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Kha'Zix Build Guide by DunnAskMe

Kha'Zix: The Stealthy Slayer

By DunnAskMe | Updated on June 10, 2013

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Welcome to DunnAskMeh's Kha'Zix build!

Here, I will instruct you on my personal Kha'Zix build and guide you through this champ.
I've been playing Kha'Zix for a LONG time.

Here are only 2 games that I've played. (I am level 30, I play him on my smurf account) (lvl 26)
For proof I'm level 30:

Kha'Zix is a very mobile champ, who is capable of harassing and assassinating his opponents and just leaping out with no sweat. Do NOT get cocky as cockiness can lead to you getting shut down. (obviously).
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Pros / Cons

- Highly Mobile
- Huge amounts of damage
- E resets when evolved
- Q can do MASSIVE single target damage
- Large AOE slow (w, passive)
- Stealth 2x
- Very good in 1v1 situations
- Fun to play

- If shut out correctly, he will not do that much damage
- Slow early game if you go boots + pots
- Squishy champion if you don't build defensive items
- Champions like Lee Sin (who is played alot) can counter him easily
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Evolution of Skills

Taste their fear (Q ability) = If you are going mid, evolve this 1st (Extra single target damage)

Void Spike (W ability) = Evolve this 3rd (for extra harass when the enemies hug their tower >:P )

Leap (E ability) = Evolve this 2nd (for team fights and escaping)

Void Assault (Ultimate ability) = I wouldn't recommend evolving this ability unless you're getting caught out)
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Farming with Kha'Zix is very easy even if you didn't evolve Void Spikes.

Once you hit around the level 10 - 12 mark, you'll be able to farm with no sweat at all. Open up with a leap onto the back row of minions (casters) and position yourself so that when you use your w, it will hit every target in the creep wave.

Be sure to farm wraiths whenever the lane is pushed far up. When you finish farming wraiths, the lane should reset and you can keep doing that.

Evolving W first can be viable to farm up.

If you farm Kha'Zix up alot, he will snowball to a point where he cannot be killed at all. It's rather annoying to lane against.
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Team Fights

Kha'Zix excels at teamfighting.
Stay in the back of the fight, until the enemies get low, and you can assasinate the rest if you evolve Leap. Focus down the squishy big-boobed Miss Fortune, moving on to the 1530 HP Sona.

Position yourself in such a way that you can harass with your Void Spikes and escape over walls with Leap if you get hooked by Nautilus. If your Leap isn't enough, use Void Assault to gain that extra movement speed.

After the team fight, while 1 team is running from the other, you can use Flash + Leap + Void Spikes to slow them and secure the ace and the same combo (except void spikes is void assault) whilst running away.

If you get hooked or caught out by the enemy team, tell your team to disengage the teamfight even if it means wasting a Sona ult. 70 seconds of cooldown is better than 70 * 5 = 350 seconds of death time for your team.

If you mess up during the teamfight, don't fret. Simply disengage until your cooldowns are up and then re-engage for more ownage.
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Buff Control

Kha'Zix is very good at controlling buffs (Red, Blue, and Baron).

When you go into lane, purchase a few wards to ward the enemy blue and red. When you see the jungler going for red/blue, leap over and steal it with your q and then void assault away.

Once Kha'Zix has 3/4 of his build he can do a tremendous amount of damage to single target entities/creeps. Baron stealing with Kha'Zix is a breeze. Flash over and Q, into a simple Leap away. You can then boast to the enemy team and say, "Thx for the baron!"
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In conclusion, Kha'Zix is a very fun champion to play, WELL worth the 6300 ip/975 rp.
If you have never played Kha'Zix before I suggest you try him out because he is a great snowballing champion.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you'd like to play with me, add me on my smurf account:

League of Legends Build Guide Author DunnAskMe
DunnAskMe Kha'Zix Guide

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Kha'Zix: The Stealthy Slayer