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Kayle Build Guide by Carikeo

Top gold

Kayle - Rocking with SpLASH damage

By Carikeo | Updated on November 25, 2019
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Kayle - Rocking with SpLASH damage

By Carikeo
Hello everyone, i'm a platinum LAS player who plays mostly ADC and Toplane
In this guide (which i will continue to update whenever i can) i'll tell you some tips and explanations for new Kayle players.
Kayle is one of the best late game hyper carrys, if you like that kind of playstyle and don't want to play ADC, Kayle is for you.
Why Kayle? Back to Top
Kayle is a late game hypercarry, but struggles a lot during the early game. If you like that kind of playstyle, then Kayle is for you

- Very strong AoE damage in teamfights
- Scales incredibly well into the late game
- Can solo carry games if you are ahead
- Divine Ascent makes you a natural scaling champion and provides stronger level power spikes
- Radiant Blast shreds enemies armor, allowing your team to kill tanks much faster, or destroy squishy targets
- Celestial Blessing provides you sustain for the lane phase, and movement speed to engage or run away from fights
- Starfire Spellblade is a finisher skill, it makes securing kills a lot easier
- Divine Judgment is a versatile inmunity/damage tool, whioh can completely negate strong ultimates like Demacian Justice or Primordial Burst
- Hybrid damage dealer with every build
- Evolves, just like your favorite pokemon

- Incredibly weak during the laning phase, most matchups are unfavorable ones
- Can be mana hungry if you are not using Manamune
- Celestial Blessing has no damage output, at level 3 the enemy laner will have a strong all in advantage over you
- If you don't survive until the late game, you are useless
- Crowd control will shut you down, even during the late game
Runes Back to Top

This rune will help you to reach 5 stacks of your passive faster and improve your burst damage, it's not very useful during laning phase but a beast during late game (just like you :p)

The best rune in the tier for adc style champions, providing you with healing and gold after each kill

Another late game scaling rune, providing you with even more atk speed. Considering most of your damage comes from basic attacks (which have an AD and AP component) atk speed becomes very relevant for Kayle

You are a natural finisher, this is a finisher rune, enemy team is finished.

A great rune for lane sustain, while also making you scale even better with Manamune

If kayle's late game power is not enough (or you just want to be a killing machine) this rune will make it happen. Kayle excels at 30+ minute games, and this rune makes sure you will be your best version when it happens
Skill explanation and tips Back to Top
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

At levels 1(base), 6, 11 and 16 Kayle evolves, gaining aditional passive effects while also retaining the previous one
Level 1: Your basic attacks grant you 6% attack speed, stacking up to 30% (5 stacks). When you reach 5 stacks, you also gain 8% movement speed
Level 6: Kayle becomes a ranged champion with 525 range
Level 11: When you reach 5 stacks, your basic attacks send out a wave of flame
Level 16: You gain 50 extra range and 5 stacks permanently
- Each evolution is a power spike, use it to surprise enemies
- The fire waves will help you to push faster, but avoid reaching 5 stacks if you want to freeze the lane
- You don't really need to build anti-tank items thanks to the true damage and Radiant Blast
- Critical strike increases your true damage output
After a 0.25s delay, you throw a sword which collides with the first enemy hit and close ones behind it, dealing damage, slowing them, and reducing their resistances by 20%
- This is a natural anti-tank tool
- Many players know how much damage they can take, this throws off their calculations because it affects skills from other champions as well
- Use it to farm minions and/or poke the enemy, hopefully both at the same time because it refunds mana per hero hit
- This punishes very hard enemies that are alone or out of positioning, allowing your team to finish them quickly

You heal yourself and an ally, while also prividing a movement speed boost. If no ally is targeted, it will default to the lowest health one, or only heal yourself if you are alone
- This is both an escape and chase mechanism
- The healing is quite small, but with Manamune build you can spam it without becoming mana hungry, and it becomes a reliable sustain tool
- Use it in combination with your other abilities to poke and run away safely
- It can save yourself or your teammates when caught offguard

Your basic attacks and fire waves deal bonus damage. You can activate this to perform a ranged basic attack (even when you are still a melee champion) that deals extra damage based on the enemy's missing health.
After level 11, activating this also deals splash damage to units near your target
- You can use it to get gold if you are running Kleptomancy, otherwise avoid poking enemies with it during the early game
- It provides much of your late game AoE damage, but it's not an early game priority
- During the late game its damage becomes really high, use it to secure kills
- It does not refresh auto attacks, you can AA+ Starfire Spellblade, but then you will have to wait longer for the next auto attack, so in general it's not recommended to use it as an Auto attack animation cancel, unless it finishes your enemy

Kayle makes an ally (or helself) invulnerable.
The first 1.5 seconds are a casting animation which ends with an AoE damage, after which the target remains invulnerable and you can begin to attack
- The best possible use is to negate strong finishing ultimates
- The damage it deals is not huge, but can turn the tide of a battle
- Protect yourself from crowd control if you are being focused, the enemy will switch targets from a couple seconds and you will be free to kill them
- Keep in mind that it will not cancel ongoing crowd control, like Vi's Ultimate. In that case you will gat lifted into the air, but take no damage from it (It is not that relevant since you can't cast for the first seconds)
- If you don't use it on yourself, use it on an enemy that is being heavily focused and very relevant for teamfights (don't try to save a dying janna, you are likely to do much more by shielding yourself)
Items Back to Top

This is the first item you will want to get, mainly because it works really well with Guinsoo's Rageblade. The components of this item are very weak by themselves for Kayle, you won't notice a significant increase in damage until you complete this item, since most of its advantages come from the passive extra damage in each basic attack

Just like other Guinsoo users, Kayle naturally beneifts from doing consecutive attacks, gaining atk speed in each stack and extra bonuses at 5 stacks, while also scaling with both AD and AP.
After getting this item you will notice a huge power spike, its just an excellent item for Kayle and combined with Radiant Blast should be enough to deal with most single tank teams

A bit of health and some damage, the best benefit is that your enemies won't be able to run away from you, specially if combined with Celestial Blessing, allowing you to continue fighting without losing stacks from your passive or guinsoo

This is an item i would get when i'm ahead and just want to destroy the enemy team. Huge amounts of raw AP which scales with your E's passive bonus attack and Nashor's Tooth bonus damage on hit

In many fights the best Kayle is close to a static turret, moving little bits between every basic attacks but remaining mostly still because moving is a huge waste of damage. This item allows you to resist more incoming damage and heal a lot, most of the times the enemy will end up trying to run from you and you cant just finish them off without problem

If you pick this item over Rabadon's Deathcap you will lose burst damage potential and some damage in every basic attack, but will become much more useful against teams with more than one tank. In that case scenario you will likely be fighting longer fights than against a team with one tank, so you should be able to get the 10% damage increase from the passive effect

This is my default choice of boots. Since crowd control is the best way to shut down a kayle, i would only consider switching this boots if the enemy team is AD damage only and wihout much cc or if the enemy toplane is a heavy AD champion, in which cases i would pick Ninja Tabi
Laning Back to Top
Laning is the hardest part of the game for Kayle, just try to play it safe and wait for the jungle to gank you.
Once you reach level 6 in becomes a bit easier against some melee champions, however keep in mind that 99% of champions have better early game than Kayle, so in equal conditions you should lose the 1v1
Your main goal should be to save gold to get your first item, meanwhile you can use Radiant Blast to farm and poke the enemy (try to do both at the same time, since it refunds mana when you hit a champion.
Starfire Spellblade deals close to no damage in the early game, use it to farm minions or if the enemy is at low health during a fight, it's not worth to poke your enemy with this unless you are using Kleptomancy
Teamfights Back to Top
During teamfights you have to think of yourself as an adc, position yourself just as if you were playing adc and ask your team to protect you (if you are ahead or well itemized). You will be able insane amounts of damage, save your Starfire Spellblade to finish off targets that may run away or priority ones (like enemy adc or midlane), don't use it to kill an enemy's support if you think you may need it soon
Usually you will want to cast Divine Judgment on yourself in most of the fights, unless you notice they are focusing another one of your team who is also doing well. If the enemy wastes ultimates on him and you save him, the battle is most likely won.
Always keep in mind that a well placed Divine Judgment will throw off enemies for a couple seconds, use that chaos to kill them all.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo
Carikeo Kayle Guide
Kayle - Rocking with SpLASH damage