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LeBlanc Build Guide by Anaklusmos7

Lelbanc (If pros can play her I can too)

Lelbanc (If pros can play her I can too)

Updated on October 16, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anaklusmos7 Build Guide By Anaklusmos7 1,599 Views 0 Comments
1,599 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Anaklusmos7 LeBlanc Build Guide By Anaklusmos7 Updated on October 16, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    Lelbanc (If pros can play her
  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    Alternate Sustain Build


LeBlanc is super thicc Noxian AP based champion that has an Ezreal W but you don't have to aim it, a one shot ability, a Karma root, and a quick second cast of the previous ability you used for her ult. She also has a passive that allows you to control a mirror of yourself when you drop below a certain health threshold, but honestly, who bothers with it?

She's an extremely fun champion to play if you like wasting your enemies' time, leading them on chases, or just one-shotting them in lane. But honestly, you're only here because you saw Faker play her once and go 13-2, and now you can play her just as well.
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Tips and Tricks

LeBlanc's nickname The Deceiver isn't just because Riot wants to be edgy with its naming, but actually ties into her kit really well, especially her W and passive. LeBlanc with corrupting pot is especially annoying to deal with early game, and almost always gets first blood. Just wait until lvl 2 or 3 before poking/all ining.

Farming is a little difficult, as auto projectile speed is a little slow, so don't be afraid to use abilities to help you clear waves.

Your W is arguably your best ability, as it does tons of damage, has an easy escape, and has lots of mobility. However, make sure to keep track of where you portal is, as you don't want to teleport back into a CC chain. You can outplay a lot of people with it.

During team fights, try to stay back and poke with Q W W combo unless your team is winning or going in. Your root can be the difference between a loss and a win, but make sure not to overextend just to complete the root. If your passive is triggered, use it to bait abilities/ults.
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LeBlanc is one of my favorite champions, and I highly recommend trying her out. While her skill cap is reasonably high, learning her will benefit greatly, and you'll climb higher than you've ever climbed before--maybe even out of bronze 5!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Anaklusmos7
Anaklusmos7 LeBlanc Guide
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Lelbanc (If pros can play her I can too)

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