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Tryndamere Build Guide by wsuh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wsuh

[KR Challenger] Tryndamere guide for 3000+ elo with matchups

wsuh Last updated on September 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Tryndamere with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gragas Initial build: long sword + 3 potions All you need to do is dodge his E. Once he misses, just beat him down until no end until he dies.
Yasuo Initial build: long sword + 3 potions Get early ninja tabi to cripple his damage since he will be building statikks first. You can win lane easily by outsustaining. Once you build BOTRK, yasuo will get wrecked without being able to do anything.
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DISCLAIMER: I am not the primary author of this guide. This is a English translation of the guide written by Prime Gom, the best Tryndamere main in Korea. This guide was written back in Season 4.

Original Korean guide:

Hello. This is Prime Gom, the top laner for Korean team Prime Sentinel.

In S5, I had three separate accounts simultaneously in KR challengers, all accounts primarily played on Tryndamere top. This is a unique achievement since no other KR Tryndamere main users were in challengers at the time.

엉덩국 곰: C1 - 604 LP (highest)
곰얼굴곰보빵: C1 - 564 LP (highest)
현곤혜리: C1 - 558 LP (highest)

This is a highlight of a challenger game that I managed to carry, even after all of our mid, ADC, jungle, and support were feeding hard. (Score 22-8-5, incl penta kill)

I hope the readers can find my guide useful in carrying their games as well

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-Whether you are facing AD or AP opponent on top, you should be always be using +0.95 attack damage marks

-For seals, you should use +1 armor against AD opponents. If you are facing against AP, you should use scaling health seals instead.

-For glyphs, use +0.64% attack speed rune against AD opponents. Against AP, use static magic resist for pre-6 laning.

For Quintessence, I determined that 2x 4.5% attack speed + 1x 2.25 AD to yield highest win percentage, after extensive experimentation.

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Double edged sword is excellent for Tryndamere, who tend to fully stack AD and have ultimate to survive damage

Always get 21 points on offence, and I do not suggest getting more than 9 in defense. I have used it and it did not make much difference

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Flash is the only truth and answer

Most Tryndameres in the past used ghost, but I have always used flash

I considered myself as the beginner of the Flash Tryndamere

After I reached rank 1 in KR Tryndamere rankings, other top tier Tryndamere mains in KR also slowly started using flash

Especially E+flash combo is highly deadly when used by Tryndamere

I also use ignite. Ignite is very useful for obtaining kills in top lane. This is especially important for Tryndamere since he is a champion that can snowball extremely well from early kills.

Q: Shouldnt Tryndamere use ghost+ignite?
A: As a flash Tryndamere, you will be using youmuu's ghostblade. Ghost gives 27% movement for 10 seconds, while ghostblade gives you 20% movement for 6 seconds, and has much shorter cooldown. Therefore ghostblade can largely cover the role of flash in team fight.

Q: Instead of flash, how about using E, and using ghost in teamfight instead?
A: With both flash and E you will have two escapes, which makes you harder to gank. Flash is also much more useful for assassinating enemy mid or ADC during team fight, and ghostblade can make up for the lack of ghost. Most 5:5 teamfights also don't last any longer than 20 seconds anyway.

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Skill sequence

Against AD opponent, max Q>W>E
Against AP opponent, max Q>E>W

Normally I only get 1 point in undying rage.

Extra point in undying rage only grants 10 second reduction in cooldown, and 25 additional rage

Unless you are facing champions like riven, there is no reason to get 2nd point in undying rage

Extra rage on activation is not useful also, since you are supposed to use Q after your ult expires anyway.

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Most often, start with long sword + 3 pots.

Against ranged harass or difficult lanes, start cloth armor + 5 pots, so you can stay in lane longer.

Against easy lanes (mundo, shyvana, etc) you may opt to start with dorans 1 pot.

As for boots, you can rush ninja tabi against extremely painful opponents such as pantheon.

In most cases, mercury's tread is suggested since CC reduction is most useful for Tryndamere in team fights. Tryndamere's main weakness is not incoming damage, but is CC.

Some Tryndamere users buy phantom dancer, but I feel it is inferior pick over statikk's. Statikks grant you magic damage, which also benefits from your crit.

Some tryndamere tend to build tank item (such as randuin's, or banshees), but this is not suggested in solo queues. In solo queues, it is highly recommend to go full offensive build

Youmuu's ghostblade is a critically important build since you will be running flash. It gives you +20% movement speed and +40% attack speed for 6 seconds. It is also very useful when destroying the enemy tower.

For building IE and LW, it is situational to build which item first. If several of enemy champions are building armor, build LW first. Otherwise, build IE.

Lastly, zephyr can be built as the last item after selling your boots. It gives you movement speed + tenacity to offset the loss of your treads, as well as giving you AD+aspd+cdr.

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Early game laning:

Early game laning phase for Tryndamere is defined by trading while having full rage bar.

When trading during laning phase, always use W before going in for trade because of heavy AD reduction. You can also use W to check whether there is an enemy in the bush.

Also you can trade effectively while under enemy tower. Although Tryndamere is not a strong laner, he has a great sustain and therefore he can trade without a problem under tower. When tower fires projectile at a minion, just auto your opponent and E away for extra damage. Even if you get shot once by the tower, you can sustain with your Q. Of course if you are going to do this, make sure you ward your jungle and do this when you are sure you are in no danger of being ganked.

Also, using E+flash combo is a great way to get first blood. Distance covered by E+flash, as well as the damage from E+auto+ignite is considerable. Most opponent will be caught completely unexpected of the incoming damage.

Mid game:

After pushing the first tower, in most of the cases you should go roaming to assassinate enemies in jungle, steal buffs, secure dragons, and help your team win team fights. Helping your team in mid game is critical, especially since many top laners run teleport nowadays, meaning they can easily participate in dragon team fights.

However if your team is far ahead, you can also opt to go for pushing second tower. It is always situational

As for skill combo in team fight, you go in with your E, and use W for AOE slow. You use your ult when you are about to die, then you escape using your E then heal up with your Q. It is simple.

However, be careful since opponent can ignite you towards the end of your ult's duration, which can result in your death even if you heal with Q. To counter this, it is recommended to carry and use your health potion. This way, you can survive and the opponent would have wasted his ignite.

Late game:
Strategic decision making is critical in late game. You should combine both split push and participate in team fight at right times. Ideally you should split push a lot, since Tryndamere is most often played due to his split pushing abilities. However, if opponent has a strong tanky dueler (jax, nasus, etc) that can easily take on Tryndamere 1v1, it is better to just stick with your team all the time. You will be unable to push the tower down anyway, and your opponent can always teleport away to wreck your team 5vs4 and lose you the game.

Tryndamere's role in team fight:

In team fights, if your ADC needs to be protected, just beat down on enemy tanks along with rest of your team and slowly push forward. However ideally, you should find right time (after enemy CD's are down) to infiltrate to the back line and assassinate enemy mid or ADC. However, most important thing for Trynd is surviving the team fight. Tryndamere MUST survive the team fight after using ult and E for escape, so he can immediately begin split pushing. Even if you cant score any kills, you should prioritize surviving above all else.