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Katarina Build Guide by Gunner960

AP Carry Katarina, The UnStoppable AP Carry! (Guide and Build)

AP Carry Katarina, The UnStoppable AP Carry! (Guide and Build)

Updated on January 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gunner960 Build Guide By Gunner960 12,887 Views 8 Comments
12,887 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gunner960 Katarina Build Guide By Gunner960 Updated on January 2, 2013
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Introduction to Katarina

Hello guys this is my build and Guide on Katarina. Note this is my personal build that has worked for me everytime iv played her. Opinons and Comments are welcome but please no Criticism!

My Goal in this guide is to provide quick, easy, and good information without having to do so much reading because i know a lot of you out there do not enjoy having to read things!

Katarina is my favorite champion for many reasons, she is such an easy champion to use and she deals so much damage and plus she uses no mana at all! She is also a reliable champion to pick up quick and easy kills fast, especially in teamfights!

This guide is to show you how i use Katarina throughout the game! I Hope you enjoy this and can put it to good use!
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The Pros and Cons


Very fast and manuverable!
Great Farming skills!
great asset in Team fights!
easy ways to get into and out of fights or ganks!
Realativly easy champion to play!
No Skill shots!
Great finisher!
short cooldowns!

Realitivly squishy
Usually targeted first or second
can be shut down easily
if your under farmed, she is almost useless
She is a Melee champions, this can make it hard to farm early.
Short range ultimate.

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Katarina's Abilities

Katarina's abilities deal great amounts of damage and for each ability to be effective, they have to be used properly. In this section I will describe all of Katarina's abilities.

Bouncing Blades: This ability is most important for dealing a lot of damage with Katarina. With this ability Katarina throws a blade that will bounce to the 4 closest enemies (5 enemies total) and add them with a Mark that lasts for 4 seconds, but it deals 10% less damage for each enemy it bounces to. If Katarina hits an enemy with a basic attack or ability while they have this mark it will deal a larger amount of damage and it will deal 15% of your ability power!

Sinister Steel: This is the item i rely on for a quick and easy finisher. Katarina Spins her blades in a circle dealing a large amount of damage and 25% of her current ability power. If she hits an enemy she gains a movement speed bonus for 1 second.

Shunpo: If you're needing a quick and easy way of getting into the fight at any time, this is the perfect ability. Katarina instantly jumps behind and enemy dealing magic damage and 25% of your ability power. after she has used Shunpo she gains a 15% Damage reduction for 3 seconds!

Death Lotus: This is where the damage comes in. Katarina spins in circles and throws up to 10 daggers at the nearest 3 enemies. This ability deals 175% Of Katarina's Current ability power! Once an emeny is hit by a Dagger it applies a grevious wound which reduces and enemies healing and regeneration by 50% for 3 second!
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Summoner Spells

Ther are plenty of spells that are helpful for Katarina to use. The main 2 spells that i always choose are Ignite and Flash. Ill go over the resons why below.

Main Spells:

Ignite: I use this spell because i can almost always rely on it to pick up an easy kill. this spell is really helpful early game to secure the first kill on the enemies mid champion.

Flash: This is obvious why i chose this spell. this can be used to get out of ganks, go into fights, or rush to pick up quick and easy kills. The uses for this spell are limitless so i highly advise you to pick this spell over anything else.

Exhaust: This is another one of those obvious spells. this nearly stop and enemy and it is a quick way of, again, picking up and easy kill. Plus, this is very usefull in teamfights and can help the entire team. This is a great spell for anyone to use.

Other Spells:

Ghost: All the uses for this spell are nearly the same as flash but you do not get that sudden jump to an area. This is really helpful in running down enemies and rushing to help your teammates in a sticky situation, or even if you need to run to save a turret or anything of that sort. Plus you ignore all unit collision.

Cleanse: This would be the only other alternative i would take. This iteam is helpful if your playing against a champion, Such as Ahri, with a lot of crowd control. This spell could possibly save you.

Any Other Spell:

Any other spell that i did not mention, in my opinon, is pretty much a waste. A lot of you will probably disagree with me. your going to say "Why not carry Heal?" Well i have my reasons why. I hope this will help you when your making your decisions on your spells.
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Items I Use For Katarina

The Items i use for Katarina are basic but yet efffective! I have learned to build Katarina with Magic penetration!

Starting Items Always start with the Normal, Boots and x3 Health Potions!

After being in lane and hopefully farming quite a bit you should have enough money to buy you Sorcerer's Shoes and maybe and Amplifying Tome or Blasting Wand.

The First item I always rush to is simpley a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. i Grab this items because of the amount of Ability power it has and it give you +500 Health which is great for Katarina because she is a realitivly squishy champion.

The Second main item i rush is to grab Liandry's Anguish!I Grab this item for more Magic Penetration and the fact that it gives you +200 health! and again this also gives you +70 more ability power which is an addded bonus! After you grab this item you will start dealling Insane amounts of damage to Ememies!

My third item i build is a Void Staff this will give Katarina +70 Ability power which is very important, but the main reason i grab this item third is becaude it ignores 35% of the enimies Magic resistance! this is a crucial item to have no matter when you build it!

The 4th item i grab is without a doubt, A Rabadon's Deathcap! Why would you not have this for an AP Carry? This gives you +120 Ability power and give you 25% of your current ability power! This is a Crucial part for the build and this is where serious damage comes in!

the Last item i grab is a Zahonya's Hourglass, i grab this for the addidional +100 ability power but this also gives me +55 Armour with come in handy in almost all cases!

For the boots upgrade i grab the Homeguard just so i can get out of base alot quicker!

Other Items:
there are 3 other items you may want to grab, but this depends on who your playing.

You can grab a DeathFire's Grasp, this is for the +100 ability power and the 15% Cooldown reduction, this allows Katarina to pop off her abilities at a faster rate!

You can have an Abyssal's Scepter, this item it grabbed because it Offers Ability power and Magic Resist.

You could also grab a Hexteck Revolver Early for the Spell Vamp! this heal Katarina for a small percentage everytime her ability its a target!

Other items are out there that can be used, but these are the ones i have found to be most effective!
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I try to keep my runes pretty basic

Quints: I Chose ability power Quints, this helps me with dealing some damage early game.

Glyphs: I Also go with ability power glyphs for that extra edge

Marks: For marks i go with Magic Pen, this is something i can stress enough, in my opinion building Katarina with magic penetration is the best way to build her.

Seals: as for seals i go with magic resist because most other mid champs you will play against are mages of course. this comes in handy early game.
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Farming with Kat

when using Katarina faming can be a breeze! Even with her being a Melee champion, her abilities have such low cooldowns and they require no mana, this means you can SPAM YOUR ABILITIES at those tiny minons, But be careful Farming with Katarina early game can be a little difficult.

The easiest way to farm with Katarina is to first throw your Bouncing Blades, then Shunpo into the middle of them and then use Sinister Steel to finish them off. if they are not dead by now, just start attacking and wait until your sinister steel is off cooldown.
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Team Work and Team Fights / Ganks

Ok this is the part where Katarina is needed the most and can be very and yes i mean VERY effective! A lot of people think that Katarina's Ultimate ability is what makes her so great......This is not true.each one of Katarina's Abilities requires good placement in order for her to be affective.

Ok now to get to how she should be used in a team fight. Never and i mean NEVER let Katarina be the first person to enter a team fight. She will be targeted first and she wont be able to deal a lot of damage if she is shut down quick and her ulti can be stopped very easily. Always let the Tank go in first and follow in behind!

First thing you should do is pop of your Bouncing Blades in a way to where it hits as many enemy champions as possible this will allow for more damage output with your Ultimate. Next, Shunpo to an enemy that is near the center of the other enemy champions. After you have done this quickly, and i mean QUICKLY!, pop off Sinister Steel and Death Lotus almost at the same time!

Since Death Lotus Targets the 3 closest champions to you, you are dealing an insane amount of damage to the other team and they will be running scared! if Death Lotus hasnt finished them off and they are running away, your bouncing Bades and Shunpo should hopefully almost be off cooldown. They should be on low health right about now, just quicky Shunpo to them, throw a Bouncing Blades and fianlly Use Sinister steel.

This is how i use her and its very affective.
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Wrapping it up

Well guys this was a short guide and rather quick one, but i am almost tired of looking at my screen! This build is to help people that are new to Katarina out and help them learn how to use her. Like i said before shes super fun and a very powerful champion to play!

I hope this Guide helps you guys out and leave some feedback!

P.S. I am still fixing this and i will prolly add a summoners spells Chapter tonight! Thanks!

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