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Katarina Build Guide by nunepe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nunepe

Katarina, The Sinister Blade StormK Guide S3

nunepe Last updated on April 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey summoners! Im "NunepeTM" and in this Guide ill explain to use some tips and tricks that i learned so u can use the Sinistar Blade as best as possible :)

This guide will be constantly updated over the time and was been elaborated on base with the members of the Storming Kamikazes Team (my team).

In first place, Katarina is a champion with SO much potential. U can actualy carry a game to victory easly by yoursef, i mean if your team is all is terrible scores and u r like 13/2 u can carry the hole game and win. However Katarina is a great champion, she haves A LOT of counters. Basicaly anything with croud controls will totaly dominate u in lane, but ill talk about dat later on.

Other thing i want to bring to this guide is dat many Katarina plays like solo all the game and KS everybody in her i just want to tell u all dat however u can carry and win alone dat doesnt mean u doesnt need to play in team. Remember dat a good team is ALWAYS better then individual skill.

BTW: When u say they picked a champion dat u know u cant handle (like for exemple when i see they picked Fiddlesticks) just ask for going in the top lane instead, because u have a great potential there too.

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Early Laning

I normaly start with the Amplifying Tome and the Health Potion, for an agressive start. I only use this on Katarina because she doesnt use mana, and that means the Doran's Ring woldn't be the right choice for here. Anyway the Amplifying Tome can evolve to Hextech Revolver realy early in the game if u can get a kill or if u farm hell, and of course dat will be a realy good item to have because of the spell vamp it gives to u.

With this i recomend u to go agressive but now too much until u get all your 3 abilities, just keep poking the enemie with your Bouncing Blades, its does a good amount of early demage, and once you grab the Shunpo and the Sinister Steel u can realy go to them and burst him up with the full combo. If even with your full combo u dont have enought demage, just keep farming and poking until u have the Death Lotus, when u got it no magic resist is enought to survive to the full combo + ultimate.

Remember dat in case of emergency u can Flash AND Shunpo, so remember to dodge the skill shots dat need to be hitted on u so they demage u, like Fizz ulti, Chum the Waters and if u get ganked use the Shunpo in a alied minion and then Flash if need.

Tip: Be confident; if you do your best u can denetly kill him before he can even react, kinda like Fizz and LeBlanc.