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LeBlanc Build Guide by Akariko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akariko

LeBlanc. Exclusive in-depth guide

Akariko Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The guide is still under construction! But there is already tons to read!

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Hi there!

I've made this guide because I couldn't find a guide that really covered LeBlanc.

This guide is short in describing obvious things like choosing your summoner spells! Yet detailed in golden information like the way you use LeBlancs abilities best!

I hope to show you something you haven't thought of before! And not to bore you with stuff you already know!

!!!The most interesting paragraph is 'using your abilities'!!!

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Pros / Cons

- Mobile (good at ganking and fleeing)
- Epic burst damage
- Sweet crowd control
- Difficult to counter
- Awesome passive
- Strong early game

- Big chance you will be flamed by the enemy team!
- Squishy
- Focused (but you can outplay them!)
- Mainly single target damage dealer

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Summoner Spells

I'm not going to explain this thoroughly. We all know the summoner spells and the perks they grant you.
However, I consider Flash an absolute must on LeBlanc! Not only to escape with your squishy little *** intact, but also to move towards an enemy so you can actually hit Distortion

You can easily do without! Do not waste a slot!

Gets you where you're needed in time and perhaps covertly! Viable option!
A spell which is greatly underestimated! This baby shines late-game! And shine it does! Although there are better champions for this spell.
I prefer Ignite, but whatever does it for you!
Love it. It often denies an enemy escape early game.

Always analyse your enemies when picking summoner spells! Melee AD? Go Exhaust! Lots of Lifesteal? Go Ignite!

Other summoner spells are self explanatory I reckon, so I won't waste the space.

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Greater Marks of Insight are an obvious choice. All enemies start with some Magic Resistanc, you need to penetrate it!

Greater Seals of Clarity will tend to your mana needs troughout the whole game! These are much better than Greater Seals of Replenishment since you will match their mana regain at level 6. Early on I use my abilities economically but effectively without mana issues, so should you.

Greater Glyphs of Force will give you an edge early on. You can use Greater Glyphs of Potency as well! Yet you will surpass their benefits already at level 6!

Greater Quintessences of Potency bless you with an additional 15 AP. Again, this so you can shred your opponents right off the bat!

Some runes that can be considered as well
Cooldown Reduction
Movement Speed
Cooldown Reduction

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There are many ways to accessorize, but here are two viable options to build. Be creative and figure out what works for you!

I love to start with boots and three health potions. This give you a slight movement advantage over the enemy so you can harass and get away with it. Also, three Health Potions give you an additional 600 HP! Dorans gives you a meagre 100 HP and your abilities hit hard enough as is, no additional Ability Power needed. Mana should not be a problem if you copy my runes!

When back I buy Sorcerer's Boots before I start building Mejai. Again, a speed advantage over your opponent will greatly benefit your harass/kill & escape moves!

I rush Mejai's because you will crush many an opponent early game! This is who you are! it's inevitable!

Now it's all about AP. Rabadon for the win I'd say!
Therefore I consider this more or less a core build.

Core Build

You survive with ease, let the blood flow!

or or

Rylai's Scepter is in perfect sync with the previous items. It gives you HP which is already protected by Magic Resistance and Armor! The slow is magical, but since you obtain in later in the game the reaped benefits are mediocre.
Will of the Ancients is nice if it benefits some AP allies as well. It will greatly reduce your need to head back to base as well.
Void staff is the better choice if enemies start packing Magic Resistance, but if the resistance is meagre Abyssal suffices.
I see no problem in taking an Will of the Ancients before Zhonya's Hourglass! Perhaps even before Rabadon! Be creative! Also, if the enemy starts packing Magic Resistance early on, build your Abyssal sooner

You keep dying, where's the bloodshed?!

or what you skipped in the above option.

You choose Abyssal or Zhonya depending on what kills you, Magic damage or Attack damage. You could choose to partially build RoA, move on to the defensive item in Zhonya's or Abyssal, and finish RoA afterwards. Also, there is nothing stopping you from building RoA before Rabadon's Deathcap!

If it's CC that's getting to you! Get yourself a Banshee's

Some comments

-If you are not sure if Mejai will work in a particular game, get rid of it!
-There's nothing stopping you from getting Doran's Ring after you finish your boots!
-Early game I'm carrying a helluvalot of Health Potions! Wear your opponent out! This is why I'm always smiling when I encounter a mage who starts with Doran's Ring! I know I'll have him dead or back before lvl 5!
-Early game it's sometimes worthwhile to pack a mana potion or two
-You've got some spare change? Get yourself an elixer!
-Ward, ward, ward and ward! Being greedy will make you lose more often, considerably!

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Skill Sequence

Max Sigil of Silence first Sigil of Silence since this is where the insane damage comes from. Also the range is nice and it cannot be minion blocked.

Next you max Distortion Another sweet damage dealer and easy to land.

You do however take an early point in Ethereal Chains for the stun it provides. Sure it does damage but it's harder to hit than you might expect, and it can be minion blocked as well. Not to forget how it's not always that easy to keep the enemy in range so that your Chains reach their full potential. In other words, Sigil and Distortion are absolute burst damage, and LeBlanc is heavily relient on burst damage! You could alternate skilling Chains and Distortion to make the stun from Chains last longer! You do this if you're facing someone mid who cannot be without silence/stun for the slightest amount of time (perhaps Malzahar).

Of course you level up your ultimate Mimic whenever you can.

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Using your abilities

Mirror ImageSigil of Silence

If you wish to master LeBlanc this is what you ponder and practice!
There is not one single skill order to follow! It's all highly situational! Also, survivability needs to be in the equasion all times!

Early game harassment

Sigil of Silence Cast Sigil of Silence
Use Distortion towards your enemy's location. Apart from its original damage, this triggers Sigil for some extra damage and a silence! If you can without taking damage use your auto-attack once or twice and pop back to your original location by casting Distortion for a second time.
Keep this up and watch your enemy pop health potions like an addict! He's in pain! Just put him out of his misery!

Sidenote: I advise against using Ethereal Chains afterwards to preserve mana. You can do this however if you think you can take out your opponent. It'll probably create the time for casting another Sigil and dropping an Ignite.

Post level 6 harassment
If you can, always use Sigil > Ultimate > Distortion. Distortion is easy to hit and this will trigger the Sigil (with the bonus from your ultimate!). However, often you need to bridge the gap your opponent has created between you two (if not, he'll learn!). Then the following combo is used:
use Distortion in the direction of your opponent to come into casting range (i.e. use it like Flash).
Sigil of Silence Headshot a Sigil
Rush your ultimate into the same direction

Since LeBlanc is very squishy usually you use Distortion again to create a safe distance. If however you can use Ethereal Chains, use it to pop your ultimate for some extra damage.

The ultimate 1 v 1 combo explained!

Sigil of SilenceFirst you use Sigil

Immediately you hit your opponent with your ultimate. This is when your enemy drops a substantial amount of HP. More importantly, the enemy is silenced for 2 seconds (1)!

Now you chain him, but precisely 2 seconds after you used your ult! Otherwise your silences will overlap! This triggers the second silence (2)! Precisely when this second silence ends, your chains will stun (3)!

Sigil of SilenceGuess what cooldown just expired? Your sigil! Somewhere in between your opponents stun cast it on him!

There is one ability left to use, distortion! Again, this needs to be timed! Exactly when the stun from your chain ends, cast distortion to pop the silence from your sigil (4)!

What happened here? Your advisary was silenced, silenced, stunned & silenced for a total of +- 8 seconds! Not to mention the tons of damage you just unleashed!

Important note! If for some strange reason the enemy survived & you fear for your life... Run and be chased! But only for 3 seconds! Then use distortion again to return to your original location and move away!

Escape options
Depending on the situation you can use Distortion and follow it up with your Ultimate to create massive distance between you and your opponent. You do this when you need to get away immediately because death is nigh!
2)You could also use Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence follow it up with Chains and wait for them to stun the chaser. Afterwards you can use the abovementioned distortion combo to get away . You use escape combo nr.2 if you can face your enemy for a slight period of time without dying. What happens is this: 2 seconds of silence, x seconds stun, then you leap away two times in a row.

Some comments

- Occassionaly it is worth while to flash towards your opponent so you can actually land Distortion.
- Though the ultimate 8 seconds havoc combination is truly amazing, if you can't land your Chains use Distortion instead. Perhaps you can Chain afterwards!
- If you easily die in teamfights, you might want to keep Distortion for escaping instead of damaging enemies.
- These are some golden combinations for LeBlanc, but read the situation at all times! For example, if allies and enemies are packed together in a teamfight, why not use Distortion and mimic that Distortion for some sweet AoE damage?

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Team Work

A few important things to acknowledge

LeBlanc is an epic single target nuker! Early game you destroy everything, and if you did well you can still instant-kill certain targets endgame. This is why, contradicting certain opinions, LeBlanc is of absolute value in teamfights. You kill the damage dealer and live to see it! Now that you've already pulled your weight you can die without regrets (or preferably: prolong your reign of terror!)

I believe LeBlanc is cut out for mid. Not only to give her an xp/gold advantage which she can put to good use since she's such a quick ganker. But because she will destroy the enemy mid champion! That scary Brand that all of the sudden burns everything in a teamfight? He's gone! You stole his levels and his gold! He's gimped all troughout mid game!

You will easily get a lot of kills! You might even be in such a bloodfrenzy that you forget to farm! Well don't!

1st rule, keep your farm up! 9/10 minions equals a kill!
2d rule, don't just refrain from killstealing! Try to give your teammates kills! Especially valuable carry champions! If your team has made 25 kills and 16 of those are on your name, you might have personally lost the game!
3d rule, since you're shining early game - annihilating everything that comes into sight - you have a gold advantage! Use it to ward! You went top to gank their lane? - you even got a kill out of it? - well thank top for their help by placing a ward if they lack one!
4th rule, do not just say "ss" in chat, but ping too! I always notice a ping, yet I can easily miss and "ss" when I'm concentrating on my lane!

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Some ganking tips

1) ping when you approach a lane which you'd like to gank! It wouldn't be the first time your presence went unnoticed!

2) Ping to show which enemy you are about target! Do not lose a kill because the damage was spread out over multiple enemies!

3) When you leave your lane, make sure your directions were not seen! Either kill the enemy creeps to ruin the enemy line of sight, or feign you are retreating to your base

4) Try not to lose your tower! That tower is more important than a gank! Make sure the enemy creeps aren't pushing or can easily be pushed.

5) If you are against an enemy you can handle with ease, do not be afraid of a slight XP disadvantage! Why not gank unexpectedly at level 3 or 4 (yes that lane that seems to be failing and is pushed down hard, now that lane has the advantage!).

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LeBlancs animation makes it easy to last hit, do this at all times! Last hitting minions is always more important than harass! You should easily do both!

Midgame Distortion can be used to clear minion waves with relative ease!

Extremely important note!
What often happens late-mid and late game is minion waves getting wiped out instantly! Why! FFS! Why!
If you batter a minion wave, an allied minion wave will build up for the enemy to take out! Unless you want the enemy to farm, restrain yourself and last hit while the enemy minions take out the allied minions! Only when your presence is needed somewhere, or if you need an allied minion wave to push while you start teamfights do you frantically wipe out a minion wave!

Remember, killing a mere 10 minions equals a kill (more or less)

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Unique Moves

You're base is southern and you want to ward dragon (without encountering an enemy)?
Simply move in your jungle towards the back of the dragon's lair, use distortion to get inside, move up a few steps to ward, and use distortion again to return safely behind the Dragon's lair.

You wish to steal Dragon or Baron?
Wait behind the monsters lair for the ideal moment. Use distortion to get into range, and quickly use Sigil of Silence and your Ultimate. Chances are you steal with your amazing burst damage! Of course you quickly use distortion to move back to your safe location & you run! Sigil of Silence

Use your passive!
So you're playing against Caitlyn and she's targetting you with her ult? Use your mirror image as a shield!

You're in a teamfight and after dropping a substantial amount of HP you're on the run... Hide in a brush and move your mirror image back into the teamfight! Why waste this opportunity to disturb the enemy's focus and get some valuable abilities back on CD?!

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Distortion Jump Map

In the picture you'll find the locations from where you can dive a tower in red and yellow. This is precious knowledge for LeBlanc players since this champ will shatter every low HP enemy in the blink if an eye!

There are lots of walls you can jump to get yourself to safety; too many to show on the map. Yet I've added two ridges with white and blue which might seem as if they cannot be jumped. But they can!

I've marked two ridges in purple to show you these are to big too cross.

Important note:
LeBlanc jumps to your cursor, not in the direction of your cursor! So if you locate the cursor within a ridge, treeline, or whatever, you will not jump! Always place the cursor carefully on the other side of an obstacle!

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Dealing with flamers

Since its almost certain you'll be flamed (I'm thinking 8 out of 10 games) you should choose your responses wisely.

- Do you want to make them suffer, reply they are nabs and enjoy the show. Never ever reason with a flamer! Say they are nab and leave it at that. You did however move onto their level.
- Do you wish to make them suffer with dignity, reply short acknowledements such as "ok" or "duly noted". Believe me, this will infuriate most flamers.
- If you wish to take the absolute high road, ignore all and any comments directed at you. They'll probably stop their flaming in a matter of minutes... That is, if your teammates follow your example.

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A single golden truth!

Really! League of Legends contains tons and tons of tactics and strategies! Therefore quit being so darn narrowminded! This game can be played in numerous ways!

Yes, a sweet team can be created without a support! (easily even!)
Yes, a Singed can go bot to support a ad-ranged!
Yes, an ad-ranged can go mid!
Yes, a beefy champion or two can dissolve the need for a tank!

The saddest thing is that lots of the player who are yelling "tank! tank!" or "support! support!" in champion select, do not notice, for example, that Miss Fortune freefarming top and pushing down two towers!

Stop staring blindly at those rough lines that are called strategy and see what's actually inside them!