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Caitlyn Build Guide by Qazi4k

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qazi4k

Kite your way to Gold 1.

Qazi4k Last updated on September 26, 2014
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Ability Sequence

Threats to Caitlyn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Draven With this guide you'll make every draven uninstall at the end of the match.
Vayne You make vayne look like a Blind Senior citizen who is missing her Assistance animal.
Kog'Maw #REKT , you make this guy look more retarded than he already looks.
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Hi, I'm Qazi4k, I'm a Draven main of Gold 1. Now you're probably asking yourself, "Why is a Draven main making a Cait guide?". Well Cait counters draven quite significantly of her range. Especially when I play cait against Draven I know Draven's weaknesses and I want to teach you how to make any Draven you come pass, look like a clown to his team and make him so mad he'll afk!!!!

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If you want to play a really passive lane, put 19 armor pen, 8 armor, 12 mr. This will be more for lane freezing and some harrass here and there.

If you got the supp for that heavy duty engage and you want to give the enemy bot lane no breaks and make them BEG for pings go 15 ad,8 armor, 12 mr, OR 22 Attack damage (CAUTION!: this is incredibly risky, Cait is already a champion who is incredibly squishy but if you have the confidence to take these runes and get a couple early kills you will demolish there enemy bot lane all game long)

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Standard 21/9/0 at all times, anything else won't necessarily be made for her kit

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First item is definitely Infinity Edge, than go use a standard ADC build from there

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Skill Sequence

MAX Q 1st, E 2nd for CDR, W 3rd.

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Ranked Play

Cait is the most common pick for AD carry in the game. Her long range makes it very easy to stay in the back and kite, and her W is amazing for face checking.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: She is amazing at poke, kiting, keeping great distance with her range, and long ranged abilities.

Cons: if she dies early on her ad scales go horrible!

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Team Work

Stay in the back, kite, play it strong, be fearless, without those 3 you cannot be a good caitlyn player. If you harrass heavily and bring some heavy damage to the opponent your team will definitely be able to secure a win with your help.

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Unique Skills

Long range early game, and an easy laning phase

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Save headshot for harrass, earn headshot quicker by AA'ing in bushes and burn it on the enemy.

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Thx for reading my short little Caitlyn guide :) hope you kick *** aswell ;)