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Kayle Build Guide by chiddurh

Jungle Kayle Jungle - Demacian Devastator

Jungle Kayle Jungle - Demacian Devastator

Updated on May 3, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chiddurh Build Guide By chiddurh 39,133 Views 3 Comments
39,133 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author chiddurh Kayle Build Guide By chiddurh Updated on May 3, 2017
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Hi Guys,

Welcome to my first ever guide for League of Legends; Kayle Jungle. Hopefully for those of you considering taking on the role of jungler, this guide will give you an insight into playing a fun and easy to pick up champion.

Why Kayle you might ask? Well Kayle is my main, and having accrued over 120k Champion Points on her I've come to learn her strengths and weaknesses quite well. Kayle is a pretty hard hitting Melee/magic champion, with a super-powered late game which you can use to great effect by split pushing, tower crumbling, and champion slaying.

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Pros / Cons


High attack speed couples with Ability power can shred enemies health.

In sustained fights her passive allows her to reduce up to 15% Armour and Magic resist, which when coupled with Fervor of Battle and Guinsoo's Rageblade can lead to serious damage output.

Mid Game onwards Jungle Camp clear is extremely quick.

Ability to go immume with ultimate can lead to kill opportunities. Ultimate also has potential to turn team fights by saving an ally.

All round effective champion when built with some Magic Resist and Armour.

Powerful late game


Susceptible to burst champions

Early game is weak.

Reliant on build to be effective.

No disengage ability.

Reliant on Q for CC.

Potentially vulnerable without ultimate. Mis-timed ultimate can also lead to premature death.
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To start off, you'll need the Hunters Machete for the lifesteal which prolongs your initial run, a refillable potion and a ward. Early game Kayle is difficult, so dont panic when you take a fair amount of damage from jungle camps. You need to rush the Stalkers Blade (bloodrazor) as it will give you a huge attack speed boost, which is the primary aim of this build. Follow this up with Berserker's Greaves to get mobility and more attack speed, and your build suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. If you build the Fiendish Codex part of Nashor's tooth first, it gives you a large power spike, before finishing it for more attack speed.

Mid Game is where you can start to branch off the build, depending on how the game is going. Usually I build Guinsoo's Rageblade if the game is even, or if I'm slightly ahead/behind. The reason for this is that the item works superbly with kayle, giving you attack speed, AP and the stacks from the passive, which synergise with your mastery. This item alone can be a deciding factor in a 1v1, or even 2v2 situation, so I fully recommend building it regardless. I've listed other items, as depending on how mid game is going for our team, you may need the HP from Rylai's, or the lifesteal potential of Hextech Gunblade to get you through fights.

The last two items I recommend purchasing in a normal situation are Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass. These two items will turn you into a tank with a dangerous level of damage. Both will give you Ability Power, but with the Magic Resistance and Armour bonuses, you'll be able to hold your own in fights whilst doing a lot of damage back. Added to this is the active ability from Zhonya's, which paired with kayle's ult gives you a lot of immunity.

Lastly, if you play well enough to be miles ahead of the enemy team, build an item with high AP. I recommend Rabadon's Deathcap as you will end up 3/4 hitting certain champions with a lack of Magic Resistance, otherwise build morellonomicon as it gives you extra Mana to keep you in fights for longer, plus the CDR is a big bonus.
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Skill Sequence

The main ability on Kayle is her E, so I always look to max this first. It's the best way to clear any Jungle Camp quickly due to the AOE damage, and with increased attack speed it is a dangerous tool for Kayle to possess. Conversely you could max the Q first, as it will aid on ganks with the additional damage, and further speed reductions which should hopefully allow for faster kills if the laner can engage effectively.

As with all champions, maxing your R as soon as possible should be the priority - especially with Kayle as it scales up the immunity time by one second per level.

I would not recommend maxing W first, as it reduces your damage dealing potential. Late game this ability is of more use once you have more mana, as it is a good way to keep weaker champions alive between engages, or during a fight itself.
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Jungle with Kayle is fairly straightforward when it comes to picking spells:

Smite- Necessary as the jungler, no more needs to be said.

Flash - I always take flash on Kayle, as using her W on you can give you a speed boost to chase down champions, but if you get into a situation and need a quick getaway, flash is the only option.
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Creeping / Jungling

To start with Kayle I recommend the blue side of the jungle, beginning with the Blue Sentinel. Smiting this buff for the kill and getting level 2, take your W next so that you can heal whilst killing wolves with E to save time. At this point, Rift Scuttler should have spawned, so take this to get vision in the top side of the jungle, before clearing Gromp as you should have smite back. At this point, you can either base to get your next item or attempt an early gank on top or mid. I recommend top lane as it's the more remote of the lanes, so an early lead on this lane is beneficial.

Once based, you need to get to focus on getting level 6 ASAP to negate Kayle's early game weakness. This can be done through farming camps, or attempting to gank lanes to get gold through assists. If a lane gets an early advantage and pushes tower, Kayle has the ability to shred towers so capitalise on this if you can. Obviously counter jungle where possible, but avoid a 1v1 situation until you have decent attack speed to make use of the Q + E combo.

From here you should just stick to farming to get your gold up, and take advantage of opportunities where they arise. Push lanes, take kills and make sure drake/Baron are warded. Drake can be attempted solo at level 10ish, build dependent - just make sure you use your W, and keep your R as a last resort if it goes wrong.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chiddurh
chiddurh Kayle Guide
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Kayle Jungle - Demacian Devastator

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