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Lee Sin Build Guide by XtrM

Jungle Lee Sin ward-hopping like a bunny

By XtrM | Updated on July 8, 2019

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Runes: Most damage output

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Legend: Alacrity


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Lee Sin ward-hopping like a bunny

By XtrM
The fast moving and bunny-jumping Lee Sin

I've been playing League of Legend since early alpha many years ago.
After seeing amongst others Peanut dominate with Lee Sin some years ago, i picked him up as my go to jungler. He is fun, full of opportunities, a real playmaker, and skill based, every players dream.

Unfortunately, he have been trough some changes, nerfs, buffs and more. Mostly with the removal of poachers knife, and the ward items. But in recent times, he is getting more viable and fun to play again (since we finally are done with the tank meta)

So if you're the kind of player I am, or just looking to expand your champ pool, here is how i think Lee Sin is most fun to play, aswell as keeping him viable without major changes from the current meta.
Skill order Back to Top
How to deal the most damage with your skills?

The perfect scenario is to hit your sonic first -> auto attacks - > tempest -> auto attacks -> Dragon Rage (If you are lvl 6+) -> Sonic Wave.

This combination can deal a huge amount of damage, and when you are abit ahead, the enemies will fall like flies.

How to set up for teamfights / Protect your allies :
Lee sin is also an amazing team player.
Do the enemy jump at your ADC? No worries, the Lee Sin is here.
Safeguard to your ally -> Sonic -> Tempest -> Dragon Rage -> Sonic.
And while your at it, make sure you kick the enemy trough his whole team, knocking them up, and dealing massive damage.
Item builds Back to Top
If you want the most of mobility and damage, go for mobi boots into Caulfield's Warhammer for damage and CDR.

Are you facing a tough team with lots of CC, Mercs are your go-to boots, combined with Mercurial Scimitar later (This stacks with ingenious hunter, so you wont be locked down)

If the enemy mainly consists of AD champs relying on autoattacks, and you want that little extra advantage, Ninja Tabi can do the trick. This also helps you in jungle with a bit of extra armor.

I know many players use Tiamat for better jungle clears. In my builds i unfortunatel dont have room for it, but if you prefer it, its up to you. This also stacks with Ingenious Hunter, so its a viable option if its your cup of tea.
The playmaker Back to Top
Lee Sin is the ultimate playmaker. He's best at making your lanes get ahead early, and thus is strongest early to mid game, falling off as the game extends.

So how to get your lanes ahead? With presens, bullying and ganks ofcourse!

Your main focus should always be map awareness, lane pressure aswell as keeping track of the enemy jungler, and move accordingly.

With this rune and item combination, you will be granted incredible movespeed both in and out of combat (Ingenious hunter stacks with bost Youmuu's Ghostblade, Mercurial Scimitar and your wards)
Jungle order Back to Top
Blue start : (Lee sin is best at single camps early to keep his health up)
Blue buff -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Red Buff

At this point you are level 3, and can either gank top, take scuttle in top river, or are ready to fight your enemy jungler. At this point you have used 1 smite (Red buff or gromp, up to your pref.) And have 1 smite in stack for top scuttle. Aswell as you should have full hp.

Red start :
Red buff -> Wolves -> Blue buff -> Gromp
The same as with blue start. You should have full hp, smite ready and good for a fight at top side.
Keeping up the pressure Back to Top
After the first fight at top side, either it is a gank, scuttle, or enemy jungler who feels the wrath of your punches, its now time to farm.

Keeping up the income is the key to sucssess. Ofcourse, if an opportunity comes for a gank, (For example a re-gank top, if the enemy uses TP), helping mid, taxing exp if your allies are backing, exploit it.

Remember to always use your jungle camps as a "guide" combined with your map awareness to clear camps in between ganks. If you have your top jungle up, inform your toplane, and clear it on your way to him, and the same with bot / mid.
Objectives Back to Top
Lee Sin isn't the strongest jungler at taking down objectives, but he is fairly decent.

But what he lacks in soloing down objectives early, he makes up for by letting the enemy do the job.

Why waste time at taking a drag down to 600hp, when you can just jump in stealing it?

Since lee have a huge burst damage at his disposal, aswell as the capabilities to make for a quick exit, he is one of the best junglers at lasthitting objectives.

With your Q-E-Q combo + smite, you deal more damage than most of the other junglers in one go, they cant deny you a chanse for a 50-50 (at best for their part).

And with your W and flash, they will have a hard time getting a hold of you after that dragon went to your team.
League of Legends Build Guide Author XtrM
XtrM Lee Sin Guide

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Lee Sin ward-hopping like a bunny