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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

Lee Sin - the Wuju blind man

muggy8 Last updated on April 4, 2011
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hypothetical..... this is all theory and trolling :) mind me not

because of lee sin's stats, he is very much like in the health department as well as the fact that they both have something covering their eyes. jokes ***ied, i believe that Lee Sin should be built like a Yi carry with crazy lifesteal and played like a Yi and not to mention he's pretty much Yi with CC and better escaping mech. and as we all know, yi excels at early game gank and backdooring and as well as late game 1v1 fights. so why not treat Lee Sin the same? not all champs are total game dominance once the 25min mark hits.

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runes masteries and skill order

nothing special in runes sections looks like anything a typical AD champ would go with and same with masteries. if you like the 21/9/0 rout then by all means take it however i do like to keep my ghost and tele to backdoor harder. cleanse is not a bad choice as well if your just gonna hit towers like crazy. skill order is up to u i like my Q so i max it first you might like your E but what ever makes not much difference because your waiting on late game anyways,

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Summoner spells

cleanse, flash, ignite, exhaust, smite, all good options for different ways to play. really its up to you what suits your tasts i find that if i'm just gonna backdoor all game might as well stick with tele and ghost and watch them cry as they scream Yi clone at me.

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the core build and beyond

looks like a yi core build right? well it is a yi core build. only difference is it doesn't have the starks yet. what do you do at this point? go backdoor a tower thats what. the ward is there for a reason. you stick the ward somewhere you can safeguard to easily and you safeguard to it once someone comes. and then you just run like your life depends on it. if they catch up dragon's rage them and keep running. after you get a tower or two down your next task awaits, wriggle's lantern. why that so late because you get a free ward to safeguard to once in a while when your ready to backdoor. after this you aim for a big hitter item. like phantom dancer or blood thruster which ever one your more comfortable using. your passive (making your screen blurry at all time when playing lee sin) do give your a pretty big attack speed increase so maybe phantom dancer not as good as getting blood thruster. but thats totally up to you.

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the last itme

this is your wiled card. use it at your disposal. quicksilver sash is not bad if you dont have cleanse or double cleanse is one heck of a pain in the bum if you know what i mean. banshee on backdoorers are just unfair and we all know how much we hate warmog's yi so why not give that a try.

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although unlike Yi or Sivir your ult does not boost attack speed, you do however have your passive and as an energy champ you can freely keep that passive going for as long as you need and with rediculous cooldowns such as lee sin's spells you wont have much trouble in keeping up your attackspeed to break a tower or 2 once in a while. and heck you dont even have to wait for your ult, you can just start hitting towers whenever. this is my guild on Lee Sin the Wuju style