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LeBlanc Build Guide by phoenix737

LeBlanc - Mid is dead top/bot gank ni route <(^^,)>

LeBlanc - Mid is dead top/bot gank ni route <(^^,)>

Updated on September 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author phoenix737 Build Guide By phoenix737 12,575 Views 2 Comments
12,575 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author phoenix737 LeBlanc Build Guide By phoenix737 Updated on September 1, 2012
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LeBlanc is Mid/Assassine whit high AP to skill ration. Can be deadly in early and mid game all so can disturb team fight in late game whit her high dmg assassinating enemies AD carry or support players.

"The Black Rose shall bloom once more."

Please give me feedback on my guide
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  • High AP ratio
  • High dmg output
  • High mobility
  • Deadly ganks
  • Can get away from ganks pretty easy
  • Able to silenc and bind target
  • Best Joke "For my next trick I'll make their life bar disappear."


  • Squishy
  • High priority target for enemy
  • When skills on CD usless for team and in high risk if attacked and not be able to get away
  • Can be harassed in early game, and LeBlanc without 2-3 kills in early game can be ussles in late game
  • Bad pusher
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  • Greater Seal of Replenishment: If u want to kill minions whit skills can be pretty usefull (but true LeBlanc uses mana only for harassing or assassination).
  • Greater Seal of Ability Power: for truly ensure kill early (then you don't need ignite (my opinion))



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Doran's Ring: for early game HP, AP and MP5

Sorcerer's Shoes: to get our of range if attacked, or to get in range to make their life bar disappear. And +20 Magic Penetration is always usefull to have

Rabadon's Deathcap: need to have item on LeBlanc. (Passive: Increases Ability Power by 30%) Explain all

Void Staff: usefull if someone is stacking Magic Resist and more AP.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: usefull if you are targeted a lot, and for AP ( can be bought before Void Staff depending on the game)

Lich Bane: some more Mana if you are on killing spree, Magic risist for counter AP, and +7% Movement Speed is always good for positioning in fight, and as always more AP.

Abyssal Mask: although it is intended for tanks/melee champions it is usefull for LeBlanc when jumping on top of your target with Distortion and secureing the kill, and +70 AP, +57 Magic Resist is nice thing to have especially if your focused by the enemy.
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Skills description short

  • Q- Sigil of Silence: main skill lot of nuke potential, marking target and fi using skill on the same target make it silencing and doing aditional dmg
  • W - Distortion: jumps to target do aoe dmg and can return to point of origin within 3 sec
  • E - Ethereal Chains: do some dmg and slows the target and if connectet to target for 2 sec binds it.
  • R - Mimic imitates any one of LeBlanc's skills and make it stroger for 10/25/40%.
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Skill Sequence

Q- Sigil of Silence W - Distortion E - Ethereal Chains R - Mimic
  • Main Nuke

    WQRE / Q or W
    default key sequence

    Distortion jump on top of him
    Sigil of Silence high dmg skill
    Mimic will coppy Sigil of Silence + 10/25/40% increased damage + silencing because of mark from Sigil of Silence.
    Ethereal Chains slow him down and after 2 sec bind him (if he didn't die from Sigil of Silence and Mimic combo)


    Sigil of Silence if he is still not dead and you can stick around this will finish him (except tanks and people stacking HP (this is meant at full health)).
    Distortion if you are fast at combo and killing the target (3 sec) you can port back the spot you started from or if you are at risk of gank or any other atack

    If nothing else you forced him out of lane
  • Silencing Combo (poking the enemy)

    default key sequence

    Sigil of Silence: do dmg and mark the target (for 3.5 sec)
    Distortion: jump on target and the mark of Sigil of Silence will trigger ( target will be silenced and received dmg from mark and Distortion)
    Distortion: port back and farm some gold.
  • Gank combo

    WEQR / W
    default key sequence

    Distortion: jump out from hiding
    Ethereal Chains: slow him to give your team chance of assist of kill
    Sigil of Silence: do dmg
    Mimic: silence + do some more dmg

    If fast enough

    Distortion: you don't have to walk so far
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Summoner Spells

Most people will recommend Ignite + Flash but I think that the Heal + Flash is more usefull becouse it able's you to stay longer in lane before going back, and if they tower dive you can ensure your escape if not prepared, or healing yourself in lest sec when attacked and killing them under your tower. Or in case of you tower diving healing you enough to survive a few tower hits.
Flash + Teleport is also one of good options makeing you able to gank other lanes fast and stealthy
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  • Early game farm only with basic attack and use mana only for harassing or killing chempions
  • In mid game focus on killing or assisting in kills (you can kill minions to if have time)
  • Late game you can kill minions wave's with Distortion usefull for pushing
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Team Work

  • Your jungles should leave you Ancient Golem buff on second pass.
  • Before you get on killing enemy on mid call your jungler for help so he will get an assist and some gold but he should leave you the kill in early game.
  • Unfeard LeBlanc is usless for team. When you show your self, the enemy should start runing away from you knowing you are able to kill him. But don't become to confident if you get ambushed by 2-3 or all 5 enemy you will be dead instantly
    (example: walked in brush and received around 2000 dmg in about 1.7 sec and had no time to react)
  • In late game try to kill enemys AD carry or someone with high kill count or someone passing by
  • If LeBlanc is played right there is usualy no mid or late game but enemy surrendering around 20 min. This is becouse you can dominate Mid and can gank top/bot any time you want
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Not important for playing

  • I'm sorry if my English is bad but google translate can bring you only this far.
  • If you do not understand something you can PM me and I will try to explain it.

Please give me feedback on my guide
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League of Legends Build Guide Author phoenix737
phoenix737 LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc - Mid is dead top/bot gank ni route <(^^,)>

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