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Kha'Zix Build Guide by HydraSlicer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HydraSlicer

Kha`zix Mid Carry

HydraSlicer Last updated on September 2, 2014
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Flat Ad Carry

Kha'Zix Build

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Why you build these items : Start out with a long sword.

These items grant efficient ad burst damage and have extremely high potential in taking down Squishy targets. As kha zix you should always target the adc in teamfights or when assassinating them while they are split pushing. Remember that kha zix has extremely low health as he is an assassin. But of course, he will burst damage dealing alot with this build. Armor pen and flat damage. In any case build a mercurial Scimitar as it does have 45 MR just in case their mid lane Is a Syndra,Ziggs,Karthus or leblanc, You will have at least a little bit more sustain on them or in other words less damage taken on you. Also. If you dont have any health. Black Cleaver makes up for this and gives you 200 bonus health. Its not much but its better than nothing. Also, Some people like to build GA with Kha`zix. But i dont see why? I think more damage is better than anything and the fact your upgraded e helps you escape ALOT there is no use in GA in my opinion. Of course you can build it but, this is my guide :/. Kha zix does need trinity. Trinity is what gives you Tons of damage as it will give you a little bit of...Everything? Mercurials active is helpful for ignites... bleeds... Any Effect that would harm you. Blade of ruined king (bork) Would easily help. It gives you bonus lifesteal and attack speed that ANY kha zix is gonna need to chase. Last whisper of course is there for damage and armor pen. So. These Are my reasons you Build these items.

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How to play (Early Game) : More Harass than Farm.

Early game focus on farm. Try not to miss a siege. Harass every time your e is up by - e,q,w (Even better if your w was close up so it heals you) Keep in mind kha uses a good amount of mana so every burst must be successfully landed. Try to catch your targets isolated so that your q does more damage. You slow with w so you can chase for 1 or two hits then back. Your build to tiamat should deal an excellent amount of damage and therefore you would most likely win your lane. However of course. Zed, And yasuo you may struggle with. They both are ad but they dont run on mana. Proving them to be a challenge you any kha zix mid. Syndra, Ahri, And lux are people that you must watch out for. These people have stuns/(Charm) And deal sufficient burst damage with AP, So play extremely aggressive on them.

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How to Play (Late Game) : Burst