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Lee Sin Build Guide by Salamanderpro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Salamanderpro

Lee Sin Jungle (Blind Guy Jungling) [S4]

Salamanderpro Last updated on April 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings summoners my name is Salamander and im a gold jungle main aiming to go platinum and higher. Do not underestimate my guide it is sure to work you just dont have to feed and do anything risky if you follow everystep and understand the type of gameplay i bring out there with this guide it will help you understand lee sin as a champ as well.
(If you have any ideas on how to make the guide better they are all welcome)

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Start off with machete 5 health pots and a basic warding totem. After your first recall you should be able to buy spirit stone and at least 1 long sword. You first must have item is the spirit of lizard elder after that you should purchase the mobility boots and rush brutalizer. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BLACK CLEAVER. After purchasing brutalizer you should go giants belt and finally omens. After omens you finally get black cleaver and finish with banshees veil and warmongs.

NOTE: (if the opposing team is more ap based or their apc does more damage than their adc or they have a spam poke champ (nida ziggs xerath) You should get banshees before omens)


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Pros / Cons

Pros: Very strong early
Very good at counter jungling
Very mobile with his ward W combo
A lot of stealing potential
Good at securing buffs
Can pvp a lot of junglers early
His ult can lock priority targets or even mess a whole team comp by knowing everyone in the air and kicking the tank over a wall or far away.

Cons: His damage falls late game
His W has a higher cooldown so you cant risk going too deep on the enemy jungle
Late game only his ult is usefull

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Skill Sequence

You max Q its simple then you have 2 routes max W or E some people max E for more damage and the slow. Even tho W got nerfed last patch its still worth maxing it helps you farm the jungle easy and the life steal / spellvamp has saved my life thousands of times.

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Bottom Side Route: Start with Red lizard after you get a pull from your bot lane smite move up to the wraiths after that Q the ancient golem and get the blue buff with smite look for a lane to gank if you cant find a gank you go wolves wraiths and golems smiting the big golem looking for a gank again.

Top Side Route: Start Blue golem with the help of the bot lane smite go wolves then red lizard smite again then look for a gank, if there isnt one go wraiths wolves and on the new big wraith then look for a gank again.

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The general idea for a gank is to apply pressure on the opposing laner and make him feel more uncomfortable laning leading into him making mistakes. The idea of a jungler coming out of a bush any time is a nightmare they will have to waste gold on wards and give your laner another small advantage. Normally a river ward can save a lot of laners since as a jungler you need to go in stealthy without anyone seeing you. In my opinion the toughest lane to gank is the top lane the reason is the champions there are pretty tanky and can do a lot of damage there are a lot of occasions when the opposing renekton can kill you and your top lane getting a double kill 2v1, or when your top is very pushed or even if its a balanced push most junglers wait for an opening feel free to wait 10 to 15 seconds on a bush for an opening. But as lee sin those limits dont apply on you. You have the most gank potential out of all junglers in the game. Your first goal in a gank is to land a Q if then after you close up the distance you use E and slow him then AA him. If the opponent is pushing or is a champ that can leave easy you can place a trinket W on it E slow land 1 Q then AA wait for him to waste a flash or an escape ability then Q again do not be impatient in your Qs. You can also dive a turret Q ult Q again E and W out when you have your ult your ganks level up and become undodgable you can Q ult anything and with a flash or a ward jump behind them send them directly at your teammate getting an easy kill.

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Clearing Camps

Try to land Q on the biggest monster of the camp all good lee sin players are able to land it if you miss or fail you can AA him once and move him out a little then use Q. {ALWAYS USE AA (Auto Attacks) BETWEEN YOUR ABILITIES} With the help of your passive you can clear easily. Q 2 AA Q again then W 2 AA W again 2 AA etc if you are low feel free to cast W iron will and smite the monster the spellvamp will get back a descent amount of health that can help you stay alive even when you dive you can do the same smite a minion and survive again.

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Just throwing this out there cause i get annoyed when people use some stupid programs to remember the timers.

Blue red buff: 5 minutes
Drake: 6 minutes
Baron: 7 minutes
As a good jungler you should always write down in your chat when you killed the buff and then calculate the time it will spawn its simple math.

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Counter jungle

You should always counter jungle when you see a chance. For example when the opposite jungler ganks top his bottom side jungle is unprotected you can get the big wolf and a baby and always leave 1 or better for you get a big buff note down the timer and be there when the next one spawns. Always remember to leave wards behind when you counter jungle at the wraiths bush or the red buffs bush there are a lot of places you can leave a ward and prevent a gank there is nothing worse than having a warded jungle and letting the enemies know where you are.

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Ranked Play

Always remember with lee sin YOU CANT CARRY ALONE. You can never carry alone. You must always help your team even teach them new stuff in game. Flaming and raging will help noone. Just gank a lane that needs help even babysit them if it means victory they will carry you late.

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Pinging an objective always remember objectives > kills you should call a drake whenever you see the slight chance. Their team is b they are scattered all across the map or they dont have vision always remember to buy a pink ward and head to drake note the next one on chat and then continue the game. Baron calls should only be made when the opponents have a dead jungler , no vision , they are too far away to reach you and when you as odd as it sounds have the confidence. Most of the time in jungling it comes down to who has the guts to go in for the steal if you think you cant smite it before the other jungler do not even try doing it the moment your mind looses you will loose the baron and possibly the game. It has happened to me thousands of times in solo queue so dont risk it. Also note that its a junglers job to ping a drake or a baron not the mid laners not the supports if they ping baron and its a good baron opportunity then yes go for it. But if they wanna baron and you dont even have vision there you might as well tell them no even if they try to solo it or go 3 people on baron they will probably report you but dont worry this only happens in bronze thankfully.