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Corki Build Guide by Sir Denwo

Lead Slinging Corki

Lead Slinging Corki

Updated on September 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Denwo Build Guide By Sir Denwo 26 4 148,825 Views 32 Comments
26 4 148,825 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Denwo Corki Build Guide By Sir Denwo Updated on September 28, 2012
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Chapter 1


Corki - The Daring Bombardier

Corki is a ranged DPS that is somewhat undorused. He is my favorite champion and has great damage capabilities early, mid, and late game. With my build you will usually do the most damage mid game and late game. Corki's abilities all do magic damage except his Gatling Gun, which is his most useful ability for soloing people and shredding their armor, making your auto attacks do massive damage. Yeah, corki's cool. And here is a short montage of me playing Corki:

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

(May 12) Hey, I would just like to thank everyone for their comments and likes. Sorry I haven't been updating it and improving it so much, I'm going to start improving it as of today. And thank you so much for making my corki #3 on the top guides! Wow! :)

(June 10) Updating / Expanding teamfights and laning sections

(July 26) Whoa! Thanks everyone! I've risen to the number 2 guide for Corki! Added heal to summoner spells, wrote about phosphorus bomb, added guardian angel.

Pros / Cons


+ Does lots of damage
+ Has long, consistent harass Missile Barrage
+ Has a jump Valkarie with long range
+ Ranged auto attacks
+ Quite fun.
+ Gatling Gun shreds armor

- Dies quickly when poorly positioned
- Needs someone to tank for him to play aggressive
- Difficult to get used to
- Missile Barrage damage drops off late game
- Low base movespeed
- Suseptable to disables


These masteries give me bonuses in crit chance, attack damage, armor penetration, damage, armor, health, etc. Useful things for corki.


Summoner Spells

Flash is useful for Corki in many situations, such as escaping, chasing, repositioning, or performing double dashes with Valkyrie
Exhaust helps Corki in situations where he needs to chase a fast enemy, duel a strong competitor, reducing their damage, or popping it on the enemy carry in team fights.
Cleanse is an optional summoner spell to replace Exhaust if you need to avoid crowd control from those hard tanks. I would not recommend replacing Flash because it is always so helpful throughout the game.

Ghost could be useful on Corki if you prefer it. I usually don't use Ghost but I could definitely see how it would be helpful for chasing, excaping, or getting across the map.
Ignite would be optional to take on Corki, but I really don't like it. I feel like there are other summoner spells that are much more important for Corki to have in his arsenal.
Heal is a good pick when you are laning with a support that doesn't have a heal, or if your partner took exaust. A very noteworthy spell, especially since the buff it got a while back when they changed all the summoners.

Ability Explanation

  • Hextech Shrapnel Shells : This passive increases Corki's damage slightly and is an overall good passive.

  • Phosphorus Bomb (Q): Phosphorus Bomb is my least favorite ability of Corki's, however it does reveal people in bushes, and does considerable damage early and mid game. This is one of his abilities you do not want to spam as it drains your precious mana quickly. The most important use of Phosphorus Bomb is so you can auto attack enemies even once they run to the bushes. If you hit an enemy with your Q then they run into a bush, you will still have vision of them. Can be very useful.

  • Valkyrie (W): Valkyrie is your jump ability. Without it, Corki would be an extremely difficult champion to play. Use Valkyrie to pursue or gank enemies, escape from a gank, preferably over a wall for those champions with a lot of movespeed. Although Valkyrie does damage, in this guide we will not use this ability for damage. Valkarie scales off AP, which end game in this guide, Corki has 0. (unless baron buff, elixer of brilliance, WOTA..)

  • Gatling Gun (E): Ah, Gatling Gun, Corki's bread and butter. You should turn on Gatling Gun whenever you think you will be attacking enemies for an extended period of time. This ability scales off AD (cool :D) and does damage over time, as well as lowering the armor of enemies hit. An important thing to know about this ability is the range of Gatling Gun is roughly the range of your auto attacks, so definitely auto attack while Gatling Gun is activated.

  • Missile Barrage (R): Missile Barrage, the most entertaining ultimate to use in the game (imo). When I play Corki, I turn smartcast on for his ultimate, binding "R" to smartcast which makes the ability shoot in the direction of your cursor without having to left click. Now when you click "R" you will automatically shoot in the direction you want. Great for spamming. Use missile barrage for harrassing enemies, even if they are behind minions (AOE damage), dueling a champion, farming (within reason), scouting bushes, and finally - finishing off stragglers who are too far away for auto attacking. Often a combo for a fleeeing enemy who flashed is Valkyrie --> Missile Barrage. Wow. Doesnt this ultimate have so much potential? Scales off AD and AP.

Ability Sequence Order

> > >

Level 1, I start out with Gatling Gun. Level 2, I take Valkyrie for its utility. Level 3, I grab Phosphorus Bomb. From then on, I take Gatling Gun when I can, Phosphorus Bomb when I can't, and taking Missile Barrage whenever possible. This gives high damage, early utility with Valkyrie, and it works for me.


  • : To start off, a Doran's Blade gives health, AD, and lifesteal, which help with the laning and last hitting.
  • : Early boots give you a chance to dodge skillshots, chase/escape, and get into lane faster.
  • : This item is a favorite of mine. Not only does it grant you early armor, damage, and lifesteal, but it helps you farm with the passive, and you can set a ward down ever so often. What I usually do after I purchase a little wiggle is ask politely for our teams blue buff and go eat it up. You dont need help for it by the way. The Wriggle's is what makes the golem drop so fast.
  • : Finish off your boots to give you that movespeed that you lack, along with some nice attack speed to add to your DPS capabilities.
  • : Ah, the Infinity Edge. It may seem odd to get an end game item so early in the game. But I found with rushing so much crit chance in your runes you can buy this item for a great mid/late game. I suggest when building it to buy the Cloak of Agility first. But yeah. Gives you giant crits! Woo!
  • : Now that you hit such big crits, you need to hit these near every attack! A Phantom Dancer will give you that crit chance, attack speed, and movespeed you so desperately desire.
  • : At this point in the game, you have good crit chance, crit damage, movespeed, and attack speed. You have a little lifesteal from your wriggle's, but we need more. Sell your Wriggle's Lantern. Some attack damage should help too.
  • : An extra Phantom Dancer will give you increased DPS and finish off your crit chance part of the build.
  • : At this point in the game, tanks with armor such as Thornmail will be impossible to kill. This item is so helpful in every way and is great for late game.
  • : Recently, I've been taking this item to finish off my build instead of Black Cleaver. Having a guardian angel will often determine whether your team can win the game or not. If you die in a teamfight and are revived after it is over, your team has the AD carry to push and win.
  • : This adds to the armor shredding and makes quick work of tanks and others alike. You wont always want to buy this item, when I get to the last item slot I like to assess my weaknesses and build off that.

  • Important Note: Most of the item building for Corki is situational. Early game, If I am doing well with killing champions I buy a Sword of the Occult. If the game is going slow, I'll buy a Wriggle's Lantern. I usually go with the Wriggle's. Sword of the Occult is a risky item. Also, if your enemies seem to be getting a lot of armor, by all means buy a Last Whisper. This is a great item for Corki. Trinity Force is a good item on Corki, however I don't get it on him for there are other items I would rather have on him. It's preference. As for Manamune, I dont have too much mana problems with Corki, and a Manamune just slows down corki's build. Skip this unless you are just in love with the item. By all means feel free to change up the build to match your playstyle or countering the team. Sometimes I will even buy an item such as Wit's End or Hexdrinker for those pesky mages. The most important thing about Corki is gameplay. Farm, Kill People, Position Yourself, And be Smart. Don't put yourself in situations that are too risky. Let your tank do that.


I play Corki bottom lane with a support or tank such as Taric, Janna, or Leona. You should always last hit minions to maximize your money income. Wait until minions are at low health early game and auto attack. When in between last hitting, harass champions with auto attacks. Once your tank initiates, you can rush in and try for a kill or two. Play it safe if you are don't think you and your partner will stack up well against the other team. Although killing champions can be very fun and exhilerating, many times it is more benificial to just go hard and farm for as long as you can. Getting farmed as Corki gives you so much more power. An underfed and underfarmed Corki is not very useful on a team, unfortunately. Although your support should be the one purchasing most the wards, you should pick them up every now and then to ward the bush that junglers use to gank and also dragon. Wriggle's Lantern gets the job done pretty well though. During the laning phase, Corki has little to no problems with mana. When farming, the only ability you should use is Missile Barrage. The only times you will fall short on mana is if you are using your Valkyrie and Gatling Gun to fight champions. I find im very aggressive when I lane with Janna and focus on kills more than farming. Her Eye Of The Storm gives you a relatively big shield and a high amount of attack damaage that just encourages Corki to go balls out using Valkyrie Gatling Gun combo to melt a face or two.


In small teamfights you should be very powerful. You can pretty easily stick the squishy characters and kill people. In big teamfights try to stay back until your whole team is in. Don't overextend youself or put yourself in danger. Try to attack the squishies whenever they come near and attack offtanks otherwise. When the fight is winding down, chase after people and unleash your damage to finish up. Remember to use Missile Barrage in betweeen auto attacks to improve your damage. If I'm in a big teamfight and there doesn't look like anywhere i could move in closer to help without putting myself at risk, I will stay out of range of enemies and spam Missile Barrage to help out at least a little bit. If another squishy on the enemy team turns to fight you alone, don't be afraid to turn and fight them as Corki is great at solo fights. Some Corkis are kind of chicken when it comes to 1v1 fights. Don't chicken out, corki is supposed to be DARING, right? :D

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here. It's extremely useful, check it out.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Denwo
Sir Denwo Corki Guide
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