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LeBlanc Build Guide by jakemwp

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jakemwp

LeBlanc - Insanity

jakemwp Last updated on December 18, 2011
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This is my first guide, so please be merciful. I play LeBlanc as my main with Shen and some others being picked up when the need arises. I decided to make this guide because I see so many people her and fail miserably, and it makes me sad. This build can be a bit rough at first since it is so heavy reliant on your ability to nuke them before they can drop or CC you. I know it doesn't have much survivability, but if you are able to use LeBlanc correctly you shouldn't need much of it.


  • Insane Nukes
  • Dominate team fights
  • Gives teammates in other lanes a huge advantage
  • Incredibly vulnerable to CC
  • Squishy if you don't have the drop on your opponent
  • Completely dependent on your team for pushing

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Mirror Image- Nice little double to help you escape ganks or FF in team fights. If you Alt + click you can use the double to do some recon for you too, so that is a great benefit.

Sigil of Silence is LeBlanc's bread butter- large nuke with a low cost and cooldown. It does reasonable damage with just SS, but when another of LeBlancs abilities hits the target then it does additional damage and silences them. I generally chain into either mimic or distortion, but ethereal chains short cool down can be ideal for getting this proc as well.

Distortion teleports LeBlanc a short distance and deals damage to the surrounding units, and can be activated again to return to the original location- perfect as a combo into SS allowing the silence and secondary damage to take effect. It is also a great way to escape from ganks especially when you use it again with Mimic.

Ethereal Chains is as skillshot that is fairly easy to aim, and it slows then traps the target doing damage both times. It is the last spell that I get and is primarily used to prevent escapes and allows you to stop anyone when you use it in connection with Mimic.

Mimic is a bit more... confusing to use. For nuking purposes it is ideal to chain SS into Mimic. For escapes it is best to use Distortion then Mimic. Chases it is usually best to use with Ethereal Chains.

When you have the drop on someone, then my standard skill order is Sigil of Silence, Mimic, Distortion, then Ethereal Chains. I find that 90% of the time this will down just about anyone, but sometimes they survive and you can use SS again to clean up.

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I feel like the runes are fairly standard for AP casters.

Greater Mark of Inisight is a must, and there really is no substitute for this in your marks slots.

Greater Seal of Replanishment is great for early game when LeBlanc is most mana hungry, but could easily be swapped out for the scaling mana regen that Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration offers.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power is better than Greater Seal of Ability Power in my opinion primarily because she really moves into ganking at level 6-7 when the scaling passes up the flat.

Quints can be changed around so much that I will just give some examples of what might be good.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is my first choice to give me the edge for that first kill in lane before I move into my roving/ganking stage mid game.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power is also great, but I gave you my reasoning for the flat in this area.

Greater Quintessence of Health is also a always a solid choice on any champ, especially if you are using more general builds for a few champions you play.

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp is something I would like to experiment with, but I don't think it would fit very well with this build.

As for masteries- I feel they fall under the same general mindset. All AP/%Damage masteries in offense and then some perks on mana as well as the summoner spell masteries.

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Summoner Spells

Good Choices:

This helps with the extra damage it can do, and keeping it on cool down early game give you that extra five AP that can make a huge difference. The counter to healing is the cherry on the cake to an ability that is already fantastic.

great for letting you take mid, get a kill early, and then come back better geared. Also great for mid game if you drop wards around the map while you are roving and ganking all of the other lanes.

- this extra AP can make massive differences in the game, but I find Ignite really helps me get that first kill faster, easier and more secure.

Okay Choices:

- They are both great for keeping you in the lane and helping teammates, but your job isn't support and teleport helps you get back fast enough that it should make a difference.

Bad Choices:

- You shouldn't need to chase.

- Distortion and Mimic make this useless.

- it prevents whoever you are ganking from escapint, but Distortion means that this isn't as useful.

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Core Items

These are items that are unbelievably necessary for LeBlanc, and I would almost

should be your first purchase after getting a kill/farming a ton of minions in mid. After you have this and boots it is time to start roving and ganking.

are fairly self explanatory.

["Deathfire Grasp" size=55] is your first big purchase- the additional AP and another nuke ability go a very long way. Kage's Lucky pick is the first buy because with your seals you shouldn't really be mana hungry, and the extra gold will help more. If you are feeling mana hungry still don't hesitate to pick up the book first

The Hextech Revolver/The Will of the Ancients This is the only core piece of this build that creates survivability. Obviously it has more AP which is great, but the Spell Vamp is what you really need. With the nukes that LeBlanc throws out just using all of her abilities once will get you back to full health. Once you've built it into the WotA then it gives spell vamp as an aura making you even more valuable in team fights.

- again fairly self explanatory. You may wonder why it is last in the build order- because the individual pieces are incredibly expensive. Most of the other items can be bought after just one gank if necessary.

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Items - Damage

If the other team is stacking magic resist, this is a necessity. It is also great for ensuring max damage to particularly squishy targets. A great item, but I would recommend only getting when the other team is trying to counter you.

This is a nice mish mash of damage and survivability for people looking to increase damage output. The additional magic resist is great, but the aura magic penetration makes you invaluable in team fights.

Again the damage/survivability balance is nice, but it is only really useful if you are having troubles early-mid game. Late game the numbers are a bit small to make it worth the investment.

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Items Survivability

Honestly I think this item is incredibly necessary to keep LeBlanc alive as you approach the end game. The extra AP doesn't hurt and the slow from your abilities makes this item worth the price tag.

This is something I could see giving LeBlanc some amazing survivability. The inability to attack or take any action for 2 seconds is completely fine is you have all of her abilities on cool down and use the active between bursts. I haven't personally had the opportunity to test it out as much as I would like, so you should make your own decision here.

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Game Progression

Early game is fairly simple, just lane, last hit, and hopefully get a kill. Ideally your team will put you in the middle lane, and that way you will be ahead of the curve as far as experience and gold. As LeBlanc you really shouldn't go in for the kill until level 3 since your abilities stack on top of each other. Once you have that kill, go build Mejai's and then get ready to do it again.

Mid game is where you really shine. As soon as you hit level 6 you want to kill the other person in middle and then start roving. You'll want to have someone else take over for you in mid so your team isn't losing any experience. If you did your job of killing the other guy a few times, then your teammate from the other lane shouldn't really be all that far behind in experience. At this stage you will want to have a few wards scattered around the map, at least one on top, bottom, and middle. If you can afford the time be sure to ward the enemy jungle as well. You can use your teleport even more effectively when you have wards in the bushes since you always have a hidden place to teleport in on. Most of the time I just start on the bottom, gank, move mid, gank, move top, gank, and then do it again.

Late game- hopefully the other team had the brains to surrender before now, but at this point you don't want to initiate any team fights. HOWEVER, you have the uncanny ability to nuke down a target in about 3 seconds at this point, so you may want to hide in the bushes, come out and nuke, then run the hell away. Other than that, standard team fight role of focusing on the other teams carries. Generally it is all straight forward at this point.

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Change Log

12/18/11 - Started making changes to formatting with help from JhoiJhoi's guide
12/18/11 - Added boots, thanks Trans4M
12/18/11 - Changed skill order (maxed ethereal chains second now)
12/18/11 - Split items into three sections core/damage/survivability