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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mister Fortune

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mister Fortune

Lee Sin - The Blind Monk S3 In-Depth Guide

Mister Fortune Last updated on October 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons

[*] Extremely high mobility
[*] Insane ganking potential
[*] Very fast jungling
[*] Really good at counters jungling / getting early first blood (later on)
[*] High team-fighting potential
[*] All around fun champion
[*] Easy to make plays and end up on youtube
[*] Q is a bit hard to land but with practice you can do it

[*] Hard to play
[*] Gets banned a lot
[*] Weak cc
[*] People rage at you when you land a q out of no-where
[*] Must build tanky for high elo games
[*] Hard to catch up once behind
[*] He's blind

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These runes are mostly standard for any type of jungler.
I take ad marks and quints for the faster clear and the extra damage in early skirmishes.
I take armor seals over armor pen because armor seals help a lot more.
Lastly, I take MR blues because they are also the standard runes. No scaling runes because early game dominance is what lee sin is all about.

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These are standard masteries for when you are going tank Lee Sin which is going to be most of the time. Going tank is how you can be most useful for the team because you have the best engage in the game. So you need to be tanky. Now, if you were glass cannon lee sin then go 21 in the offense tree instead of 21 in the defense tree.

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Considering you have gotten a few good ganks off blowing a flash or even getting a kill, after farming the jungle your going to have to get atleast a kindlegem, spiritstone, and a ruby crystal. You might wants some wards too for some ward hopping (later explained) or if you're nice and want to drop a ward off for top. You can also use the ward to ward their red or blue. Once you get your spirit of the ancient golem and your ruby sightstone you are in a really good position. Now you are tanky and can jump around like a crazed monkey. You can also help ward with the team. Depending on what the team is like is whether or not you get your sunfire cape or frozen mallet first. You might even want some magic resist. You want to only get botrk when they start stacking armor.

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Skill Sequence

You want to start q to kill the red buff (explained later) as fast as you can because your q does the most damage at level 1 compared to e and it does damage missing from target's hp on the second proc so your going to want to hit him as much as you can in that three seconds to do the most damage possible. Starting q is also better when invading so that if you q and the opponent flashes you can easily dash back to them to give vision for a blitz maybe to grab them. Second you want e THEN w. This is important as you will not be ganking at level 2 unless there are diving or something (challenger strats). Your e is a lot more helpful for getting second. Then you want your w to gank ( explained later).

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Flash and smite. Flash is like another ward hop to get you out of sticky situations and smite is a must on a jungler.

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Early game

You have two options here. Invade or do red. Invade if you have a strong lvl 1 team like ashe, lee sin (duh), etc. If not do red. I say this because if you are on blue side then you have 3 people helping you rather than the usual two you get for blue. Note: This only applies for blue side. If purple start normally. After you do red, do blue as fast as possible then this is how you get first blood. Go to their red and if you time it properly they will be coming to their red or finishing it off. Either way, this will result in a easy kill for you as lee sin level 3 is insane. If not and you're too scared then you tell you top to push a bit so that he gets ganked and wait for them in the bush. You do this because people love to gank top because there are no wards and it is right next to red. When they come you get an easy kill or a double kill feeding the top laner and getting a VERY good start.

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There are many different ways to gank. Once your are level 3 you have several different options. You can either the strategy mentioned above or you can gank mid. This is not easy as the lane is very small. However when you gank you should never gank from sidebrush. Come from the blind spot between the wraiths and river wall, or the side of the blue buff and the river wall (the big wall). From there you want to either q,q,e or you q,e,q or e,q,q. This should ensure a kill if they are squishy for a flash is always worth it. Another way to gank mid is to hide behind the lane and when your mid laner engages w in and start wrecking.

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Ganking bot lane

I put a special chapter just about this because there is a lot to this. There are many different way s to gank bot lane. One of them is the ULTIMATE THRESH GANK which I will get into in just a moment. There are a lot of different ways to come into bot lane as well. You can come through lane around turret or the river (most likely warded). The ULTIMATE THRESH GANK goes like this. First of all, you need a thresh on you team. Note: You can w to a thresh lantern. You get the thresh to throw back the lantern (behind turret) and the adc goes in. Thinking that they have the upper hand they will engage. You get the lantern and come in like a monster and w to you adc. The you q their adc, click q again, flash behind him and ult him back in you adc and support. Another way to pull this off without flashing is that you can tell thresh to flash as you get the lantern to get more distance the ward hop behind instead of flashing. This will result in a dead bot lane and you will again get spammed with "YOU TOOOO GOODDD"'s and "THE GODLY LEE SIN"'s which will make you happy. Another way is to sneak in through the enemy teams try bush double q then ult them into your team (tower dive). When tower diving there are a lot of essentials. One of them is the jungler goes in first the he w's away then adc goes in THEN support goes in. This way the damage is split. If you are melee like lee sin the you want to go in last. And adc initiates.

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Mid game

This is when things start to get fun. You are at the point where you are kind of tanky and you can jump like no tomorrow. This is when team-fights start and dragons are targeted. Thank fully lee sin is great at stealing thanks to his q and his unlimited supply of wards. Mid game determines how the game is going to tilt. This means you are going to have to learn how to engage properly ( next chapter).

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Engaging as Lee Ringa

There are many different ways a lee sin can engage a fight. There is the standard double q but that is not fun. There IS a way that is super fun and if you master this you will easy youtube worthy gameplays. This seems simple but is actually really hard to do. What you want to do is find which key is easiest for you to place down a ward and then w to it (for me it's 5). After this put that key on smart cast for items. Now what you do first is q the opponent in a teamfight (try to come around so you hit someone at the back of the enemy team), press your q again then before you q hits ward jump to the side and kick the person into your team thereby knocking up the enemy team and making for a perfect engagement. This is known as the insec. This takes some practice. The next video is a video on how to do the insec. Another initiate would be to simply double q then w away and if done correctly times someone like a dumb maokai would try to snare you and this would get him caught in your team. Another way is to come from the back double q and kick the ad carry in to your team. Make sure it is the adc and not the tank. Another way to the insec is to flash instead of ward hopping which is much more easy but does not look as cool and it is a waste of a flash if you fail.

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Late Game

Now you have lost the title jungler and you are now the peeler. This means that YOU protect the adc with your life. Since lee sin is the best peeler in the game this should be very easy to do. You have your w, e and ult to save your adc with. If the tank goes on your adc you put yourself in front and protect. Do everything you can do your main damage combo (q,r,q) which disrupts the whole enemy team if done right or you can simply slow him or even kick him away. You can get locket which would be even better to peel with the active on it. You want to use the engages above to engage but also you want to peel. If doing the insec and failing will risk the game. DO NOT DO IT. Then you will get a lot of hate. But if you pull it off then great you get spammed with "OOOOOOOOOOH"'s and "SNNNNNNNAAAAPPPPP"'s. Which WILL make you day a lot better.

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Pushing turrets

Some people just don't get this so I added this part in. Lee sin's passive gives his attack speed for every spell he uses. And he has 7 SKILLS. So every time you push a turret w your self, attack twice, then w again. Do that with your e and q as well(if there are no minions do it anyway). You will find that you push turrets a lot faster with this technique. This is also helps you manage your energy.

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All in all, Lee sin is a hard champion to master but once mastered he is unbeatable. When mastered he will shred through divisions and will carry your team to challenger!
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