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Kennen Build Guide by shamas888

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shamas888

kennen :the mini ninja

shamas888 Last updated on December 17, 2012
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hi this is my first build so dont judge me to harshly. this is my build for kennen. this mainly focuses on kennens AP so he might be a little fragile. this if how i build him so it might not work for you but it does for me. if you think its good please leave me a comment. thanks.

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this rune set up is AP focused. it gives you plenty of AP for early game and some more in the late game. if this does'nt work for you then swich the AP per level runes for flat AP runes, this wil give you more power to harrase early game to make you stronger late game.

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the masteries are mostly offence to give kennen max damage by taking everything in AP and defence to get armor and magic resist along with some extra health.

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work in progress.

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Skill Sequence

start with thundering sheriken and max it by level 9. this gives you a good way to harrase your opponent early game. then go with electrical surge and max it 2nd. this helps because after giving them a mark of the storm you can use this to give them a 2nd or 3rd one. take lightning rush last and max it 3rd. you can use this to apply a mark of the storm too. max you ult at 6,11 and 16. i dont take lightning rush until 4th because your Q is a good harrase. if your not a good harrase the take your E 3rd to farm minions.

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Summoner Spells

i like ghost and flash because both can be used for chasing, getting in to battle or running away. if you dont like one of them exhaust, ignite, cleanse, heal, and teleport are good too. i dont recommend ignite, its viable, but with your Q you really dont need it. heal is ok, it will keep you alive in some team fights, but with the range of kennen you shouldnt really need that either. cleanse is great, because if your getting pounded with cc it most likely save your life. take it if your getting good and your afraid of being targeted.

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Pros / Cons

good in team fights
very deadly
he's a ninja!!!
harrase like a boss
squishy unless you get health items
big target for other team once you start doing good

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Team Work

kennen is a must for team fights. you follow the tank in and start your ult you can clean up two or three people alone. you can engage alone and somtimes come out on top but i dont recommend it. you can do so much damage if your not targeted but any cc will render you useless.

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a great way to farm is to lightning rush the minions to give them marks of the storm and then zap them. at level 18 these 2 attacks will destroy a whole minion whave.

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other champs

this guide can be used for other ap champs for runes, masteries and items. i only build it for kennen because he is my best charecter but feel free to try it on other champs. if you add some mana items like lich bane and its a great viegar build.

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thanks for visiting my build and i hope it helps you become a great kennen player. please leave me comments so i can know how im doing. good luck and have fun and show them kennen is a threat to be reconned with.