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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Reiker Forge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reiker Forge

Kog'Maw Jungle - Unleash The Koogmoo

Reiker Forge Last updated on September 9, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

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While I am not a diamond player with years of experience, I have been playing Kog'Maw since season 2 and while the rework did change a lot, his core abilities remained the same. I have a 64% winrate in ranked this season with him in jungle over 225 games,along with countless normals and customs.
Please note this is a build that will most likely only get you to gold 4. After that, you get too much pressure from intelligent enemies who will invade, counterjungle, and collapse on you giving you no hope of stacking or farming.

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Pros / Cons

Highest dps output in the game with 3-4 items
Best scaling ADC in game
Shreds tanks faster than anyone else (Runaans procs his hp shred on 3 targets, along with botrk and bloodrazor)
Good in sieges with W autos on towers and champs
Longest auto range in game + Ridiculous aoe from items + Slow + Ult execute + Passive = wins most 1v1-2-3's late game
Doesn't require a leash, can solo dragon at level 6 with only bloodrazor completed

Squishiest ADC in the game
Has the weakest laning phase in the game so bring him to the jungle instead where he only has to worry about counterganks
Blade of the Ruined King nerfs
No escape spells and can't do anything vs gapclosers
Vulnerable to being counterjungled if the enemy jungle has a brain

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Runes are pretty self explanatory. Take a champ that becomes broken with a stat he can double almost at will and force feed him as much of that stat at level 1 as possible and you are on your way to a glass cannon that will carry post-25 minutes.

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Start machete and refillable potion. Upon first back, depending whether you ganked or farmed you'll have enough for skirmishers sabre. Rush it into Bloodrazor, then in whatever order you wish build runaans, botrk, and guinsoos. Congrats, you now have 4.8 attack speed with w on with 4 fully built items. Add boots of swiftness in there somewhere. Finish with IE and/or rapidfire (Sell boots for cannon)
Bloodrazor - More %maxhp damage on his already tank shredding barrages is huge against new dragons, letting you solo them with ease as soon as you hit 6 and gain bloodrazor. Also you no longer need to stack, which makes your early game more powerful.
Skirmishers - In 1v1s will give you extra damage reduction and the on hit + red buff is ridiculous.
Botrk - Passive 5-6 times a second on 3 targets is huge, extra sustain (You heal off runaans side shots as well)
Runaans - To spread the love to three targets (Who all take the double damage from sated)
Guinsoos - (Update: Guinsoos is now technically buffed for Kog as it takes 2 less hits to start and is still on second hit for ranged which is huge for him) Rage = double botrk/guinsoo/w/bloodrazor damage every second hit, which with kog is often. Good stats as well, + ad + ap + as
Infinity Edge - This makes runaans crits start to hurt. A lot. They go from 25% of base ad to 62.5% on crit, which with runaans and IE will be half the time. Which with 5 autos a second, will be guaranteed to happen a lot.
Rapidfire Cannon - Gives you that extra range for your initiate/poke auto and every 2 seconds afterwards when you start burst dpsing. The on hit damage is also doubled by sated if you're lucky enough to hit both on the same hit. The crit chance is also amazing, giving you those huge crits on three targets 80% of the time instead of just half.
Boots Of Swiftness - Kog'maw has really bad base movespeed. These boots fix that. They also help remove slows, which will help you kite/chase harder. Furor for more kite/chase.
Elixir Of Sorcery - Extra ap for all your abilities and extra %hpshred along with a ridiculous amount of on hit damage for turrets if you're splitting or being the back-line siege.
Elixir Of Wrath - If you're going to be teamfighting a lot, this will compliment your botrk's lifesteal towards champions (About 30% lifesteal increase if you're hitting 3 enemy champs with runaans) and give some extra flat ad vs the squishies.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty simple: Follow the guide but you choose for yourself where to put your third point. Faster farming will come from putting a second point in w and getting q on your first back, but q will allow for an earlier gank.

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Creeping / Jungling

Gank pattern is simple. Start golems. Krugs, whatever they are now. The reason for this is golem buff: Stun on every 1st and 6th hit. This, combined with a certain champ that has ridiculous amounts of attack speed, is pretty broken. If Kog jungle becomes meta there will be a nerf on golem buff specifically. Good news is, you don't even need a gank. Just turn on w, stand at max range near your turret, and let fly. Smite when golem gets in range. Your autos will keep him stunned to the point he cannot auto you, and your autos will outheal the small golem thanks to hunters machete.

From there on you can do whatever, I personally do red (Big golem before minions), raptors (small raptors before large), smite wolves, finish wolves (Big before small), take frog, b, blue (Big then small), gank. Usually botlane if they're pushed. It is fully possible to take 5 camps before backing with Kog'Maw with no leash which is incredible considering he's the squishiest adc in the game.

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This is a low elo carry build where the enemy either doesn't know how to bring cc or doesn't focus properly, it works for the same reason master yi does. Lack of counter potential due to bad choices in game and in champ select. But fear not, if you are allowed to farm you will become a monster by 25 minutes and unless they've got a nasus withering you and then 2 shot 1k stack killing you, you should be winning almost every game. High elo could most likely make it work as well with practice, but I'm not high elo so I can't tell you what it would do there.