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Kayle Build Guide by Korinra

Kayle, Angel of Retriubution

By Korinra | Updated on January 27, 2012

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In this guide I will be explaining how to play Kayle as a support/damage.

Forewarning: First of all, this Kayle guide will not be for people who are looking to be a carry, you will be adding damage in between heals and your ultimate.

With the warning out of the way, let's get started.
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Pros / Cons

Hard to chase
Incredibly low cooldowns
Amazing farm skill
Amazing pushing skill
Very useful in a team fight
Not super worried about CC (if you position yourself well)

High expectations, if your team loses a team fight, people will always blame you
KS like a boss, you'll KS accidentally all the time with your splash damage
People will target you to get your ulti out of the way early
Will not be the star player until you get amazing with Kayle
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Runes selected

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
As a support champion, Kayle fills a lot of roles in a team fight. The problem is, if you're not in the team fight when it breaks out, you become useless. has a very long range, and her ultimate is fairly long as well, however both of them do nothing if you can't get there in time. In the end of your build, you should be moving about the speed of any carry, but this will help.
Greater Mark of Insight
A lot of people will swear to armor penetration for their primary source of damage. This however will not help in this build, as your only major source of damage will be abilities will be quite hard hitting, and all of your skills will scale with AP nicely.
Greater Seal of Alacrity
This again is something a lot of people seem to be split on, but I am a firm believer that attack speed will be the only useful seal you could get. This will differ depending on your item build, but in this build you will have enough mana and mana regeneration to support the very inexpensive spells you will be casting.
Greater Glyph of Force
I have tried a lot of glyphs with this build, and for most damage and most healing, scaling AP is about the only useful glyph in this case. This will scale your damage, both attack and ability, as well as your heals.
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Couple of nifty farming tricks, use Righteous Fury, and attack multiple creeps, the splash damage will kill the ones you've already attacks. It's amazing when you have more CS than anyone in the game and you're not even working for it. Attacking right, then left, then middle minion will 99% of the time get all three kills. Get all 6 kills, then focus the stronger minions afterward.
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I'm not going to one by one explain each mastery chosen, but the overall basis can be changed a bit.

In the Offense tree, you'll want to scale your attack speed as much as possible. Any additional AP as filler helps out. Depending on your play style you can either scale more AP than attack speed, but if you plan on doing more damage than heals you'll want to scale more attack speed.

The Utility tree will be a filler tree, but it will help out. Good Hands is one of those Masteries you hope you'll never have to use, but it does come in handy when the enemy team is pushing. Summoner's Insight will boost both of your summoner spells, and you don't need mana so this helps out. You'll want to take Swiftness to add to your mobility, and finally I take 1 point of Greed because ever bit of money counts with this build.
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Starting Items

Doran's Ring is a fairly common starting item. It will boost all your damage and heals, it gives you HP to keep you in lane longer and the mana regen helps for early game. Sometimes, if I'm up against especially burst heavy teams/lanes, I'll buy a second one.

Boots of Speed helps to avoid skill shots and get you out of danger. With your speed runes, ghost, and flash, you should never get caught while being chased. If you did not start with these, get these second.

One your first recall back, try to grab a Fiendish Codex. Now your damage and healing will be on par, but remember that your heal is more about the brief movement speed, so don't worry about using it to help an ally run away or chase without concern of their health. If you can, try to rush Nashor's Tooth as quickly as possible.


With your incredible farming power you should have the most CS (for those who don't know, that's Creep's Slain), or close to the top. You should be able to purchase your Nashor's Tooth and now your Malady. If you can, try to get your Boots of Swiftness, but I've also had a lot of good luck with Berserker's Greaves. If you are careful about using ghost/flash, don't be afraid of grabbing Greaves instead.

If you can make your Guinsoo's Rageblade, do so quickly to increase your farm/pushing power, this will also give you the attack speed you need for Holy Fervor in a team fight. Remember, you're passive will demolish squishy targets, but it will also help your team kill a tank easier.


The support character makes a lot of gold through assists, amazing farm skills, and pushed towers. Kayle is great at making lots of gold if played right, no matter what build you go with. So you should easily be about to build a Rabadon's Deathcap, and begin working on a Lich Bane, if not finishing it. Top off with your potion buffs. With this build your skills will hit hard, your attacks will hit hard, and your heals will be useful in team fights.
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Holy Fervor
This is one of the underrated passives in the game. It really hits hard in a team fight, and keeping in mind that your attack speed is fairly high it will do quite a bit of damage. Remember that most people have at a minimum, 9 Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Marks of Desolation. This means they will be 15 Armor pen with no items. Now knock off another 15% of the target's armor, and watch their health drop rapidly, even tanks.

This is your initiating ability. You'll always want to open with this for a few reasons. First and foremost, it will slow your opponent, making escape very difficult. With a short CD, it will probably come off CD before you kill your opponent, meaning you can open and close with this. With Nashor's Tooth's 25% CD reduction, this will only be on a 6 second timer. The second reason to open with this is it's secondary effect, it will do significant damage and increase your damage by 10% at 5th rank.

Divine Blessing
Divine Blessing is incredibly useful, but most people seem to not realize this. While in this build it will be a decent (but not great) heal, it has a second effect. At 5th rank, it gives a huge 23% speed boost for 2.5 seconds. It seems so short, but consider this, it will only have a 10 second CD. So you'll 1/3 of the time you can be moving at a rapid speed, or getting someone else out of a team fight. When combined with the slow on your enemy from Reckoning, allies will be able to escape fairly easily.

Righteous Fury
Your bread and butter, this is how you will clear entire creep waves, push towers, wreck people's armor, and hit from a distance. An unusual fact about this skill lies with the nature of ranged attacks. Ranged attacks have a travel time. This means you play the animation of attacking, and then a brief time passes before the damage lands. When you activate this you will not have a travel time, what it does is extend your melee attack range to 400. If someone is about to use a heal, they can sometimes get it off while the ranged attack is in flight, but not with this. They will need to heal BEFORE you attack. I've killed Vladamir players many times with this because of the instantaneous nature of the damage. This also helps with getting CS at a range, the damage lands immediately so even at a range timing is simple.

You're going to be judged as a Kayle player by how/when you use your ultimate. While it will have a maximum CD of 45 seconds, it can turn a failed team fight into a 5 for 0. Intervention surprises people, they are used to seeing low health and knowing they have a kill, so they begin to grow greedy. When they chase, don't hesitate, pop your ultimate, slow with your Reckoning, then go to town.
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Summoner Spells

Preferred Spells

Flash and Ghost
With Summoner's Insight both of these spells will be affected, but beyond that it makes chasing/escaping very easy with your already incredible speed. Combine Ghost with Divine Blessing, and you'll be able to avoid almost anything.

Acceptable Spells

Ignite if your team is very mobile.
Exhaust if the enemy team has a lot of AD carry.
Surge is good to replace Ghost if you want to be more of a burst heal/damage source.
Teleport helps out for farming, but will likely not be needed.
Cleanse if you are up against CC heavy teams.
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Questions Answered

"Why Lichbane?"
Well Lichbane is often times reserved for ability spamming carries, like Ezreal. Why pick this? Couple reasons, it gives a movement speed bonus, it gives a good amount of AP, and it's passive gives a nice smack on your first hit. This is a luxury item however, and changing it out can help you, but remember the speed and AP are the primary uses for this item. If you change it however, could I recommend a Wit's End or a lifesteal item (see below).

"You don't have any lifesteal, why not?"
You won't need it. As you have a built in heal, amazing speed, a great speed boost which also heals, you should never be toe to toe with someone, and if you are you should be able to easily move away. Even in the worst case you can slow someone. I've tried running life steal on Kayle, but it's easily taken out with an ignite or a stun. Kayle is better suited in a team fight, you should be the furthest from danger, let the tanks worry about gaining health, you worry about keeping them up and fighting, and hitting your opponent hard.

"What lane do you recommend?"
Ah I did not do a section on this for a reason, because I recommend all three lanes. If you're bottom lane, focus gaining your heals up and support your carry, but remember this, you'll be losing early game CS. This is not a problem because your most important role in mid-game will be using your heals and ultimate, so money isn't a major factor until late game, and you'll knock a tower over quickly with Kayle. If you're solo lane, you'll have close to if not 100% CS, and your build will be quick so you'll want to focus on damage early/mid game in this scenario. I personally like going mid with this build because you push mid faster than any other lane since it's 1v1.

"Where's Ionian Spark/Wit's End?"
Simply put, why? You're already going to wipe out entire creep waves, and I'm sorry but 110 damage every fourth attack isn't enough to matter in a fight, I'd much rather have the AP from Malady. Remember this is a support build, you'll want AP on as many of your items as possible to give decent heals. Trust me though it will increase your damage having AP.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Korinra
Korinra Kayle Guide

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Kayle, Angel of Retriubution