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Katarina Build Guide by reyder96

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League of Legends Build Guide Author reyder96

Katarina Guide - Building Awesome AP Katarina!

reyder96 Last updated on February 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to a guide on Katarina, The Sinister Blade.
First of all, Katarina is an AP assasin, which means she is NOT supposed to die. If you die a lot there is something wrong with you.
In this guide I will be explaining:

- Items
- Pros and Cons
- Skill Sequence
- Spells
- Farming

So before we start let us just get our understanding on how Katarina works. She is a melee but her Q, Bouncing Blades, throws her blade and it bounces upon enemies, combine that with her W, Sinister Steel, and you can wipe out minion waves with ease.

Basically if you want to survive with Katarina you have to be fast with your ability button-pressing. My combo is:
Also, keep in mind that Katarina only relies on her abilities which is why she is an AP and must be treated as so. Alright let's get into this build.

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Item Build

Alright, you have to build AP Katarina, so get AP Items, I will show you the items above and explain in more detail why you will need them.

- Get this in the beginning like you do with all the champions.

- Now, get this for magic resist against other AP champions, since you are the mid you are most likely fighting one, it also increases your movement speed.

- Grab this for the AP. You as Katarina will really want the AP. It also again increases Magic Resist for help with other AP champs.

- Grab Zhonya's Hourglass for the AP. Also, when you activate this it makes you invulnerable to getting hit, nobody can target you.

- Now you want even more AP so build up the Rabadon's Deathcap. It is very nice to have an insane amount of AP.

- This is your final item. You already have a lot of AP but this has more than just AP. It gives you an addition to your health as well as it's passive. The passive makes whenever you hit an enemy with an ability it slows them down, great for runners.

Now that you understand what your building and why, let's move on to pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Katarina


- Massive Damage
- A lot of mobility
- Can counter a lot of champions
- Her E can be used to get away
- Very fun


- Hard to play
- Pretty squishy
- Not extremely good until getting ultimate
- Mainly a mid laner, good luck with other lanes
- Easy to get caught out in early game

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence

Alright, now, this skill sequence is a really good one. You want to start off by focusing all your skill points on the Q. This will make it easier to farm and will do a good amount of damage whenever you use it, seeing as though for every combo you start off with it. Also when you cannot put a skill point on Q or R then put it on W, Sinister Steel, this will give you a good amount of damage whenever you come down on the enemy and hit that button. Then after you max Q, then W. E is the last to max because you don't really need the damage from it until later on. The AP you get takes care of that.

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The spells you want to use with Katarina are: Flash, and Ignite. These spells you want to use with almost every champion in the game, unless you are a support. Now, there are ways you can use these effectively. First, whenever you are getting chased you can use your flash to flash over walls. Now, if you don't know what flash is, it teleports you a few feet to where your cursor is. You can point your cursor over a wall and hit F or D to teleport you over it, very good for getting away.

Now, Ignite can be used to finish up a kill. Ignite basically burns enemies over time for the time of 5 seconds. If you are killing someone and they have no health left and everything is on cooldown for you then pop your ignite and watch that kill be yours!!!

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Farming with Katarina is very easy, especially when you are a higher level. In the beginning when you just have your Q it can be a little tricky, just hang back and throw your Q and watch it bounce around. When you get W then run up, throw Q then hit W and watch all the gold come, regarding that minions health are low enough. You also want to last hit with her, if you see a lot of minions next to each other health low then throw your Q and get the gold. Another thing is when you are mid it is best to Harass. What you want to do it go and do Q E W on the enemy, if you do it right then they will run away. Another way to harass is keep poking the enemy with your Q until there health is low enough then go Q E W R IGNITE and watch them die and suffer. I have Turret Dived with Kat a lot of times and always get the kill.

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This concludes my guide on Katarina. Remember what you learend, it is always best to Harass the enemy down to low health then bust out your combo because if you read her passive then you would know every time you get a kill all your cooldowns decrease by 15 seconds, basically making all your cooldowns reset but lower the cooldown of your ulti. Anyway summoners, good luck out there on the fields of justice!