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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Lukzen

AD Carry Kog'Maw, The Prehistoric Glass Cannon [6.5]

By Lukzen | Updated on March 16, 2016

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The author:

Hello, my name is zen and this is my first guide, EVER. That would be why it is pretty bad, but im trying to bring my challenger knowledge of support, adc, and jungle to the amateur scene. I have worked as an analyst with teams from diamond 3 - challenger and was a head coach for a challenger team for quite some time. I have also played on a challenger team for ADC and support and i'll be trying to make as many GOOD guides on here as possible. thanks for taking the time to check it out.
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Overview of the champion:

Kog'Maw offers massive DPS (Damage Per Second) in the late game along with dealing mixed damage with his ult and e. He has super long range with his r, and the attack range buff of his w, so he can sit safely in lane and farm or sit at the back of team fights and deal as much damage as possible. Kog'Maw as a weak to mediocre early game and if capatilized on can be shut down pretty hard. Kog has 0 escapes or gap closers and needs to be standing still to deal maximum amount of damage.
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Item Explanation:

Guinsoo's Rageblade Is pretty much the reason why Kog'Maw is the strongest adc in the game right now. Giving him 8% AS, 3 AD and 4 AP stacking up to 8 stacks for a total of 64% AS, 24 AD and 32 AP plus its already decent base stats makes it a very effective item. In combination with Runaan's Hurricane Allows him to max out stacks in 3 ticks. Runaan's Hurricane also allows for multi target damaging along with attack speed buffs. KogMaw is a very squishy ADC with no escapes nor mobility so lifesteal is very important for staying alive in extended fights. The best item for Kog'Maw in terms of life steal is Blade of the Ruined King due too its slow, and attack speed stats along with very high life steal and shredding capabilities. this allows Kog'Maw to shred even the tankiest of champions in every team fight. Guardian Angel allows you to jump right back into the fight and you should be able to heal back up with Blade of the Ruined King so you basically have 2 chances to carry the team fight. instead of going with Guardian Angel you could sub out with Sterak's Gage to avoid massive burst and also give a bit of damage stats along with it. Boots of Swiftness in my opinion are the best boots on Kog'Maw to allow him to reposition in team fights and attempt to avoid team fights because he has very low mobility. If you need more survivability and life steal then i would recommend rounding out the build with Bloodthirster Staying alive in team fights is very important.
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Kog'Maw in the early game

As I have stated before Kog'Maw has a very weak early game and engage heavy bot lanes/jungle combo's can really mess with his day, however a good Kog'Maw just stays at maximum distance away using his w and e to farm efficiently and waiting for the wave to push in his favor. His Q can be skilled in order to help him last hit lower minions easier, however becomes very mana inefficient. You should try to stay far enough away that the enemy ADC cant auto attack you and only moving into auto attack range to cs and then immediately back out.
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Kog in the Mid-Late Game

Kog'Maw's role in the late game is to split push the waves insanely fast with hurricane and his w attack speed buff, and stay as far away from the enemy team in teamfights standing still dealing as much damage as possible. Kog'Maw gains attack speed while constantly attacking and once you hit a certain attack speed its almost impossible to orb walk. Most pros cant even do it so I wouldn't recommend attempting to master this skill. Just try and stay as far away from any hard engage if possible and shred through these tanks in team fights. Kog'Maw can also melt baron Nashor and Dragon if he has the time to do so. I believe Kog'Maw is the most efficient at soloing dragon and with his team can kill baron before the enemy even has time to react.
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Pros / Cons

Kog is the highest damage ADC in the game
He reaches unbelievable attack speeds
He is not skill shot reliant apart from perhaps his E (Which is a pretty big skillshot)
Hes not a very difficult ADC to play
He has relatively good matchups against most ADC's in 2v2 lanes
Kog'Maw relies heavily on the players positioning skills. poor positioning will lose you the game.
The player needs to have good game knowledge to try and predict the ganks from the enemie.
Solo Que can be very unpredictable as relies on teammates help to peal and survive.
Takes a long time to ramp up and become the unstoppable late game force.
Is a bug.
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Synergy lanes:

Kog'Maw is a very passive laner who needs a safe support, either someone to peel, someone to tank, or someone to heal. Engaging supports dont really work well with Kog'Maw early game. Braum and Kog'Maw have incredible synergy both during the laning phase, and in late game team fights. Braum uses his Stand Behind Me to block most of the damage when Kog'Maw must put himself in harms way to cs. His Concussive Blows has incredible power with a late game Kog'Maw in team fights, tagging as many enemies with his passive and allowing Kog'Maw to stun them. Alistar also has great synergy with Kog'Maw tanking as much damage as possible with his Unbreakable Will in early game skirmishes he can also provide healing from his Triumphant Roar Alistar also provides both engage and disengage. Another incredible support with Kog'Maw is Soraka her healing with her Astral Infusion and Wish. When Kog'Maw gets engage on Soraka can also use her Equinox in an attempt to root, and silence the engage. she also has good poke with her Starcall All in all in order of best supports i would say it goes something like
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Lanes to avoid as kog:

Kog'Maw is very weak early, if not the weakest adc early in the game. champions like Lucian and Caitlyn and Jinx are very strong against Kog'Maw due to their early trading capabilities, and their ability to for Kog'Maw into small fights early on. once the late game comes around Kog'Maw has a much easier time against these champions however champions such as Kalista and Sivir offer a lot more to defeat Kog'Maw. I personally hate comming up against a Sivir comp due to her ability to turn any team into a heavy chase/engage comp. some supports that are very affective at putting Kog'Maw down are engage and catch supports such as Alistar and Thresh. Alistar is probably the scariest support to play against as any adc, and none more so than kog. Thresh is just annoying to face in general but he can make 3v2 plays happen in the bottom lane very easily with his lantern and Death Sentence
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How to position as kog:

Kog'Maw in teamfights can be pretty tricky to play, especially if you are new to the role of adc, but essentially what you want to be doing is sitting as far back in the team fights as possible while still being able to attack the enemies. Kog'Maws attack speed makes it insanely difficult to orb walk, so dont even try. if you are moving you are not getting the stacks on W and Guinsoo's Rageblade so if you just stand still you will get the maximum dps. However this is not always possible due to the current meta where Malphite and Alistar are very common picks however Boots of Swiftness help counter this. There is another tactic when playing kogmaw and you cant quite get into AA range, You can spam your Bio-Arcane Barrage dealing as much damage as possible from maximum range]]
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