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Lee Sin Build Guide by Roitfr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roitfr

Lee Sin Build v.1 [2015]

Roitfr Last updated on October 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Move between your auto attacks. When you attack, try to move into her, and just touch her with your body all the time and rotate around her. She will have a VERY hard time hitting you. When you can sense that she's gonna do her taunt on you while your close, place a ward behind her and jump to it. Should be easy if she's not fed like a crazy bitch. YOU CAN'T KICK HER INTO YOUR TEAM.
Akali When she tries to hide inside her smoke screen, use ur E, it'll give you vision over her. You can't 1v1 late/transition to late. Before, it should be possible. Pre lvl 11. If she's fed, then .. oh my. I feel sorry for you. YOU CAN KICK HER INTO YOUR TEAM. LEGIT
Alistar Banned in S2, nerfed to the ground in s3. Can only be used as a support nowadays. You can 1v1 him anytime, any level. Invade his jungle a lot. Make your support ward his wraiths, and start at your red. If he started blue (you should be able to know, since if he starts at red the ward will show him), rush to his red and camp him in the brush right next to red buff. First blood him. ENGAGE FIRST WHEN HE STARTED RED. WHEN RED IS AT ~680 HEALTH, ATTACK HIM. DO E, E, Q, AA UNTILL YOUR Q IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF,THEN DASH TO HIM. NOT BEFORE. LESS HP HE HAS, THE MORE DMG U DEAL. IF YOU HAVE IT ON HIM, HE DOESNT WANNA FLASH. IT'S A LOCKDOWN. YOU CAN KICK HIM INTO YOUR TEAM. BUT DON'T.
Amumu First blood him the same way as you did with Alistar. - Invade his jungle as much as possible before lvl 6. He's weak. Ward his wraiths, and steal them all the time. You can 1v1 him, before late. DO NOT KICK THIS FUCKER INTO YOUR TEAM.
Ashe A bit like Annie. Dodge her arrow and you'll be fine. Easy to kick into your team, hit your cripple on her in teamfights.
Blitzcrank Well, you can 1v1 any support. The good thing about this though, is that you can do plays in teamfights. When blitz is about to hook someone, you can W to the guy he's trying to hook, take the shot and get hooked into his team. Then, you should look for flashing behind a carry and R the target into your team. DON'T KICK HIM INTO YOUR TEAM.
Caitlyn You can kick Caitlyn into your team in teamfights. You should look for ganking Caitlyn, since she's a pretty easy gank. Also, she falls behind if you gank her like most adcs. She has no way to regain gold quickly, that Ashe for example can with her E.
Cassiopeia Easy gank, you can kick her into your team, but with caution. Don't kick her directly into your team, but more .. behind them or to the side of them, so when she pops ult she doesnt stun everyone, or anyone.
Darius Darius jungle is piece of cake. Invade his first blue if your team is up for it and that your 5n5 lvl 1 composition is good (you have 1-2 stuns on your team or a grap), since a Darius without blue at lvl 1 is kinda screwed. First blood him at his red if he started blue, in case you didnt invade and you can definitely kick him into your team if he havent got insanely strong tanky items yet, or if he's just an assassin. Darius laner, you can just camp his lane lolol.
Draven Easy to gank, easy to kick into ur team. Just easy mode. :D
Fiora Coming Soon
Galio Coming Soon
Gangplank Coming Soon
Garen Coming Soon
Hecarim Coming Soon
Heimerdinger Coming Soon
Jayce Coming Soon
Karma Coming Soon
Karthus Coming Soon
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Hi , my name is Alexandre and I'm from Canada , I've 15 Years old. I've been playing LOL since the S3 and Lee Sin is my Main Champion. My favorite champions are melees champs.Yasuo,Lee Sin,Jax,Master Yi.In my favorite ranged champs: TF,Ashe,Ezreal,etc...
After have play main with Yasuo , Teemo and Ezreal , I try Lee Sin. The first game I think that's a **** Champ but after 3 matches I decide to Main Lee Sin.


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Tips and Tricks.

You don't need brain for this.
You can make amazing combos with your abillities.
Q -> R -> Q | Basically a oneshot combo. If you have ignite (e.g you're going mid) use it aswell if needed.

Q -> R -> Wait till target lands on the ground -> Q | If you're getting ganked from behind (e.g top) you can allways Q -> R the jungler so he gets pushed near your Tower, then Q Again to escape. W to a minion afterwards if possible. (ALLWAYS)

R -> Q -> Q | Sometimes, you can't get your Q off since that there is minions blocking the way. What you can do is that you R, so you can get ur Q Q on him. Does same dmg as Q R Q. :)

Q -> Q -> Wardjump/Flash -> R | Knockback combo. This is the most important combo of them all. Master this, and you'll get many epic experiences and easy teamfights. REQUIRES PRACTICE.

But what is Wardjump?
Wardjump is 'Place Ward -> W to the placed Ward'. Pretty simple, but requires Smartcast to do fast.

Smartcast? Wtf, talk normal man!
Lol. Bro, Let me explain. Smartcast can be found if you press ESC and press keybindings In-Game. Change all your keys to the smartcast section and you'll earn yourself some improvement..
Be aware of champions like Kennen/fiddle in teamfights. The first thing you wanna do is R them away from your team, since the enemy team will rely on Kennen/Fiddles ultimate.

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For the noobies: How to Jungle

I get this question a lot, from people who wanna learn how to jungle. And I can't really explain it to them, since that I'd take so long time, ahahaha.
First things first, obviously.

1) Buff, drake and baron timers.

- Drake: 6 minutes.
- Baron: 7 minutes.
- Red & Blue: 5 minutes.
use this knowledge to your advantage. When you steal a buff for example, make sure you are at his buff right when it spawns. This usually results in a buff steal, because the enemy junglers usually aren't at their buff at the correct time, also they are never at their buff right at the second when it spawns. You can do the exact same thing with baron and drake. Tell your team to prepare for drake/baron 1 min and 30 seconds before it spawns. Then you gather at drake when there's 10 seconds till it spawns. Kill, free drake. :) Use the knowledge to your advantage!

2) To farm or to gank?

It's actually really really simple. While your farming, you look at other lanes to learn how the enemy laner is playing. Aggressive, defensive or passive playstyles are the ones you would see. When the enemy laner is aggressive, you can go for a gank instead of farming in your jungle. You should wait till the enemy laner goes for a poke/kill, then you engage on him. Results in a flash or kill. But remember to never gank when the lane is pushed to the enemy turret. And never sit and wait in a brush for an opportunity to gank (You can do that in bottom lane, for example: The enemy bot lane has a Leona, you could do a lane gank, i'll explain that more in details later, and just wait in the lane brushes till the enemy engages if they are aggressive, not passive). Be aware that, some laners change their playstyle based on their champion level. For example, a Leona would go aggressive at lvl 6+ because she has her full kit. But a Jayce wouldnt rly care, he'd focus on having better items than the opponent (having an item advantage can also make the laner go aggressive).
Short explanation: Scout when you farm, go for gank when you can see an opening.

3) Fighter-type Junglers and TankyCC-type Junglers. What do you do with each one?

This video explains it very well.

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Wait , don't go yet!

Before you leave, thumps up my guide! :) It really helps a lot, and motivates me to keep updating this


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Lee Sin Progressive Compilation