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Lee Sin Humor Guide by Chiefiosi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chiefiosi

Lee Sin Logical Guide

Chiefiosi Last updated on September 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey fellas!

After reading lots of Lee guides I finally decided to make my own beacause none of them suited me. Just an example: Many people recommend armor penetration runes. HELLO?! Did you ever try to penetrate an armor (Real Armor, for me, is made out of iron or steel) with your fists? IT HURTS! This stones called "runes" can not really change such an law of nature. It is not possible. I don't get it. You do not really believe in that stones, do you? Good.

But anyway let's start!

( Im german so please tell me about grammar/spelling fails thx ;) )

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Pros / Cons


  • Tries to act like Chuck Norris with his roundhousekick.
  • Women envy him for his long hair.
  • Is a good fighter although he is blind.
  • Can fly to his enemies in a 90° angle to the ground and kill 'em all!
  • Can fly to his friends in a 90° angle to the ground and save them...excuse me. Save him.
  • Hits his enemies with a sonic wave to locate them. Like a bat!
  • Uses energy, it restores faster than mana! (Cheese 'n Rice, I hate mana! Which idiot invented it?)
  • All in all 7 abilities for great variety. They need skill so he is more fun to play.
  • Cool one-liners e.g.:"Force is meaningless without skill." and a classic one:"HIIKUUUUUH!"
  • Acts free of doubt. That does not help if you fail with your actions. (Like diving->dying)
  • Monk.


  • Abilities need skill => No Champion for newbies.
  • Annoying one-liners:"Where am I needed?"
  • He is NOT Chuck Norris, it is pathetic trying to imitate him.
  • Mates might run away faster from the same threat like Lee so his Shield cannot save him.
  • Batman is better, fullstop.
  • Newbies fail with energy because they spam all abilities, ignoring the passive.
  • Why he punshes the ground? The ground cannot be missed. (joke)
  • Cripples enemies. I think the traume with his eyes made him lurking for revenge. But nobody wants to be crippled.
  • Flurry could result from hyperactivity. I asked the Doctor of Medicine Kennen. Really!
  • Recommended item:"Last Whisper" A bow. For a blind monk. That was a good one Riot, haha!

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Just a short explanation to my rune choices

Like mentioned in the introduction, I do not really trust this piece of s...stone. Most summoners say they would be sooooo important. So I have chosen a few.

- Greater Mark of Ability Power: Man + more potency. I hope it is not necessary to explain...

- Greater Seal of Armor: Needed for that hyperactive jumping at one place when using the Dragonfist Lee Sin skin

- Greater Glyph of Knowledge: He studied half of his life and is a monk, fits good I would say. And combines great with my Quintessences. Next it hopefully helps some summoners to make good decisions what to do in important situations.

- Greater Quintessence of Experience: Knowledge and experience leads to wisdom. Wisdom is good Volibear told me.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells really have good uses.(Instead of that stones)

- Heal: Again a classic. Loved and hated all the way up to level 30. And it is quite easy to understand why, in this game your aim is to defeat your enemies in battles. In battles people get hurt obviously and if they do not want to die, they need to be healed. Easy, isn't it? (Especially for stupid idiots like Lee who not even wear cloth armor. But don't tell them!)

- Ghost: Helps you to catch up to enemies or allies to jump and kill 'em all! Or escaping.


- Clairvoyance: He is blind so no use for him. And he cannot see where to put it for his teammates so DO NOT TAKE IT. Only if you want to troll of course.

- Rally: Just kidding.

- Surge: >look at clairvoyance<

- Fortify: I am pulling your leg.

- Ignite: Lees eyes were burnt down, I do not think he likes that.

- Cleanse: Only if you dont have toilet paper in range.

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Lee works really well with Utility masteries. Don't believe me? You will see.

- Mental Force : Another Wisdom boost.

- Good Hands : Imagine you are blind. You have to use other senses better, for example the sense of touch.


- Improved Recall : Self-explaining.

- Meditation : Monks and Meditation are like Sion's Axe and Face Bones, they need each other.

- Greed : More Money, more Equipment, more kills, more money, more equipment,..., win!

- Awareness : Being aware of enemies is always good. Especially if the summoner is sleeping.

- Sage : Lee is obviously a Sage.

- Intelligence : Intelligence is something which is very rare in some peoples' heads.

- Strength of Spirit : I'm bored of this mental **** -.-

- Mastermind : . . .

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Skill Sequence

This Chapter is really short and simple

You will need all skills to play Lee perfectly, no doubt about that. Although his wannabe roundhousekick is like a mouse fart, in LoL relations it is quite strong so max it out imediatly and send your enemies back 2 base!

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Why I use these items

First off I start with Oracle's Elixir so it can tell Lee where the foes are. Why no Doran's item? That is an personal thing, he owes me much money and I will not buy his cheap **** until he paid his debts. Honestly, look at those things, the blade looks like it is from a low wages factory and cursed, the shield like a reinforced barrel cover plate and the ring like a thick rune with an hole in the Middle.

Sorry I drifted away, back to topic. Zhonya's Hourglass is very important or are you not interested what time is it? Or when you played too long and have to have a break. And it turns you for 2 seconds in an invincible gold statue! Who doesn't like that?

Leviathan is such a cool word. Bought!

Now again something to counter Lee's blindness, the Hextech Sweeper! It cannot turn around, sees only in black and white and has a transfer delay of 3 seconds, but with the Leviathan you should be able to survive these 3 secs if someone started to attack you.

What is green, metal grey, better than a gun or a blade? The Hextech Gunblade of course! Hextech is such an genius company!

You do not want to slowly walk along like your grandpa, so you need Boots of Mobility! Not to forget they are very comfortable and help you surviving when running away, in particular catching up so allies to be able to use the shieldjump!

Finally, for what the women (and maybe some men) read this guide! The secret for Lee's long hair, it comes from the Regrowth Pendant. Just an advice from me: Do not use than 2 simultaniously or you will soon look like Volibear or Gragas.


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