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Kha'Zix Build Guide by xGuido

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xGuido

Kha´Zix - Your Favourite Insect (Top lane build) UPDATING

xGuido Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Hello thar!

First of all,
My name is xGuido and I'm a player on the EU West servers. This will be my first build I will ever make, but I'm trying to get it as detailled as possible! Remember, this build is only a guideline which means that I'm not responsible for your elo. Ok that was a horrible joke. LET'S GET TO THA BUILD YO.

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Who is Kha'Zix and what does he do?

Kha'Zix is a melee assassin that uses leaps and stealth and slows to get to his enemy. Once you get to the enemy, it's time to unleash tons of damage in his face. Let's start with the lore of Kha'Zix the Voidreaver.

The lore

When Kha'Zix crossed over into this world, he was fragile and ravenous. The animals he first encountered were too small to fuel the rapid evolution he craved. Kha'Zix focused his hunger on the most dangerous creatures he could find, risking his life to satisfy his need. With each kill he feasted and changed, becoming a stronger, faster predator. Kha'Zix soon chased his prey with unrestrained aggression, believing he was unstoppable. One day, while savoring a fresh kill, the predator became the prey. From cover a creature pounced in a blur of fangs and steel, tackling him to the ground. It roared in his face slashing and clawing, and Kha'Zix felt his blood spill for the first time. Screeching in fury, he sliced at the brute's eye driving it back. They fought from sunset to sunrise. Finally, near death, they reluctantly separated. As his wounds closed, Kha'Zix burned with anticipation at the idea of devouring one who could match the Void's strength. He resumed his search for powerful prey with renewed vigor. Someday, Kha'Zix will feast on Rengar.

''Kill. Consume. Adapt.''

-- Kha'Zix

According to the lore, Rengar is Kha'Zix rival. I played versus 3 Rengars so far, and currently I have defeated every single one of them!

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The pros and the cons

-Very strong early and late game
-Able to choose 3 evolutions for your play style
-Some sustain thanks to W heal
-His hobby is eating yordles

-If you get CC'ed you're done

If played correctly, Kha'Zix is a BEAST. Actually he already is a beast but you minions got the joke. Right? Nevermind ...

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I use standard AD offtank runes, with movement speed quintessences!

9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

This is the rune page that gives me the best results with Kha'Zix!

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The masteries explain themselves. You are an assassin who is focussing on murdering his targets with quick actions. Attack Damage is number 1 must-have for this, so it should be a waste to get tanky masteries. Nuff said

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The Abilities

Kha'Zix has some neat abilties that allow im to crush his opponents fast, and when done correctly, with a minimum loss of HP. And ofcourse his evolution system!

Evolution? Whut?
Kha'Zix is able to evolve 1 of his abilities every time he ranks up his ultimate. You can only rank up your ultimate 3 times, so that means you can only choose 3 from the 4 evolutions.

Unseen Threat

His Q
Taste Their Fear
Evolved Enlarged Claws

His W
Void Spike
Evolved Spike Racks

His E
Evolved Wings

His R
[Void Assault
[Evolved Active Camouflage

The evolutions give you major ability changes, + they make you look more cooler!
For evolution points, I usually go for Q > R > E, because the W is meh. We don't need that spell alot!

The best combo. I usually E on top of my target, hit a basic attack to proc the passive, do Q, go stealth, basic attack, stealth, basic attack + Q,, go stealth again and hit another basic attack. Usually this should kill your enemy! If he/she is for example a ad carry with almost minumum armor, you should hit 1/3rd of their hp with 1 Q.

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The Items

Here I will explain the used items for this build!

I recommend you to always start with Boots of Speed and 3x [Health Potion]]
This movement is very nice, especially combined with the movement speed quintessences. This gives you mobility, and the health potions allow you to stay in lane for a longer time!

On your first recall, buy The Brutalizer. I don't need to explain why you are getting the brutalizer. This item is a beast on certain champions, and Kha'Zix is one of them!

Second pair of boots.
These boots are really dependant on your play style, and on the composition of the enemy team!

3 best choices:
Boots of Mobility
Now why these boots? Sometimes I feel really slow when Im roaming through different lanes, and these boots really help you. Also when trying to sneak up on a ad carry who has fallen behind or ran 10km in front of his team!

Ninja Tabi
When you're facing versus a damaging/harassing ad offtank in your lane, these boots are an excellent choice. 10% damage reduction is alot!

Mercury Threads
This is also a very handy pair of boots. When you are facing a team that has alot of annoying CC, buy these babies!

After this I usually go for
Giant's Belt which I build into a Frozen Mallet later on. The belt gives you some needed HP, and the frozen mallet wont let your enemies just walk away from you! THERE IS NO ESCAPE. Oh and if you got the Frozen Mallet, save your money to buy Youmuu's Ghostblade!

Now here you have to look on how you and the enemy are doing at the momemt. But I advise you to buy both, but buy the item that you need the most!
Maw of Malmortius
Excellent item when you are getting some magical damage. It has AD, and Magic Resistance and not to forget: it's passive that gives you a shield that blocks 400 magical damage.

The Bloodthirster
If you are getting fed, and have no problem in surviving teamfights, buy this item for moar attack damage! 60 AD is a nice extra!

Now for the last item.
Last Whisper
You can really take anything you desire here. Usually the enemy team starts stacking armor. Kha'Zix no like armor. Kha'Zix buy armor penetration. Nuff said.

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Thanks for reading

If you made it till here, congratulations! You are now a Kha'Zix monster player. Get ready to kick some Rengar!

I will constantly update this build, for example when items are getting buffed/nerfed and other changes aswell!