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Lee Sin Build Guide by The Last

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Last

Lee Sin Guide to Jungling [Updated Masteries]

The Last Last updated on November 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
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Resolve: 6

Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate TF jungle is very slow if not leashed properly until the main buff. You can invade early, or go straight to his camp after yours. The important thing to do is to never give him any and counter jungle him hard. Always ward their side of the jungle.
Talon Talon jungle is a yucky thing to do very slow clear. Same as TF counter jungle hard.
Akali Similar to Talon, counter jungle hard and don't let her snowball.
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Hi guys. I've updated the masteries part of the guide. I've yet to try all the new items if it can fit Lee Sin. [currently under editing process]

I started in EUNE S2 as GeekFTW, and created another account on NA as Rocketeer96 but I haven't played there for a long time. I main jungle, support, and ADC. I main LS since S4-S5 and has carried me so far in my games. Please don't judge me based on my country, we all play the same game with a toxic community, some more than others. I'm Asparagus on LoL PH, Platinum 5 and Strandt my smurf on PH.

Here are examples of my games with LS using my main and my smurf lvl 10 [Patch 5.21].

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Why Lee Sin?

Lee Sin is a very versatile champion with a very flexible kit and while many people says that Lee Sin falls off late game, that isn't very true. Lee Sin spikes into mid game if played well, that's why seeing him in late game should not be common for Lee Sin players. Lee Sin can hunt down the enemy jungler depending on who they are. He can also counter jungle depending on the situation. But the most important thing about Lee Sin is about how he can give high quality ganks depending on the skill. If you can't gank, you can always attempt to destroy the enemy jungler. Building 2 AD items on Lee Sin is enough for him to deal tons of damage especially with the buffed Stalker's Blade Warrior Enchantment. Then afterwards, build tankyness according to your needs and with the sample build, Lee Sin should be above 3000+ health at level 18 with his armor and magic resist numbers are actually pretty tanky too and with those 2 AD items you should be able to deal massive damage while still being able to front line. If you have reliable teammates who are tanky but doesn't doesn't deal much damage, I suggest you remove 1 tanky item from Lee Sin that you least need preferably those that doesn't give health and extra stats and change it into a damage build to help your carry with the damage.

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I've yet to try max item builds with Lee Sin, but I've already tried the updated masteries and the upside of this masteries is that Lee Sin will be able to move very well at the whole map while sacrificing a bit of his defensive side. But to counter this, your mobility and damage should be able to get you early kills for yourself and your team.

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9x Flat Damage Marks
For more AD early on as you would rely on AA and your skills, and flurry makes it faster to clear.

9x Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs
Monsters in the jungle doesn't deal magic damage so why put Magic Resist at all? So you can deal with enemies with AP and you won't be dealing with them early on or even if you do, most APs doesn't deal that much damage early on.

9x Flat Armor Seals
Flat armor seals are great for jungling because it gives you flat armor on an early level to deal with jungle monsters. You can switch out to scaling armor seals or scaling health seals if your teammates can guarantee you a very hard leash early on.

3x Life Steal Quints
I personally love Life Steal quints as it gives Lee Sin dueling advantage and sustain in the jungle.

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Jungle Path

If I'm not sure where the enemy would start, I'd usually start where the adr and the support are. Then head straight to either blue or red then the river to farm the rift scuttler, or the River Ward for the ward and the health it gives. Depending on who the enemy is, I can go straight to their buff and wait or organize an invade which would usually lead to an early kill or burned flashes for the enemy. While farming is the main role of the jungler, ganking is what is important. If you started on red on the Top side of the map, you can gank at lvl 2-3 on top and head straight to mid to gank, or hunt the enemy jungler then proceed to gank either mid or top. Hunting is very essential to Lee Sin especially if you know you can kill the enemy jungler or the unknowing support who will try to ward the river or further in the jungle.

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Now, let's skip the essential parts as you all already know, machete and 2 health potions are standard build on any jungler.

AD Items
Build Stalker's Blade Warrior Enchantment for that 45 Flat Damage, 10 Armor Penetration, and 10 Cooldown Reduction. Ravenous Hydra for that 75 Flat Damage, 12% Life Steal, 100% Base Health Regeneration and for clearing minions or monsters easily when pushed. Ravenous Hydra will allow you to tank up damage while continuously surviving on the front lines for your team. Also Lee Sin's Damage output will be up for 240+ with a Dragon Buff.

Tanky Items
Tanky items on Lee Sin can vary on how the enemy team is composed of, or who is fed and who is not. Whatever the situation is, always build health first as it gives you an advantage visually and in game. Opponents who doesn't look at stats will think that they won't be able to burst you down as you have massive health, which is partly true if your health is considerably high. But don't build single health items like Warmog's Armor right away. Build Health + Magic Resist or Health + Armor which will depend on what item you need the most based on the situation. If you don't have enough tankyness on the team, I would suggest buying warmog's armor then a Zz'Rot Portal or a Guardian Angel right away. But this will depend on how fast you can earn gold on all sources, the jungle, kills, and assists, minions, towers and objectives.

I don't recommend building a sightstone as it would only get in the way of you snowballing. You can upgrade your Warding Totem into a Greater Stealth Totem and receive almost the same benefits, from giving vision to ward jumping.