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Kindred Build Guide by Asher Dynamo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asher Dynamo

Kindred- Glass Cannon

Asher Dynamo Last updated on October 26, 2015
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Welcome to Kindred

Survive by never getting hit- Kindred is as soft as fleece but hits as hard as nails. It is important that you play cat and mouse, getting in very early ganks as quick as level 3. I always attack early and rely on getting first blood or at least a Flash/Heal out of my enemies.

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First and Foremost, you want to start off your jungle with a Machete and two cookies. Why cookies? You ask? Because they are ****ing delicious. And give you lots of sustain. I use cookies well into mid game. They allow you to stay in the jungle much longer than other champs, and given that wolf gives you life steal when you have 100 stacks, you pretty much have free run of the jungle, allowing you to gain your 6 stacks of your Marked, giving you infinity damage.

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Since you take W as your first ability, you get added pressure. You can hit while not even being near the enemy and widdle their HP. Always bring some friends, whether it be top and middle or middle and bot. Bring your buddies for the invade. An invade is a crucial part of my opening and we usually get a kill out of it. ALWAYS ALWAYS WARD when invading or you could lead your team to a suicide mission. Encourage your team to ward as well. If the invade is successful, I usually reward top with a gank as top is most often pushed out because of the free farm.

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Don’t wait till 6 to gank. You may as well not jungle if you aren’t ganking as soon as possible. Nothing bothers me more as an ADC or Top lane when champs like WarWick are coming late to the fight. The whole Idea of jungle is giving your lanes more gold so they can knock down their towers and go mid. Don’t be that guy that waits to gank. Like I said before, Gank early and gank hard. Shoot for a gank at level 3.

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I usually melt foes starting around 8 minutes, and it never stops from there. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to getting your marks. I’ve seen other Kindred running around at 17 minutes with only one mark and they hit like fairies. Be wise about your Marks. Sometimes I place my Champion marks based on the proximity of my jungle marks. Be smart about it because you don’t want to broadcast where you are going to the enemy team. You can play fast and loose and gain high rewards off of high risk, but sometimes its best to call in a buddy from the lane to protect you while you get your mark. After you get that most precious mark, you and your buddy can go gank a lane or continue farming.

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Glass Cannon

Kindred hits like a freight train; so utilize that. But remember, you have the armor of a paper samurai. They will tear through your *** in a second if you aren’t dodgey. Kindred is highly susceptible to DoTs and CC. Keep that in mind or you may end up being a feeder and having Kindred be banned for the next 7 games. When it is time to use your ultimate, to try get as near to the wall as possible so you can use your Q and hop your *** out of the picture to safety. If you have an ally champion who has a threw or knockback, you may get lucky and the enemy gets knocked out of your circle allowing you to shoot an arrow in his face and finish the job. Another neat trick you can do is Marking them with your E and shoot them twice so that you can proc your 3rd hit exactly when the ultimate ends. Wait until the last moment of your ult, and slam Q jumping backwards and finishing off the last 10% of the enemies health.

Tl:dr- Use walls to Q over, use ults to escape or secure last hits on the enemy.