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Ashe Build Guide by PixzleR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PixzleR

Kiting: Ashe Style!

PixzleR Last updated on May 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ashe's kit is made great for kiting, dealing AoE damage, and slowing enemies while constantly dishing out heaps of damage. The abilities in her kit will be explained below; and how to use them:

Focus (Passive)
Ashe's Passive - Focus - is the core of the build, and the reason why Critical Attacks are so great on Ashe. In the early game with your runes providing the Critical Damage, this makes Ashe excellent for dueling the enemy ADC, since they wouldn't be expecting you to burst so much damage into one AA.
This ability stacks while you're out of combat. When it reaches 100 stacks (Like the Statikk Shiv) it will activate the Passive. This ability is great early game, though late game it's almost useless since you've got so much Critical Chance anyway.
Frost Shot - Toggle (Q)
Ashe's Q - Frost Shot - is basically a Frozen Mallet into a toggle-able ability. Great! Your foes will never escape you with this ability, since it slows the enemy on hit from each auto attack. The ability costs 8 mana per hit, so be conservative of your mana early game - don't last hit minions with it - because it'll drain your mana before you knew it was gone. Activate this ability when you're dueling an enemy, or if an enemy is escaping. It's also great for gap closing!
Volley (W)
Ashe's W - Volley - is a great ability for team-fights, also a great ability to use in lane, to poke at the enemy from a large distance. It fires a cone of arrows, which pass through enemies and damages them according to Ashe's current AD ratio. The more subsequent targets it passes through, the less damage it will do. Also it gives a slow, which is great for slowing the whole enemy team in a team-fight. This can be used to kite very well, since you can spam it behind you, slowing the enemy(ies) which are chasing you. Volley and Frost Shot combines provide a huge AoE slow, which is incredibly useful in team-fights.
Hawkshot (E)
Ashe's E - Hawkshot - is a great ability for countering ganks, and for a safe lane in general. It fires a hawk to the location you select, then it provides vision of the area for a couple of seconds. The Hawk can be cast very far, so use this to your advantage! Also, if the Hawk passes through an enemy is gives you 3 gold. This means that if you shoot it through the enemies in a team-fight with the Hawk going through 5 subsequent enemies, it'll give you 15 free gold! This ability is free to use too, though it's on a long cooldown so use it wisely. I use this ability to show where the enemy jungler is, and if they're going to gank the lane. It's very effective at doing so!
Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ultimate)
Ashe's Ultimate ability - Enchanted Crystal Arrow - works almost the same as Ezreal's ultimate. It shoots a long range, huge arrow which can travel across the whole map, and if it hits an enemy with impact it stuns them, as well as dealing Magic Damage. The stun on the ultimate is AoE, so it's extremely effective in team-fights, kiting and generally dueling your opponent(s). Use the arrow effectively to stun the whole enemy team, or to eliminate a target escaping from you. Be aware that the arrow will deal more damage the further it travels: this is worth for you to consider when using this ability. Personally, I use this ability for stunning the enemy in duels and team-fights, not so much eliminating those escaping from you, though I do use it for that if needed.

Overall, Ashe's kit provides great team-fight potential, as well as great kiting and eliminating multiple opponents with ease.

Don't underestimate Ashe's potential!

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Without good knowledge of how to kite with Ashe, it may seem quite difficult, though it's extremely effective if done effectively.

When you're kiting with Ashe, ensure that your Q (Frost Shot) is active at all times, since that's the ability which will provide the slow. As the enemy is following you, constantly spam the W (Volley) behind you. This will cause the opponent to be slowed dramatically, giving you chance to get away - or get a kill.

If matters get bad and the enemy is in range of attacking you, use your ultimate to stun them. Then you can run to create distance and continue the kite. If the enemy isn't aware of your kiting potential, abuse their lack of knowledge and make them chase you! Also, your E (Hawkshot) is great too, since you can shoot it across the wall to check for any Blitzcrank's or Thresh's who want to hook you to your death...

Overall, practise makes perfect with Ashe. Continuously practise kiting with her and you'll become a great player with almost any Attack Damage Carry champion.

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Ashe is one of the best team-fighers in the game, due to her grand amount of AoE damage and her kit is made to completely suit the job.

If a team-fight breaks out, ensure you're the first person to the fight, since you're the person who'll be dishing out most of the damage in the fight. As the enemy team starts engaging onto your team, make sure you're behind your team - making sure the enemies can't reach you - to deal damage with the enemies unable to stop it. In a team-fight, as Ashe holding the third highest Attack Range in the game, it can allow you to get access to killing the opposing ADC without them being able to reach you. Ensure that you focus the enemy ADC, while your team handles the Assassins and hard engager's to ensure that you can continue dealing the highest amount of damage for the team. In a team-fight, my tactic is to keep Q activated and continuously spam your W into the enemy team. This will deal masses of damage. With a Shiv, you can hit the enemy carry, then it'll deal damage the everyone too. If the enemies are focusing you hard, and are getting extremely close to you, simply shoot your ultimate and the whole enemy team will be stunned. Then I'll run and let the team cleanup, whilst I'm shooting my Volley over the wall!

If you're against an Ashe, be aware of her extreme power in team-fights, and try to sneak behind her to kill her. Since she doesn't have an escape unlike Caitlyn, Tristana and Ezreal. She relies on her Flash to escape in harsh situations.

Watch out for an enemy Fiddlesticks, Soraka etc... This is because they can silence you in a teamfight, causing you to do none AoE damage, just single target damage which isn't effective in a team-fight situation.

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Counters and Synergies:

In my opinion, I believe that Ashe does well against all of the AD Carries (Except for Ezreal), so many AD Carries won't be listed below.

Ashe is good against:

    Udyr - It's obvious. Just kite him, he won't catch you since your Q completely counters his E.
    Darius - Again, extreme kiting potential, he won't catch you.
    Jinx - Easy poke in lane since her range with her 'Switcheroo' activated is 525. Whereas Ashe's base range is 600. Her slows completely counter her passive too, if she kills your support and she's chasing after you aimlessly: just use Q to slow her then kite her until her death. GG.

Ashe is bad against:
    Caitlyn - It's obvious, since her range is giant she can simply constantly poke you. You can't really do anything about it, if she's behind her minions.
    Kha'Zix and Rengar - Huge gap closing abilities, gap closers counter Ashe since her Q doesn't work on them. Any champion of the sort counters Ashe.
    Varus - Extreme range on the Q, his ultimate roots Ashe making it impossible to kite him and Ashe won't escape him due to his E. If you see this lane, you should cross your fingers that Ashe is Sparta, and that being so is extremely unlikely.
Ashe's Synergies:
    Soraka - The mana sustain she provides allows you to Volley a ton, which can poke the enemy at a huge range. Also the heal is great too, since Ashe is moderately squishy and Soraka's maxed W almost heals her full HP bar.
    Nunu - Ultimate slow lane, impossible to escape from this combo. Nunu's Q + Ashe's Q, Freljord OP.

Ashe is countered by gap closers, though Ashe counters champions which have low range. Ashe is great with supports which can slow and stun enemies, as well as supports who can provide Mana and HP sustain (Soraka).

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To conclude, I'd like to say that if this guide did help you please vote it good! If you comment, please leave constructive comments which could help improve the guide.
As this is my first guide, it may be a bit shaky, though I hope you enjoy reading my guide and improve as an Ashe player!

Kind Regards,