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Kayle Build Guide by lunadolf

Support Kayle support, the guardian angel

Support Kayle support, the guardian angel

Updated on December 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lunadolf Build Guide By lunadolf 4,564 Views 0 Comments
4,564 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lunadolf Kayle Build Guide By lunadolf Updated on December 3, 2014
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Hey there my name is lunadolf. I feel like Kayle support is fairly underrated when she fits the role quite well. There are other Kayle support guides out there and I'm obviously not a pro, but I thought I would share my personal build and see if anyone else likes it. Kayle is great in the support role as she can pull off some really great saves and clutch plays when needed most. She can also deal substantial damage late game and proves useful in most team fights.
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I like to play supports a little tanky. There is probably a better set of runes but these are the ones I like. The early game ability power is good to give you damage and substantial heals. I like the magic pen to make my poke's sting a little more but you can take extra AP in the marks if you want.
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This is my go to support build for every support that I play. Every support relies on their ability's obviously so cooldown reduction. I like Enchanted armour to increase my ability to survive just a little bit although you could take more AP instead. You want the gold masteries because you shouldn't be taking CS as a support unless you play a tanky support that builds Face of the Mountain such as Leona or Thresh.
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Items (start)

Due to Kayle's aggressive nature you are going to want to start with the spelltheif's gaining damage and gold from hitting champs. You can substitute it with the other support items but I prefer this. Also grab a couple of red and blue pots as she is kind of mana starved if you play aggressive.
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Items (first back, play like a support is supposed to play)

I'm so tired of people calling support then not building like a support. Always, on every single support, build a sightstone and place wards depending on how far up or back your lane is pushed. VISION IS KEY!!! And grab the red trinket to combat enemy vision. Your lane is hard to gank when the enemy has vision everywhere.
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Items (next couple of backs)

I like to build my mobi boots next to increase your ability to survive. Paired with the slow on your Q and the speed from your W you should be able to escape most sketchy situations. Third you really want to finish up your support item as it gives really good boosts to damage, cooldown, etc.
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Items (This is where you get scary)

I play my Kayle support full AP rather than mixed as it makes my heals much more potent. You can either build Runaan's or Nashor's first depending on what you want to do. Note that Runnan's DOES proc off of your E. Runaan's is good for pushing minion waves and dealing damage but Nashor's will help deal out some damage in a teamfight and boost your heals. After those two are build you can either get a Rabadon's or a Lich Bane. Rabadon's will make your heals more potent but Lich Bane will make you do tons of damage with your E.
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Items (Example Build)

This is the build I like best, you can replace the boot enchantment with whatever. Since I like to play pure support I take some items to dole out large amounts of damage and keep it all AP so my healing is potent.
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Skill Sequence

Never forget about your Passive on any champ. Kayle's is great because it lowers the enemy's armour and magic resist when you hit them. so you want to hit whoever your team is focusing to help them out. 1st level always grab your E. This is my personal thing because I play Kayle as an aggressive support. When you hit with your E it will proc your spellthief's edge. Next you want to grab heal to heal and speed up your ADC in a sketchy situation. Third grab Reckoning to slow enemy's and start setting up kills for your ADC, you can even cast your W to speed them up if they are out of position. Obviously grab your ult whenever its available. I like to max my heal and E first to keep me and my ADC alive while dealing damage. You can max your Q and W first if you so choose to be even more support like rather than deal tons of damage. When you use Kayle's R you want to cast it early in a fight most of the time to prevent early damage so that if the exchange doesn't go well then the person can usually escape. Obviously there are exceptions to that rule. usually your ult is meant to save but if you have a glass cannon you might want to cast it on them so they get that extra time to deal their damage possibly killing whoever they are fighting and ultimately saving them.
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Rather than taking exhaust I prefer teleport seeing as how the combination of Kayle's Q and E should save you and your team mates in most situations. I like teleport because it allows you to achieve good map positioning which is important, especially as support. You can take exhaust if you want for the damage reduction on a scary target, but I prefer the teleport.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Kayle is very good at being an aggressive support as she has many means to escape. Late game she can deal tons of damage and save team mates with heals and invulns. No skillshots, you bet that's really nice.

Cons: You have to be really attentive to play this champ. Map awareness is key as it is to any champ. Your heals and invulns have to be done at the right time and you have to know who to slow.
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