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Lee Sin Build Guide by Not HAZORDZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Not HAZORDZ

Lee Sin Ranked Playstyle

Not HAZORDZ Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Introduction-Lee Sin, The Blind Monk

Hello, and welcome to my Ranked guide for Lee Sin, the Blind Monk.

Before we get started, I would like to say that this build consistently works and does well in ranked. I have tested multiple builds for Lee Sin on MOBAFire, and they are all mainly built for pubstomping and carrying in pubs. Lee Sin is by no means a 'carry' and should be played as an off-tank anti carry. Lee Sin has all the tools to make a carry such as Ashe be reduced to nothing more than cannon fodder or just take her out of the fight completely. Without further ado, let's get into the guide.

Things you will see in this guide-
-Item Builds
-Tips and Tricks

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Lee Sin is an Anti-Carry?

In my opinion, Lee Sin has all the tools to be an anti-carry. An Attack Speed/Movement Speed slow, an ultimate that can push enemies through walls, and the ability to get in and out quickly is all the tools that an anti-carry needs to be viable. For example, Poppy has the tools to deal a great amount of damage while not taking any damage at all, and then get out fast enough that the enemy team can't respond. Lee Sin has exactly that, and that is why I believe that Lee Sin is an anti-carry.

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-Very Durable
-Great Early Game
-Can Farm very Well
-Insane Damage Output while being tanky
-Great Tower Pusher
-Best 1v1er in the game

-Squishy Early on
-Gets focused
-Is the target of Ganks
-Can be CCed to death

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Reds- Greater Mark of Desolation
Yellows- Greater Seal of Armor
Blues Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Quints- Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Reds/Quints=The reason I take ArPen Reds/Quints is because without them, your auto attacks don't do anything. If you want to have a solid damage output with Lee Sin, you need to be able to combo with your abilities AND your auto attacks.

Yellows-The reason I take flat armor Yellows is because Lee Sin is just so squishy until he builds a Phage, or another health item. These help stay in the lane longer while providing late game survivability.

Blues-The reason I take flat MR Blues is because they provide a huge early game bonus while laning against an AP carry, and because of late game survivability.

These are MY runes for Lee Sin, if you think you have a better rune setup for him, then use that.

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Item Build

I start out with a longsword and 1x health potion because you want to be rushing phage as early as possible. The longsword also gives a good damage output early game while providing some survivability with the health potion.
By the first time back, you should have enough gold to buy your Phage and your level one boots. This will buff up your survivability greatly in terms of early game and mobility in terms of chasing down enemies who are running away from you. The first time I back normally would be around 9/10 minutes into the game.
By Mid-Game, you should have farmed enough and gotten enough kills to buy your Trinity Force, your level 2 boots, and your Stark's. The reason I choose to rush Trinity Force over Frozen Mallet is because even though Frozen Mallet provides early game survivability and a bit of damage, it just doesn't provide the same way as a Trinity Force does. Not only does the Trinity Force provide a 1/4 chance of slowing, it also has the Sheen proc built into it, so if you land Sonic Wave, and dash in with Resonating Strike, your combos will do so much more damage. As for Mercury's Treads, they are the best boots in the game, and Stark's provides a much needed bonus for you and your team. Along with Iron Will, you will be able to 1v1 any champion on any ground.
By the time Late-Game rolls around, you should be investing your gold towards a Banshee's Veil. I cannot stress how important this item is. Not only does it provide health and magic resist, but it also provides one free ticket to escape. Let's say you have around half health and an enemy Mordekaiser runs up, ignites you then proceeds to cast Children of the Grave on you, Banshee's Veil will block Children of the Grave and save your life. It is easily a must get for any champion in my opinion. As for Frozen Mallet, it is a great item for late game as it provides a large chunk of health, damage, and a built in slow. Combine all of your items with an Atma's Impaler, and you will have around 3k health, 200+ AD, 80-100 magic resist and armor, and the ability to escape even the toughest of ganks.
Until you get your Stark's, you will not have that much lifesteal to sustain yourself and farm correctly. Until you buy your Stark's, if you have left over gold, ALWAYS buy 2-3 health potions. It always helps to have something to help you stay in the lane or out live that ignite.

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Early Game Playstyles-Who should I lane with?

Before we being this chapter, let me say this-Lee Sin needs to have a good laning partner or he will not perform the same.

As Lee Sin, you should always head bottom because if your team has a jungler, you will not be able to solo the same way Mordekaiser will be. ALWAYS go bottom even if the pubbies start to rage.

Now, in order to be a good Lee Sin, you need to be able to pick your laning partners wisely. NEVER go with the carry, as you need the farm and they can go middle or solo lane top. I have had multiple experiences with different laning partners, and I can say i have not done as well laning with a carry then laning with a tank/support. Now, the top ten laning partners in my opinion for Lee Sin are:
10: Xin Zhao Xin is a good laning partner for Lee Sin. He has a slow, a knock-up, and a great amount of damage to him. However, he is not as good as others.
9: Lux Lux is very fun to lane with, she has a snare, a slow, and a shield to keep you alive. She does steal a lot of kills however, so she is not the most viable choice.
8: Shen Shen is great to lane with, a taunt, a built in heal, and most importantly, he shows up when you need him the most.
7: Ryze When you want to put out insane amounts of damage, lane with Ryze. With a snare and great damage output, Ryze can be your best friend at times.
6: Nidalee Nidalee is a great laning partner for ANYONE. Healing, a trap that helps you prevent ganks, and the ability to harass a lot is insane. Nidalee is a very viable choice to lane with.
5: Singed Oh my god, Singed is amazing. Once you reach level 6, you will be able to take down almost anyone together. Just have Singed fling an enemy into you and BAM! You have yourself a kill.
4: Sona Sona can just keep healing you, which allows you to have the ability to keep harassing and stay alive.
3: Leona Whenever I lane with Leona, the result is always good. 3 Stuns, a Lux passive for teammates, and incredible staying power, Leona can help you get more fed and farmed than Karthus
2: Jarvan IV Jarvan is just so awesome in a lane with Lee Sin. He can give you extra attack speed and armor, while also providing a great knock-up and ultimate that just dominate any enemy.
1: Alistar Holy ****, I love Alistar. He has two incredible CCs, a built in AoE heal, and the ability to harass extremely well. I would lane with Alistar any day.

Now after you have decided who you want to lane with, take a rank in Sonic Wave and head down to bottom. Also, always remember to fire Sonic Wave into the bushes so you can make sure it's safe for you and your laning partner. Now, the way I play Lee Sin early game is just farm as much as possible, and whenever you see an opportunity to land a Sonic Wave, take it. The farm helps SO much to pay for your Phage/Boots and gives you the advantage late game when you have a full build and the other team doesn't. After you reach level 2, take a rank in Tempest and begin to hit them with Sonic Wave, Resonating Strike in, Tempest, and auto-attack once or twice and run back to the safety of your minion wave. This will deal TONS of damage and make your enemies back within 5 minutes of the game. Once you reach level 4, you will be able to this much more often and be able to get out much quicker. Just continue to farm and harass until you can finally just combo in and ignite them to death.

NOTE-It will take a while to learn when to Resonating Strike in or not. When I first played Lee Sin, I would always jump onto people on their tower and die. Just be smart about when you jump in or not.

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So by mid game, you should have around 3-4 kills, your Trinity Force, Merc Treads and Stark's. You should also be getting into teamfights. When I see most Lee Sins play, they always like to initiate with Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike. NEVER do that. It is the tanks job to initiate, not yours. When your in a teamfight, your goal is to take out the carry as fast as possible, even if it costs you your own life in the process. Lee Sin is an ANTI CARRY. As long as you take out the carry, you have done your job. The way I take out the carry is Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike into the carry, Tempest/Cripple to reduce their attack speed, and then either A. Ult the carry into my team, or if we're fighting in the jungle, I B. Ult them through a wall to take them out of the fight for a few seconds. After that, I either die or I Safeguard/Iron Will back into one of my teammates and stay to provide the Stark's buff to my teammates and the debuff to the enemies. If the enemy carry is not there during the teamfight, always go into the center of the enemy team to Tempest/Cripple so that you can get some nice AoE damage off and slow their Attack Speed/Movement Speed. If your team consists of champions with AoE ultimates (Such as Fiddlesticks), then Ult the enemy team's tank at the right angle so that the tank is pushed back, and the rest of the enemy team is knocked-up while in your teammate's AoE ultimate. This is a great way to help your team deal massive damage without the enemy team retaliating.

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Late Game-What should you be doing?

Late-Game, your goal is to provide as much global gold to your team. In order to do so, you must remember/do the following things-
Lee Sin can easily solo Dragon late game! Don't be afraid to go for Dragon on a regular basis, it always helps!
Lee Sin is an INSANE tower pusher! (See Tips and Tricks)
Baron is an easy target for Lee Sin! Always go for Baron if your team is up and the other team is down!
Lee Sin can steal Baron very easily! Resonating Strike does 10% of the missing health of the target! This is the BEST Baron stealing tool in the game next to Ezreal's ult!
STAY WITH YOUR TEAM! Your Stark's can provide a game changing bonus if you are with your team!
Save your teammates! Don't be afraid to run in and ult an enemy chasing down a teammate!
Lastly, PUSH MINION WAVES! I can't stress it enough, Lee Sin can push minion waves with his eyes closed!
In conclusion, be as helpful as possible. Don't just wait for teamfights.

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Tips and Tricks

In Late-Game, Lee Sin is a great tower-pusher. Because of his passive, Flurry, he can gain 50% attack speed for two attacks after he uses a skill. Also, because his abilities cost Energy and not Mana, he can spam his skills and if timed right, gain 50% attack speed for 5-6 seconds. When pushing a tower, Safegaurd to a minion, hit the tower twice, activate Iron Will, hit the tower twice again, Tempest, hit the tower twice again, then lastly (Unless you hit an enemy minion with Tempest, then hit E again and go to the next step), Sonic Wave AWAY from the minions so you can continue hitting the tower. Just repeat until the tower is dead.

Lee Sin can also do Baron with two people. Just call your support/tank over to Baron and get it done.

Resonating Strike Does 10% of the target's missing health, don't forget that when fighting tanks.

Try not to spam your Iron Will while 1v1ing/teamfighting. It has a longer cooldown and can save your life.

Be aggressive. Don't sit by while your enemy pushes a tower, run in and push them back!

ALWAYS BUY WARDS! They can save a life.

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In conclusion, Lee Sin is probably the funnest champion I've ever played. I just can't seem to get enough of him. It's just so fun to take out the carry in under 5 seconds and still get away. I would also like to say that it did take me a while to get used to Lee Sin. After being a long time Morde-Xin player, it was a tough transition from easy mode to Lee Sin. However, After learning to play him the right way, I get great results when playing in any game, even if I lost.As you can see, I did well even though I lost. I always have a positive K/D ratio if I win, and if I lose, I still do well. Also, if you guys want to upload your photos of using this guide, please send me them! :)