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Kayle Build Guide by HeAt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt

Kayle - Hell's Angel

HeAt Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Hey All, HeAt here again with yet another build. This build is to be an updated version of my DPS kayle (though ironically i STILL use that one). I have the BUILD I use for AD here, but it is very standard and straight forward so this will be a description of my hybrid build. Hopefully you guys get to give this a try :) I wish you all the best!

And so it begins...

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Pros / Cons

- Very strong damage output
- Great Support
- Very maneuverable (She moves very quickly due to her heal/speed buff)
- Great ability to not only carry but have a double carry (ability to sustain a 2nd carry due to invuln)


- Slow early game
- Need to have a good farm
- Needs a good understanding of the champion you're against

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(Magic Penetration Marks): I run MPen marks on kayle because ALOT of her damage ends up being magic damage (from not only AP but madreds as well). These give you just a little bit of an edge going into the fight.
+(Mana Regen Seals and Glyphs): I run flat mana regen because most of kayle's mana problems are early game. After you get your nashors the mana problems tend to subside. You could run Mana regen/level if you wanted, it makes a clear early game difference early.
(Flat HP Quintessences): Kayle is not a very tanky hero. Actually on the contrary, she is a 4bar mage early game unless you get some sort of HP, and since i chose to get the meki pendant as opposed to the dorans, i feel as though getting health quints is necessary. You could go dorans ring too if you'd like, its all preferential.

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Starting Items: Always start boots+ 3 potions, regardless of opponent. You need boots 3 pots to help yourself maneuver and last hit as much as possible, and also helps you kite with your Q>E


Guinsoo's Rageblade: The reason I use Guinsoo's Rageblade is because it is pretty much Kayle's DREAM ITEM. She makes use of EVERY stat it provides, and it is the most efficient source of AP when able to keep the stacks up!

Berserker's Grieves: They help supplement attack speed for Kayle, Best choice in the game right now for her for boots. If you must have alternatives get Mercury Treads

Trinity Force: The Trinity Force is so good on Kayle because she makes use of every stat on it. Firstly the Movement speed and Slow supplement her utility. The AP, AD, Crit, and attack speed all help inflate her damage, and the sheen proc is a SERIOUS help in lane or in fights. Kayle becomes extremely bursty with even Just her Q>E>hit with sheen proc. The slow from the triforce will help keep you in range after the slow from your Q wears off.

Hexxtech Gunblade: I personally get the hexxtech gunblade because of 1: how much more damage it provides you, and 2: how much more survivability you get from it due to the lifesteal and spellvamp. Also, the slow it gives you further helps in keeping people at an attack-able distance.

Nashor's Tooth: Though i never usually build the nashors past a Stinger , the nashors is still a very useful item for Kayle. Provides some mana regen, some AP and some very crucial attack speed, as well as some extremely handy CDR to keep your Righteous Fury up as much as possible

Guardian Angel: This is an endgame item, or you can get it whenever you feel you need more survivability. The g.a. provides a solid amount of Tankiness plus the alternative of burning your ult more sparingly in a team fight. If a serious teamfight comes and you and your other carry (ad or ap) are about to die and you have G.a. up, you can both stay alive by letting them kill you first (stay a bit ahead of that carry), right as youre about to die ulti the other one (so the other can stay alive and deal damage). They will then focus the other carry, so when you come back you can hit them freely since they will have altered their focus to the other carry (G.a. respawn is 2 seconds your ult lasts 4 at max level :D )

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Laning/Skill order

In lane, use your W sparingly, as you will need every drop of mana you have for other skills.

If you are against a melee champ and can afford to last hit with melee attacks, avoid using your E unless you want to apply pressure.

To apply pressure, shoot your Q at the enemy, when they have their back turned to you, press E and start going Patriot on them

Any time the enemy has their back turned to you, its a sign that you can get free hits off. Make the bushes your bi- i mean... prime utility, and use them to help you get harass in.

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Kayle is strong early-mid and early late game

her mid game and very endgame start to scale off (20-25 mins and 50mins +)

Use her passive to help shred the armor and MR of the person your team wants to target (or the tank if they have a lot)

Save your ulti for carries other than yourself. A good kayle is one that can position well enough to use her ulti on someone else :)


Re-Posted: 6/14/2012
Updated: 6/14/2012 GUESS WHO'S BACKKK :D
Original Release Date: Some time in EARLY 2011

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A note from me

I figured AD kayle is really cookie cutter and straight forward but if enough people inbox me for descriptions of how to play the AD kayle I'll do something up!

If you liked this build check the rest of my stuff out:

1. I have a smurf named Bulls On Parade on US server, if you want to play a game with me my main acc has max FL but you can add me there

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