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Kayle Build Guide by R1S1NG

Kayle - OP (Need I say more?)

Kayle - OP (Need I say more?)

Updated on September 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author R1S1NG Build Guide By R1S1NG 12,521 Views 2 Comments
12,521 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author R1S1NG Kayle Build Guide By R1S1NG Updated on September 17, 2011
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Whats up people! R1S1NG here with my first guide. Kayle is one of my favorite champs, also, one of the best champs in my opinion. Which is why she's the topic of discussion. I will go in depth with all the goodies as we get to em' ENJOY!
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Pros / Cons

- Awesome damage. (Watch your opponents melt in seconds)
- Great early game and late game sustainability.
- Lane Diverse. (By this I mean she can mid, solo vs 1 or 2 people, or be a great duo lane partner)
- Can make herself or a teammate invulnerable for 3s when maxed. (No explanation needed)
- Excellent farmer. (Kayle is one of the best farmers in the game and your creep score should reflect that at the end of the game)
- A great pusher or split pusher. (She can be the sole reason your team wins the game)

- Vulnerable to CC. (I must make the point that while she IS vulnerable to CC, a good player won't put her into those bad situations. Sure there are rare times where you may get surprised by a gank or something like that, but your Ultimate + Divine Blessing and Ghost should save you from those rare situations)
- Expensive to build. (Nashors tooth is the first Core item your gonna get and its not cheap. You need to farm and be aggressive early on)
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Summoner Spells

Ghost - Definitely a must for this build. I know a lot of people like Flash hopping over walls etc. it makes people think they are pro. Yet ghost just has such great synergy with her I don't see how you can pass it up.
Ignite - Really essential for her early game. A few early kills can really get her in OP mode quick. Exhaust Is also a good option for early game kills. Though i prefer Ignite sometimes it just makes sense to grab exhaust based on your teams Summoner spells.
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Movement Speed Quints are almost irreplaceable on Kayle. They have great synergy with the mastery set up I use, as well as her "W"(Divine Blessing),and did i mention Ghost ?
If your really hard headed or your just too cheap to buy the Movement Speed Quints then Attack Speed Quints are the only other choice.
15.3% attack speed. Attack speed is the bread and butter of this build. These cannot be replaced.

A lot of people do use Magic Penetration Marks. I don't think they compliment her very well, but they are decent so I am going to let you decide. What it does is decrease the effectiveness of her passive, where as attack speed is exactly what her passive needs to be even MORE effective. Okay, here we go, I'm going to run you through the math (Just skip the next paragraph if you not interested lol).

At 5 stacks her passive will reduce the targets armor by 15%, BUT that percent is taken AFTER the whole numbers are subtracted. For Ex: The targets magic resistance is 100. With max stacks on her passive and NO magic penetration marks it reduces the resistance by 15. With magic penetration marks you would take 15% of 91.5 because you get 8.5 magic penetration from the 9 Marks. which equals out to 13.725. While it did lower the passive amount you still have to add the 8.5 magic penetration from runes. So, in total(With Mag Pen Marks), your looking at 22.225 mag pen with max stacks of her passive on a champ with 100 m res. So here is the question... Would you rather have 15 mag pen and 15.3% more attack speed, OR 22.225(7.225 more) magic penetration and no extra attack speed?
You have to have the mana regen for early lane sustainability. Your masteries and your first Item work hand in hand with these oh-so important runes. I haven't tried Mana Regen Per Level Seals yet. So, if anyone has let me know how they work. It's absolutely necessary to have one or the other.
More damage! It's so Important to get some early kills with Kayle because her build is not the cheapest out there. So what better way to do that than adding about 10 Ability Power.

I guess you could go for the Magic Resistance Glyphs but AP is better. While 13 Magic Resist would help against a Zilean or something... what if you were laning against pure AD? They become useless. With AP runes no matter who you are fighting you're going to get added damage and heal effect.

Some people will argue that u need CDR Glyphs for Kayle, but for this build you don't, and I will elaborate more on that in a bit.
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I'm going to go in depth with these masteries and why each tree is the way it is. First, because i know there will be doubters, it's obviously not the most conventional tree. Second because i think the masteries are an integral part of this build for early game dominance.

Utility Tree.

- Perseverance and Haste are maxed. Kayle really needs all the mana regen she can get early game. The extra 6% speed and 1.5s duration to ghost is a no brainer.

- Awareness is maxed. Why not any points into Expanded Mind you may ask?

Well, Kayle definitely needs mana early on I have mentioned it a few times already. However, what we are really after is mana regen, not flat mana. Expanded Mind increases your mana by 5% of your max mana. Kayle doesn't have high base mana, or use flat mana items: Like Rod of Ages. She only needs mana regen, so that 5% is useless and would just be wasted points.

Awareness on the other hand, will give you the edge you need in lane. Whether it be in Mid, Solo vs 1 or 2, or even in a Duo lane, your sustainability, coupled with extra experience, should have you 1-3 levels above your lane competition by level 6.

- Meditation and Utility Mastery are maxed. Meditation for the regen. Utility Mastery for extended buff time. As a carry u should be regularly grabbing the red/blue buff and lets not forget about Baron.

- Quickness is maxed. This plus your Quints will give you an extra 7.5% movement speed. You will definitely be out running the competition early game.

Defense Tree

- Resistance and Hardiness maxed. 6 Phys def and 6 Mag res. There's no better place to use these 6 points.

Offense Tree

- Exhaust and Archmage's Savvy maxed. I rarely us exhaust with Kayle but on occasion it does happen, and really what is .66 crit chance gonna do for me?

- Alacrity maxed. 4% more attack speed! this with your rune set up will give you nearly 20% extra attack speed right off the bat.
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I wanna touch on another rune/mastery set up for Kayle that I see a lot of people doing.

First, I wanna make sure people know how important max CDR is on Kayle. Basically, you need to have max CDR or close to it by level 9. The reason being is her "E" Righteous Fury. At max level, it's cooldown, in conjunction with the 40% max CDR reduction will be shorter than the actual buff. So, before the skill ends you can activate it, and with this cycle, the skill never ends. You get permanent range! Oh, and by the way, the skill is like a tiamat on steroids. It deals a percentage of the full damage as splash damage to an area around the target.

So now lets talk about the CDR set up for Kayle.

With CDR Glyphs x9 and 9-0-21 set up you will start off with 15% CDR. What this allows you to do essentially, is get whatever boots you want, because all you need is you Nashors Tooth (25% CDR) to hit your 40% CDR (Max).

This set up is not bad. It works. The problem I have with this set up is there isn't enough early game gain from it. having the extra 15% CDR isnt gonna net you an extra kill. It really wont be fully effective until you get your Nashors and hit lv9.

With my set up your getting the 20% Attack Speed and extra AP. Getting off two extra hits and dealing more damage is far more likely to net you some early game kills than a little CDR or different boots.

From what I've learned playing this game, and this goes with any character. Your masteries should compliment your rune setup to maximize your EARLY game effectiveness: Your lane staying power (the ability to stay and farm, not constantly go b) and early game dominance. CDR build early on just does not cut the mustard unless your building Support Kayle.

With my set up you will accomplish both effectively as a carry.
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Skill Sequence

Passive: She shreds the targets armor. It can stack up to 5 times.

Level 1 - I grab my "E" Righteous Fury and I level it up every chance i get. This skill gives you range it deals splash damage. It's an excellent farming and harass tool.

Level 2 - This becomes more situational. If you find you have caught a lot of punishment and turret hugging, you're probably going to want to get your "W" Divine Blessing so that you can begin healing yourself.

However, if your not in any hot water and your ready to dish out some more damage then go ahead, put a point into your "Q" Reckoning. (90% of the time i get "Q" at level 2)

Level 3 - Grab your "E" again. There may be some cases where you didn't grab your heal at level 2 and took some punishment on your way to 3. If you feel you need to take your "W" then by all means do so. You can always get your "E" at levels 4 and 5 etc.

Level 6 - Obviously you will grab your ultimate Intervention. This should be leveled at levels 6 ,11,and 16

1st Priority is your "E" Righteous Fury

2nd Priority is your "Q" Reckoning. This is a very important skill, its slows the target by a % which increases with each level. It also Increases your damage to the affected target by a % for 5s (this damage % also increases as you level the skill) Once this skill is maxed you will definitely be doing some significant damage.

Finally, the last skill you should max is your "W" Divine Blessing. It gives a very nice speed buff which you should use to run from and chase enemies(This is the main use for this skill). The healing is decent at higher levels as well.
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Order of items is SOOOOOOO important here.
First item is ALWAYS Dorans Ring. It works in perfect harmony with the runes and masteries for a great early game. The 100 Health gives you some durability, the mana regen compliments your masteries and runes, and the 15 AP stacks with the 10 you already have from your Glyphs. The ONLY other option would be to get a Meki Pendant and some Health Potions. You can easily make the Meki Pendant into a Fiendish Codex later on. Which, in turn, will become a Nashors Tooth. The problem with that is: you have a heal so why do you need Health Potions? AND your MAX HP is gonna be 100 points less AND your not gonna get that extra 15 AP. I don't suggest it, Dorans Ring is the way to go.



Now its important that AS SOON AS YOU GET THE MONEY you go get these items. The faster you get your Stinger the faster your going to be killing.

Stinger: This item is essential. It's used to make your Nashors Tooth, but by itself it gives incredible attack speed and 10% CDR. Think about it this way... at level 1 your Q slows the target and increases your damage to that target by 7% for 5s. So, you want to hit that target as many times as possible while that is effective. Not to mention her passive is decreasing the targets armor for a maximum of 5 stacks which also lasts for 5s(3% per stack).

Boots of Speed: If you don't know why these are needed then I'm sorry you even started reading this guide

(If you have enough money... If you don't have the money then grab a Fiendish Codex with your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and finish the Nashors Tooth later.

You will definitely be around level 9 or possibly higher by now, and if you have made enough money to purchase both Nashors Tooth AND Ionian Boots of Lucidity you will be pretty scary.

Nashors Tooth: You CANNOT substitute this item out. It just doesn't work.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These boots must be purchased with this build. If not, then your CDR will not be maxed, and i guarantee you will regret it.


Bligewater-Cutlass: In addition to getting this, you may still be finishing up your Nashors Tooth. In any event, if you cannot afford the entire item just get the Pick Axe.

Now, why get the Bligewater-Cutlass over the Hextech Revolver? Well, the Hextech Revolver doesn't have an awesome active, and while a little spell vamp certainly helps, at this stage in the game; the lifesteal from the Bilgewater-Cutlass will do a better job keeping you in the fight. You will be able to heal quickly by killing creep waves, and use your "W" (Divine Blessing) more offensively. Oh wait, did i mention that AWESOME active on the Bilgewater-Cutlass?

Now your a bad MOFO!

Hextech Gunblade: Not only do you have the max CDR you need, you also have some sick attack speed, and the damage to really melt squishy characters before they know what hit em.

More attack speed? YES PLEASE!!!

Recurve Bow: Used to make Madreds-BloodRazor.

Once you finish out your Hextech Gunblade you really need to RUSH this Recurve Bow. The Madreds is very expensive and the game is getting lengthy(if they haven't surrendered already). So, get the Recurve Bow ASAP and go "Into the fray" until you have enough money to finish off your Madreds-BloodRazor. (Roughly 2800g)


Madreds-BloodRazor: Squishys, tanks, support, it deosn't matter. Anyone that comes into contact with you will be running or dead. With smart use of your ult you can probably 2v1 most of their team. Turrets will fall in a matter of seconds. 50% of the time I don't even get to build this item because the match is already over.


IF by some weird miracle your game is still going then you have a horrible team. Or you just got so fed that you have 30 kills and 300 cs then you can buy another item and even replace the Dorans Ring as well. All are optional, and it really doesn't matter what you get because you are attacking so fast and doing so much damage you don't need anything else for that purpose.

With this item your attack speed will almost reach 2.0. I like this item because it gives mag res but it also has a nice on-hit effect. Your passive, your madreds, and this, all apply on-hit effects. You could even grab red buff and there's a burn to go with it.
You could use this in place of Wits End or Replace the Dorans Ring and use this WITH Wits End and go for full on DAMAGE with ur last two items. This passive shreds the targets Mag res stacking with your passive and all you other on-hit effects which by the way are magic damage :)
You could grab a RageBlade. Nice passive increase in attack speed and a noticeable damage increase as well. Not my favorite Item on Kayle ESPECIALLY early game. Simply because you have to land consecutive attacks before your attack speed start going up. By the time its got a couple stacks they are out of range or a buddy came to help em.
The famed Guardian Angel. A great item on any champ and certainly fits Kayle nicely. Especially in conjunction with her ult.
More armor shred
You would have about 450 Movement speed with this item. Its god awful expensive, the game would have to be extremely long to finish this item at this point, or u would have to be super fed. Which, in turn, would lead me to believe that the game would most likely be over. So maybe if you want the proc just get sheen first. It's still 100% of the damage and only 1260g to buy.
If you got this with Trinity Force as your last two items... you would have 511 movement speed and you could just run around trolling people.(That's not including your Speed Buff or Ghost just think of the SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!)
If you had to fight a Yi or Tryndamere
Love the Tiamat on Kayle as it also deals splash damage to the enemies. The synergy with his "E" is amazing
For more lifesteal. This with a Bloodthirster as your last two items would make you very hard to kill. You could easily fight 2-3 people alone and win. Scenario: You kill one quickly, but you are close to death! You pop your ULTIMATE just in time. During the 3s ultimate, not only do you kill the second victim, but u heal yourself to full. You then proceed to melt the 3rd person and walk away with a unassisted triple kill. Let's be honsest they probably weren't characters with any CC, but it can definitely happen. In fact, before they changed Kayle's passive one of my buddies got a quadra 1v5.
More survivability and an OP slow effect.
Love this item for the passive and it gives some nice health and mana as well.

The list goes on...
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I have covered a lot of ground in here as far as tips, and the obvious such as items, runes, etc. So i just wanted to do a quick walk through of her skill set and how they should be used.

Always "Q" your target(when possible) before auto attacking them with your "E" activated.

Her "W" ISN'T JUST A HEAL! Don't be scared to use it when running away, chasing someone, or just running around the map. It makes travel a lot faster. Also, note that when casting her "W" she does not stop moving. It speeds up your Allies too! If someone is closer to a target you are pursuing give them the speed buff to ensure it gets killed.

Mid game when your CDR and "E" are maxed it lasts longer than the cooldown. Take advantage of that! You should never be in melee range the rest of the game.

Her ultimate CAN BE CAST ON PARTY MEMBERS! Don't save it for yourself all the time. Pro Tip: you really shouldn't be ulting your tank. If they other team is focusing the tank they are stupid and are going to die anyway. Most smart teams will focus the carries first: Save it for them.

Be a little sneaky, once a team fight is initiated maybe come around from the back. The ones that try to run away won't survive the length of one slow.

Push secondary lanes while your other 4 teammates push a lane, it's called split pushing. Kayle can farm waves of 20 minions in a matter of seconds and towers will fall equally as fast. As far as getting ganked while being alone; Her speed buff with ghost and her ult should be enough to get away. Chances are if 4 of your teammates are pushing a lane hard. The their entire team wont be able to leave and come gank. Just make sure your ult and Ghost are not in CD before you go pushing lanes alone.

Hope you enjoy the build and the guide helped you all, any feedback or comments are welcomed. PEACE OUT
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League of Legends Build Guide Author R1S1NG
R1S1NG Kayle Guide
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Kayle - OP (Need I say more?)

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