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Lee Sin Build Guide by XxRossyboyxX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxRossyboyxX

Kicking It with Lee Sin

XxRossyboyxX Last updated on April 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone! This is my guide to Lee Sin.
Before I "kick" off, I just want to say that this is my first guide and that I have no idea how to do masteries. Please give me some feedback.
I know that I'm not the best Lee Sin player but I'm not that bad if I do say so myself as I mained Lee Sin for a little while. Lee Sin can be played in many different roles but this is a guide for Bruiser DPS Top Lee Sin.
Lee Sin actually has 7 abilities. After the use of any ability other than Dragon's Rage you have access to another spell which provides an entirely different use.
Lee Sin is a tanky solo top jungler but this is a guide to solo top Lee Sin. Lee sin uses energy instead of mana and can quickly restore his energy. Lee Sin prospers in team fights as he can quickly change the flow of a team fight by separating threatening enemies from their team mates with his Dragon's Rage

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Summoner Spells

Flash Is a highly recommended item for lee sin as he can flash in front of a fleeing enemy and Dragon's Rage them backwards into his team mates for an easy assist or kill.

Teleport Is a great spell with Lee Sin as he has very good wave clearing and he can easily chase off opponents attack a tower with his abilities to constantly poke and reduce attack speed. Teleport is also good for getting back to your lane quickly.

Exhaust Is a nice spell to have for catching up to opponents, fleeing from opponents, or getting that slight advantage you may need for laning as it reduces attack speed as well as movement speed. Exhaust combined with Cripple is a very powerful combo as it can drastically reduce both movement speed and attack speed which can almost always assure you a kill if executed correctly.

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Flurry Is Lee Sins passive. After using an ability, for the next two attacks you have 40% more attack speed and you gain 15 energy on hit. it is very effective for jungling but does not have much use for laning. It can be used however to restore lost energy if your energy is low.

Sonic Wave Should be your first priority (other than ult) as it provides the most moveability and the most damage. It is also very effective in lane as it has a reasonably long range which is longer than the range of most ranged champions and can provide easy poking. After using this ability you gain use to Resonating Strike which makes you dash to the enemy who has been hit by Sonic Wave

Safeguard Should be your second priority as it provides very good lifesteal and attack speed so it should be used to restore lost health in situations where you could use some. Safeguard can be used on Lee Sin or on an allied unit. When an allied unit is targeted with Safeguard Lee Sin quickly dashes and shields them as well as himself. This is a great move for dodging skill shots as you can leap to friendly minions. After the use of Safeguard you gain access to Iron Will which increases your lifesteal and spellvamp temporarily.

Tempest Should be your last priority. Tempest hits and displays an icon over the heads of all enemies within a small area around himself and reveals them. After using Tempest you gain access to Cripple which slows the movement speed and attack speed of everyone who was hit by tempest. This consumes the icon.

Dragon's Rage Is Lee Sin's Ultimate. Like all ultimates, it should be levelled up at level 6, 11, and 16. Dragons rage significantly knocks back enemies for 1 second and deals damage. Any unfriendly champions that are hit by the champion kicked get knocked up for 1 second. Dragon's Rage is good for knocking enemies into your team mates and assuring a kill.

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Lee Sin has many strategies so brace yourself for some reading. Let's jump right in.
My favourite combo with Lee Sin is: Sonic Wave but do not cast resonating strike yet Tempest followed by Cripple Dragon's Rage they should still be targeted by sonic wave if you do it fast enough so Resonating Strike you should have dashed right to them. If you think you can kill them at this point then cast Safeguard followed by Iron Will and proceed to dominate, using Resonating Strike whenever possible. if you think that you can't beat them use Safeguard to dash to an allied unit and run away.

If you find yourself being chased, you can place a sight ward over a wall then Safeguard to it. if they Flash over the wall then Flash back over it.

There is also a very advanced technique which is more effetive than warding over a wall however.
If you are near a neutral camp, hit it with your Sonic Wave but do NOT cast Resonating Strike. Put a ward over a wall then Safeguard to the ward. In the middle of your Safeguard cast Resonating Strike dashing you to the neutral camp which you hit earlier with Sonic Wave. This will leave them confused as hell for a second while you escape.

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This has been my guide to Lee Sin, the Blind Monk.
All advice is accepted for my next guide and I hope this guide benefited you in some way.
Good Luck!