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Lee Sin Build Guide by Zekantar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zekantar

Lee Sin the Blind Hero

Zekantar Last updated on August 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Zekantar. My IGN for League (NA server) is Nektralik. I'm part of a small circle of friends that calls themselves the Meta Dragons. We are a very new group that wants to get big in popularity as well as entertain people with humor and gameplay of a wide range of games. Anyway, this is a small guide I decided to write because I enjoy playing Lee Sin a lot and he is my most played ranked champion. I'm currently Gold IV and by no means do I feel you should come to my guide thinking you can read it and have Lee Sin down in a night, I don't think I'm the best either, I just wanna write this here hoping a few people might learn a thing or two and improve their gameplay. I don't plan on expanding the guide much more unless it starts to gain popularity.

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My Builds and Why

You'll notice I have 2 main builds in my build section (not including the core page.) One is for the "normal jungle", and the other is for doran's blade jungling. I personally think Doran's Blade jungling is more effective and more fun, but my other build can be much more helpful in situations where you need a heavy tank to win.

Doran's Blade Jungling
Super strong damage with only 1 or 2 Doran's Blade.
Great sustain due to lifesteal synergy with Doran's Blade and W.
Tons of HP early/mid game.
Extreme mobility with that early Sightstone.

Have to sacrifice a bit more HP doing level 1 and 2 buffs due to having no pots.
More prone to falling behind if ganks don't go well or you fail to counter jungle.
(Can't think of more, will add later.)

Normal Jungling
Spirit of the Ancient Golem gives HP, CDR, regen, and tenacity. Superb item and it complements tank Lee Sin very well.
Extremely tanky starting as early as mid game.
Mixes in good damage as well as tankiness later on after aquiring Last Whisper or even Trinity Force.

Early game doesn't deal quite as much damage.
Harder to counter jungle with.

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What to do?

Well, Lee Sin is simple in terms of jungling. You wanna almost always start at red, very rarely should you be worried about being counter jungled or invaded if you have your team at your side. If you do get invaded and they are gonna take your buff, take your vacant one or take one of theirs. (Be careful!) After red, go to blue, or if you're feeling confident, head to their next buff and kick their butt with your Doran's Blade of justice!

After aquiring Sightstone, try to always have like 1 ward down, but don't use them all up because you might need to make a quick getaway!

Speaking of getaways, how does Lee Sin get away and get in so easily? What makes Lee Sin the true hero he really is? Well, one of the things that does this is his ability to ward jump. Need a quick jump over a wall? Throw a ward, and Safeguard!!!! You can do this over a lot of walls, but you can also use it to gank! That's right, throw a ward behind someone, Safeguard and HIKUH!!! Dragon's Rage! This will knock them into the rest of your team or your laner that you're ganking for, making for another righteouss victory!

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8/31 12:xx - Guide created.

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Extra Notes

I'll probably make a top guide soon.

Comment and upvote if you like the guide! All constructive criticism is appreciated, I only ask you keep it civil and peaceful. Thank you for reading my guide and helping me help you! <3