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Kha'Zix General Guide by edgebeast

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgebeast

kha'zix, the void's gift to us

edgebeast Last updated on October 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first guide, and I'm passionate about Kha'Zix. I play Kha'Zix like a burst assassin, and this may not fit everyone's ideal playing style, so I hope you guys find this a viable way to play Kha.

A new gift has been brought to us by the Void, Kha'zix. His quick bursts using his spells makes him very much like Talon, darting around the place with his stealth and speed. Kha'zix may not be categorized as an assassin, but his potential as one is massive, rivaling even Talon. His q would take down 20% of the opponent's health, then with Kha's passive and spells he could slice through his opponent's health, and change a losing lane to a winning lane just with 1 gank.

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Pros and Cons

Great ganking potential
Reasonable heals
Incredible burst
Good utility
Great top or jungle

Weak against strong bursts
Can't 1v1 well against evenly matched people

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Kha'zix is a burst assassin, heavily relying on ambushes, and definitely is not fit for a head on 1v1. His damage has a high potential, but has to be used with some skillful playing, utilizing r to avoid enemy retaliation. Instead, waiting in a brush, then using e, w, and if the opponent is isolated, use your q. If you believe that the opponent is low enough, charge in for the kill.

A trick to use is to dish out your full combo, r, then use your passive, r and use it again, and r (If you evolved r) and attack once more, dealing about 2000 damage with your passive + your spells would make it almost 3500. But to do so much with Kha you have to understand his role, Kha can't initiate like a tank, so the best way is to kill foes who are low or isolated.

If you are going for the survival build it would do close to 3000, which may make the full DPS build sound better, but what's 500 health going to mean to you? You can do approximately do 800 damage with a critical strike.

Some people say building a glass cannon Kha isn't a smart idea, however Kha plays the best as an assassin, so like many people say, "If you play an assassin, build him like an assassin.

Evolution routes:
There are no correct and incorrect evolution routes, but I like to evolve everything but w, but in some cases I will evolve w. I evolve spells in different situations which would be an important factor of adapting as Kha (That's the point of Kha).

1st evolution:
q: For people who are reasonably fed, but are unsure if they can hold on to that fed position.
w: For people who are behind, and require some utility
e: For people who are quite fed, and need higher mobility to go with their requirements to get even more fed.
r: For people who would enjoy some more mobility and damage reduction, but would like some damage to go with that too.

2nd evolution:
q: For people who require some damage for the progressing game
w: For people who need utility
e: For an ap trist style play in team fights, and some utility for other jobs.
r: For utility in singling down foes, or escaping a lost fight.

3rd evolution:
q: For people who require damage (I'd usually get q in the 1st or 2nd)
w: For people who are behind, or the enemy team is coming back and you need to support your team with some aoe and cc
e: For more mobility (e is a must for me)
r: To survive fights while, dishing out a lot of damage at the same time.

I'd consider e a must (And usually my first evolution) , because it does quite a lot of damage, and gives Kha a whole lot for mobility.

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Skill Explanation

Passive: Unseen Threat:

Passive: Whenever Kha is unseen by the enemy (Including fog of war) he will gain a buff, where his next attack will deal extra damage (+ap) and slow.

Q: Taste Their Fear:

Passive: It marks foes who are isolated.

Active: This spell effectively does a reasonable amount of damage (+ad) when cast in a crowded area, however the damage is significantly increased if the target is isolated. To find out who is isolated, just look out for the mark, a purple outline of a circle, or a cross hair if you're in mecha kha'zix.

Evolution: Taste their fear does it's normal damage to isolated targets plus 12% of their missing health.

W: Void Spike:

Active: It fires a projectile and explodes once it hits a target. If you are caught in the explosion you are healed a certain amount (+ap).

Evolution: It fires 3 spikes in separate directions (In the shape of Twisted Fate's cards) and applies Unseen Threat if available.

E: Leap:

Active: Kha will jump towards a target location, dealing damage to units around it.

Evolution: Kha will jump further, and every kill/assist will refresh this spell's cooldowns.

R: Void Assault:

Passive: Every time you level up this spell you are able to evolve one of your 4 spells.

Active: Kha will turn invisible instantly for 1 second (Also refreshing Unseen Threat, and this can be cast twice. It is an ideal spell to confuse your opponents by turning invisible and appearing behind them.

Evolution: You are able to cast this 3 times, and whenever you are invisible you take 40% less damage.

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Now for some maths :P

Now, to calculate all that damage you have just accumulated:
106 (+19) base damage at lvl 18
2 The Bloodthirster: 120 (+80)
Infinity Edge: 80
Youmuu's Ghostblade: 30 (May seem bad, but don't forget armor penetration)
Last Whisper: 40
Elixir of Fortitude: 10

Now let's do the math:
106 + 120 + 80 + 30 + 40 + 10 = 386 (+99)

His potential is 485, and added with Baron buff that totals over 500.

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Tips for under lvl 20s

This applies for ALL champions
Level 30s and level 20s think differently if you haven't noticed, their play style is different and their League of Legends logics are different, so here are some tips for the under lvl 20s to keep up with the lvl 30 meta:

The enemy team is missing, I should go and farm somewhere.
Wrong. This will give your team a severe disadvantage if a team fight comes, and you are left alone to protect the structures.

If we split up, the enemy team will split up too.
Wrong, if you do, the enemy team will just 5v1 all of you, one by one.

Damn we lost that team fight. GG report player X for being a noob.
Firstly, every team fight is different, even if you lost that one, you could come up with a new strategy and win the next, potentially giving you the win. And secondly, giving up is a sign of despair, which will lower the team's morale, thus losing next fights. And thirdly, don't abuse other players. It's not just about Tribunal and you'll be banned, you'll probably scar that player for a long time, and that's how a large portion of potential League of Legends champions quit LoL.

Ignore enemy player X, he'll just take all of our attention in team fights.
Wrong, don't ignore that player. He'll probably completely wipe you out if you do.
If that player is a carry (Mid lane or attack damage carry) then first thing you do in a fight is kill them, if not disable them and destroy the enemy team then move onto him (eg. Stun him)

We need to push, don't focus the enemy team, destroy the turrets.
Dumb plan right there. 1 player gets wiped out in 3 seconds. 3x5=15. In 15 second your whole team is gone, you may have destroyed that turret, but the enemy team have 70 seconds to destroy as much as they can, that may sound quick, but in 70 seconds the enemy team as the potential to destroy 3 turrets and an inhibitor. Hmmm... 1:4 ratio, sounds like the worst plan ever.

These tips will help those lil under 20s climbing to the top progress so much faster, and you won't get abused a lot for your developing play style.

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Summoner spells

: Always have this when jungling, except for when you're Master Yi.
: My favourite pick because it synergises well with his r, and catches up to enemies quickly to use e.
: It's a good replacement for ghost, but doesn't provide chasing power.
: It is a viable pick for hunting down targets, but easily countered by a flash.
: This isn't very useful if you're jungling but teleport ganks are always good.
: Only for people with no runes and masteries.
: It is a good pick if you have replaced some of the guild's runes with utility runes, but if it isn't this isn't recommended (Don't forget Kha's burst)
: This isn't the best pick for a replacement of a utility spell.
: It isn't a useful tool when jungling.
: It isn't a smart choice for a dps...
: No.
: No.
: No.

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Item Build

My favourite build is the full attack damage build, and can give you over 500 attack damage with full stacks of bloodthirsters and baron buff. However this is hindered by some hp problems. These builds are based on damage and some defense, but later on I'll show you the tanky ways of Kha'Zix, however he isn't the strongest that way.
: This is a good item if you are going to play tank Kha'Zhix
: Good for a hybrid tank/attack damage Kha'Zix
: Extemely important item for a DPS Kha.
: Useful to burst down targets.
: May be good for some extra damage in your passive, but not a very reliable attack damage caster like Kha.
: This is quite good for a full DPS Kha, but I don't buy this item often.
: A must have, I'd get 2 usually.
: This may be a good item to synergize with your passive + madreds would do massive damage, but hey, there's an item which does a hell lotta more damage than that (Bloodthirster)
: This synergizes well with ghost and r and gives him some 1v1 potential.
: Viable pick for jungling.
: Good pick for a fast jungle speed, but isn't good for a constant flow of jungling.
: This is a good item for some extra damage and increases kha's chances of a win in an 1v1.
: Good for ganking/roaming, however doesn't give other effects.
: Constant high speed, however no other effects.
: Good for some survivability.
: These aren't the best boots, however they increase Kha's chances further in a 1v1 fight.
: This would be a good pick for a champion relying on his basic attacks, however Kha is an attack damage caster.

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Skills and Masteries.

My skill sequence are based on maximising my damage, and secondly the utility. This improves Kha's overall potential, allowing him to move quickly to kill opponents and dodge counter attacks. If Kha is a bit hard to play I recommend maxing w either second or first, and e second or first, if not q is a must to be maxed first.

My masteries are one of the main factors of Kha, focusing on damage and damage reduction in the jungle, while able to withstand retaliation at ganks (Once I 1v3, I killed all 3, 10HP left, good thing I got veteran scars masteries ^ ^) I can't seem to find many replacements for my masteries, so if you do, please post it on the comments section.

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Tips and Tricks

Kha has little cc. It's obvious he has little cc. So his chance of killing in a gank is low (If the enemy is full hp), so to get your team mate to disable the opponent means an almost instant kill.

A few synergies to help kha'zix destroy everyone:
Kha'Zix + Skarner: Drag then burst.
Kha'Zix + Urgot: Switch
Kha'Zix + Malzahar: r = Supress
Kha'Zix + Warwick: r = Supress
Kha'Zix + Shen: Teleport and taunt.
Kha'Zix + Graves: They are utterly blinded :)
Kha'Zix + Nocturne: Fear and his amazing ultimate

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Is Ap Kha'Zix viable?

Ap Kha'Zix isn't the best way to play him, and require a lot of gold to play, while his early game is bad his late game potential may be good with his ultimate, and with his w, he can heal about 500. If a lich bane is involved he could kill any carry, however he is extremely vulnerable to counter attacks, and without r he can't burst.

Update 2:
Ap Kha is an extremely viable way to play him, however contradicting my theory before he is better at early game, just as he gets r. He is best played in games in the Proving grounds, Dominion, and maybe the Twisted Treeline.

Finaly Update:
Ap Kha? Nope. A hybrid would be better, however the usual ad Kha would be even more better. I have experimented many times, and ap Kha is only good for assassinating foes that are alone, which is quite unlikely at late game. Hybrid Kha makes it an all rounder, however when I mean all rounder, I mean it's the same status all game. Useless.

Concluding this ap Kha section:

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Kha'Zix is an extremely fun champion, having a play style that mixes in many champions together. His potential as any role is strong, and killing opponents is very easy. However Kha'Zix may need a skillful player to navigate him towards a win.

Thanks for reading my first guide guys, I know this probably is ****, but at least I tried to do my best for my first time.

Have fun, and play fair.


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