kill.

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Team Work

Try to w8 they all engage and focus the lowest life and kill him if you can't kill him instantly with all your skill just w8.And don't use your ulti for 1-2 person who run w8 a teamfight where you can use well you ulti after use the ulti normally 1-2 kill you can shunpo and dagger another so you have your ulti and all your skill try to kill the other...
But if your team suck don't w8 the last second just go in the fight because you'r offtank and most of the time focus you gonna be bad for them.
Because carry AD can kill someone and you can escape lowlife with Shunpo and give advantage to your team.If you go 1vs* and no one help you have 2 option.1rst your stupid because you could do nothing: STOP 1vs5!!!
2nd your team give no help and full of tard just wait someone who engage and say ENGAGE TANK!!!
If no tank or he don't want to tank go surrend :D

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Careful when you use this build because almost all noob and troll will flame you.I had been flame my last game when i did ragequit Akali(Fun with my ulti in her smoke)because 1/4 pv taked by Bouncing Blades send mid of lane to her at tower.9/0/2 and still flame like hell by other...

But really less flame when you begin with boot+3potion because they don't check always your runes.

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Pros / Cons (Early-offtank)


+Push really fast
+Multi-Target Ultimate
+Bouncing blade
+Good kick-*** after skill
+Epic escape with shunpo and Sight ward
+ No Mana
+ Low Cooldowns with [[voracity]
+ Awesome chaser
+Add some control map with ward when need
+Has Built-in stealth detection with Death Lotus
+Good pene


-Need skill(smartcast and train)
-Few flame if fail(like ever :D)
-Shunpo less damage
-Kata ap with against (You)gonna kill you so be carefull harass her or be just really more feed because she have better lifesteal at early.
But just w8 the resist of runes and you gonna eat her^^
But np in draft or ranked.
-early weak against strong burst carry AP so w8 rune effectiveness at lvl 8.Or your jungler.
- Ultimate can be disabled with stun, airborne, etc.
-Team dependent

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Weak/Strong(In my opinion)


Can counter you with 3 skill really carefull with his mana barrier
Has a stun, gets tanky innately. High damage output. Amazing shield. Hard to play against, but it is possible. Wait him to use his stun, then go all in.
Annoying tp and mute and normally pretty tanky mage.
He only has his silence before level 6. If he silences you, don't keep on running back, instead strike him back, because he has nothing else besides silencing you. After level 6, he becomes a problem. Don't let him get early kills.
2 hard cc.
full of CC
Tp and clone with high burst==>Be carefull and w8 jungler
Don't try kill him or approch him just harass him and try to kill him carefully if you want.
Free haraas for her because of her mute
Care to her revive don't dive her!!!
Laning phase will be passive. After level 6, dodge her stun than Shunpo into Death Lotus into Bouncing Blade.
Don't attack if she have her stun up.
2CC and tanky
DAMNED STICK!!!And high burst
Ulti who counter yours and he have pretty high magic resist
You can't hit him much due to his ******edly high base Magic Resistance. Dodge his skill shots, and get minions, after level 6 gank other lanes.
ulti and Q who make you jump
High damage with stun and a shunpo like
Hard to harass him with his passive
hard to have him without ulti because of his passive shield
His ulti on your ulti?
After he uses his Flamespitter(Q), Shunpo away from his melee range. After the skill ends, harass him. Don't get hit by electro-harpoons.
Provoc and shield


Ulti on her smoke enjoy ;)
Harrass with bouncing blades before level 6. Kill her with your ulti when you are 6. Even if she uses Twilight Shroud, your ulti will still hit her.
Avoid her Illusory Orb in laning stage. Later on wait for her to use her taunt, than go in with Shunpo, than ult, than Bouncing Blade.
Carry AD:
They are squishy just harass shunpo ulti.
Almost all of his skills are skill shots, so if you start with Boots of Speed, you will have an easy time laning. You can also dodge his skill shots using Shunpo. Shunpo a creep after he casts his Sear or Pillar.
She is very strong early on. After level 5, you can trade with her using Bouncing Blade. Try dodging her Noxious Blast, since she needs to hit that in to pull her full combo.
And normally she can't stun you on ulti so enjoy ;)
just care to his grap,easy to harass him
Don't ult when his ult is off cool down. Dodge barrels and harass with Bouncing Blade.
Squishy and when you had killed him shunpo out of his range.
His ult completely counters your ult. Don't go near her. Try harassing her with your Bouncing Blade. If he zones you out, send a Bouncing Blade into a nearby minion and hope for the best.
EASY==>shunpo blade and avoid her skill
Bouncing blade on his turret and ulti on him.
He pushes too hard and you can't Shunpo to him because of his H-28G Evolution Turret. His Hextech Micro-Rockets is really annoying too.
Ask for a gank.
Master Yi:
He have no cc so ulti.
His E skill is your problem. Don't let it bounce to you, also don't try exchanging with him if his Voidling is up.
Same as lux,play agressive and care to her ulti shunpo when she do it.
She is very easy to handle. Just dodge her ball with your Shunpo. If she doesn't have her ball near you, she will not deal damage.
She is easy to beat. You can out harass her after 5 level. Also after 6, in order for her to deal damage, she has to come into melee range, which makes her vulnerable into your ultimate.
you can ulti in his cage enjoy when he burst you to ulti.
1 Shaco,1 clone=1 ulti=1 kill
Swain is one of the few champions you can counter in lane. Free farm until level 6. When you get your ultimate, try killing him. Don't forget that roots don't cancel your ultimate. Also befor engaging, use your killer instincts + bouncing blade combo so he gets less hp regen from his ultimate.
He is very much like Katarina, but has more cc. He can interrupt your ultimate with Cutthroat. If you can avoid that, you can lane easily.
Twisted Fate:
One of the easiest match-ups for Katarina. Engage when he doesn't have his Pick-A-Card up.d
Shunpo ulti.
He has 2 interrupts for your ultimate, but you out range him. If he uses both of his cc, go in for the kill.
Harass him and w8 he waste his pool to finish him with ulti.Don't forget to harass with reduction heal of Z
He is weak before level 6 so are you. But he gets really strong after level 9. Try to farm better than him before level 9.
Avoid his skill and ulti him
He is very strong in lane, but will go oom really fast. Try dodging some skillshots, and make him waste his mana. Also wait for him to detonate his W skill. His only interrupt is his W, and since it is on a very long cooldown (something like 20 seconds) he will only be able to use it once in a team fight.

Katarina's Best Friends

By best friends I mean champions who combo really good with Katarina. These champions have AOE Crowd Control abilities. They make Katarina hit her ultimate really easily.

These champions include:

Amumu: His ultimate works exceptionally well with yours. You will want an Amumu on your team as Katarina.

Annie: If she uses her passive with Tibbers, Tibbers becomes an AOE Stun. Which works really good with Kat.

Galio: Same deal as Amumu, but more damage.

Gangplank: Global ultimate, huge AOE + good amount of slow, what else can you ask.

Jarvan IV: He traps people with his ult, if they don't have any escape spell, or flash, you can punish them really hard.

Leona: She has 3 stuns, one is aoe, great stuff.

Kayle: She makes you invulnerable for 3 seconds. If you are ulting, and you get Kayle ulted, the enemy is pretty much screwed. Kayle is one of my favorite champions to play on the same team with, when I'm playing Kat.Really fun to dive with that ulti^^

Kennen: AOE stun + crazy damage.

Malphite: AOE Knock-up + mediocre damage. Still does the job.

MorganaMorgana: AOE Slow + Stun + uber duber damage.

Orianna: She puts her ball on you > You Shunpo in > She uses W and Ulti > You use ulti > GG

Sona: She has a good ultimate, works well with yours.

Yorick: If he ults you, you will be able to do what Katarina does the best, clean up kills.

If you have to ban:

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Little screenshot.

As you can see i taked my last histo without modification yes the second is a troll because i don't like flamer...
for the 15/4 you can see a quadra 114000 damage deal for 14000 taken.

Try it and send your histo too^^

ADD Alexas341(still ban-->people don't like Varus jungle) or Alexas34 for a question.
Don't worry i will show you how do Varus jungle its really simple and without troll never lose with--->NEVER!!!
Because 1 slow,1 hard stun and more with the red.You can carry ad carry ap and jungle in same time.
Normally with good skill,mate and gank you have kill so more feed than the carry(When you have a bad carry you've more kill and more minions, tested and approved in elo hell...)
And in team fight enemy will focus you because you deal more damage than all other.
just run and let carry ad and carry ap do there works and when they forget you boom.
Become more and more feed and carry game thats really fun.But can't use this in elo hell because you say i jungle varus they still take jungler -.-'.And 2 junglers its ****.
if you want i can tell you how go Eve AP and win all ranked in elohell(as support)but thats a real troll ;D.

Sry for the fault of english i hope you can understand and if you have question say it.
For correction wrote the bad sentence i will copy and paste it!!!

Sry to not send credit to picture author but i haven't their name so i can't.But I want to congrat them to did so great and beautiful work on my favorite character Katarina La Lame Sinistre^^

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01/07:New stuff,section.
15/06:ADD some bbcode and smartcast section and a movie
15/06:image resized
14/06:Add some picture and corrections of few error of grammar.