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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kemando

Lee Sin The Blind DPS Chasing Assassin

Kemando Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin The Blind Assassin: Introduction

Hello, this is Kemando and this is a build I came up with for Lee Sin the Blind Monk with heavy focus on AD and AS to get you many assassiny kills and ganks, it is great for chasing, almost nobody can outrun Lee Sin. This is for Laning either top or bottom, Lee should never be mid, lol. Anyway so read on...

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Match History

This is just one game and how I did using this build. I may put more games down the road.

Uploaded with

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What you will NEED

- Common Sense. Without this valuable tool you will die... ALOT. Do not tower dive when you have less health than your opponent. Do not tower dive unless you are guaranteed a kill and an escape. Do not tower dive if you don't know how.

- Experience with Lee Sin. If you are playing him because he's free I suggest you get some practice in, he's a tricky champion and having to follow up each of his abilities can become confusing at first.

- Ability to land Skillshots often. Lee's main chasing/harassing ability is his and if you can't hit that often you might as well go play someone else, you're not ready to be blind.

- To be able to Gank effectively when your team needs it. Be that in your own lane or in a buddies lane, just don't be stupid, and remember more kills = more money = more awesome.

- Know when to capitalize on your passive: use abilities even when no enemies are around for the extra AS bonus for your next auto attacks, for example when soloing a turret use abilities in succession purely for AS bonus to take out the turret faster even if this means shooting a into nowhere.

- Know when to chase and expect traps. This is self explanatory.

- Finally, Know how to escape when you're in too deep by using whatever methods available to you, and choose unexpected routes.

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing Chaser
- Great 1v1
- Extremely Mobile
- Excellent AD
- Fun to Play
- Large assortment of Abilities
- Awesome Tower Diver if you know what you're doing (Common Sense)
- Ultimate that would make Chuck Norris Proud


- Sort of Squishy
- Sort of bad in team fights or 1v2 +
- Most important move is a Skillshot
- Tempest, judgement issues on its range
- EXTREMELY vulnerable to CC and anything that stops you from using abilities (Silence, Stun, etc...)
- Practically useless when unable to use Abilities
- Must know how to use passive effectively either for AS or to avoid running out of Energy
- KillSteals are EASY with Q - Q or R and people will rage, but if you don't care about ragers, KS away! :D

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Summoner Spells

GHOST - This will be extremely effective for chasing and escaping, this works very well for both. The cooldown is rather high though so only use it when extremely necessary either to clean up a chase or to escape a 5v1 deathtrap.

EXHAUST - This is also an extremely useful tool for Lee, not only does it help YOU chase but it also helps your teammates chase as well for a faster kill or an assist. This doesn't work AS WELL for escaping because it only works on one champion but if you're only being chased by one champion it works great. Beware that while Master Yi is using his ultimate Exhaust has no affect on him and should not be wasted.

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I chose those runes (see build above) specifically because you get some health, AD and AS which can make quite a difference early game, other than that runes don't really make too much of a difference late game, these give you some extra health more AD and AS so you can take down fools easier.

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I put focus on ability cooldown, experience gain, AD, critical strike, basically everything you need to be a great AD champion, death time reduction and ghost and cripple enhancement.

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I chose this item first because of the health, AD, and small amount of lifesteal it gives you a nice damage boost in the early game until you can buy higher level items and perhaps sell this later in the game.

This will be your second item, (well actually BoS will be which you will build into these ASAP) for the 2 movement speed and increased attack speed, Lee is all about melee combat and using your passive effectively for its speed bonus but I'll get to that a little later.

This will be your 3rd item for obvious reasons, the AD, health, AS, and AP along with the slow from the Phage which is built in makes this an amazing tool for virtually any champion, and it works especially well in this build. I build it in this order: -> -> ->

This will be your next item on the list because of its AD, AP, and AS bonus you get from the passive which is really good imo. By now your AS should be fairly high and you should be able to take out fools no problem, quick and easy, all this AS coupled with makes you an AS beast.

Alright now we're just going AS overkill, but this also gives you some good AD and it's Active is probably one of the best in the game. Increased MS on top of increased AS, AD on top of all the AD and AS we already have? Yes please. I suggest you build -> -> So at this point we have hefty AD, overkill AS (if you use your passive effectively, again I'll get to that later in the "Abilities" section, some extra HP and MS along with some AP and enemy slow (from Phage built into Trinity).

Well here we go again... Even MOAR AS and some extra AD for your player killing needs, it also passively reduces your enemies armor for even MOAR damage! I suggest you build -> ->

Alright so this is where it becomes a preference thing. If you feel you're a bit squishy and need life steal to go with your rape then upgrade this bad boy into if you feel you just want all out more AD and some intense CS then invest the B.F. Sword into the for the ultimate end game power.

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Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike - This is by far Lee's BEST ability for many reasons. One it allows him to harass enemy champions from a distance, Two, it allows him to sight enemies in bushes/grass, Three, it allows him to Chase extremely well because of the immediate warp + damage to enemy champion, and 4 it has a decent range and can be used to tower dive or finish off a "b-ing" player. The "Resonating Strike" ability does MORE damage when the enemy is at lower health so try to use it when the enemy has more missing HP, this works especially well on Tanks, or enemies with large amounts of HP.

SafeGuard / Iron Will - This is a very useful tool for ESCAPING, and for LifeSteal and Damage protection. It allows you to warp to an allied minion, champion, or ward which works well for escaping a chase or even getting ahead when you're chasing an enemy and one of your teammates is in front, you can simply warp to the teammate in front of you and pass him effectively giving you easier access to the enemy for a Q-Q. this can also save a mates *** by giving them a small temporary shield which may just be the difference between life and death. And since you shield whatever you warp to AND yourself this is a great tool but it's not the most important. Also I find it works well for escaping Jarvan's Ultimate, you have to use it as soon as possible though, like right when he creates the circle around you try to warp out to a buddy leaving Jarvan alone in his circle with his thoughts. This can also be Self Cast so only YOU get the shield which works well in a 1v1 fight.

Tempest / Cripple - One of Lee's greatest abilities. This will allow you to do hefty damage to, and slow enemies in succession. This can be used while chasing if you are close enough, usually after a Q - Q use tempest then cripple to slow the enemy down while your Q cools down, rinse then repeat. Can save your teammates if they are being chased, you can slow down the foe to give your buddy valuable seconds to escape and live to fight another day. Also works extremely well if you are being chased to again, damage and slow the enemy.

Dragon's Rage! - This is one of those "Holy **** that ability is Effing RAPE" abilities. It allows you to a number of things... Deal an extremely high amount of damage to an enemy, make an enemy fly to whichever direction you like, be that toward teammates, toward a turret, away from teammates (if you want the kill for yourself) it allows you to separate an enemy from his teammates, and deliver a finishing blow to a low HP enemy. It also allows you to escape a chase of a large number of people, or just one. You can kick the lead enemy chasing you back and if they hit the other "chasers" then they will all be damaged and flung up into the air giving you time to escape.

FLURRY - This Passive isn't just there like some other champions, it's a VERY important part of how Lee works. It gives him 50% Bonus AS and gives him back 15 energy for 2 hits after an ability is used. If you don't capitalize on the passive you will quickly find that you run out of energy rather quickly if you're not paying attention. The bonus attack speed is a great help for dealing with enemy minions and champions alike, and the energy receipt is what keeps you from running out of energy, think of it as a cashback guarantee.

Ability Combos!


Here are some great combos and uses for the abilities.

Q - R - Q - E - E > This allows you to sonic wave the enemy, then kick them back, then Resonating strike to warp to the enemy causing more damage because of the lower health from the kick, then it allows you to damage then slow them to be finished off by your awesomeness. Be sure to pop Safeguard and Iron Will whenever necessary to give you a Shield, LifeSteal, and Spell Vamp, plus the 4 hits of increased attack speed if you capitalize on your passive.

Q - Q (2 hits) -W- (2 hits) -W- (2 hits) -E- (2 hits) -E- (2 hits) R! > This allows you to damage then warp to target enemy then Self Cast a shield hitting twice with increased AS then gives you life steal and spell vamp and armor plus 2 more hits of increased AS then a damaging blow and 2 more hits of increased AS then slow the enemy and then finish off with a roundhouse kick to the face.

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Final Comments

I will be updating the guide when necessary and reading all your comments for quality assurance. This guide took approximately 2 - 3 hours to write out and add icons to etc. Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helps you Blindly kill the enemy without prejudice. See what I did thar?