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Leona Build Guide by lucasgb

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lucasgb

Leona - Beautifully Stunning

lucasgb Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Leona is a strong champion when used correctly. I bought Leona the day she came out and have experimented with many builds. This build worked best for me.

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- To add to her chasing.

-But why not Health or Health Regen? After and Philosopher's stone your Health or health regen quints are a waste of quints

- To give Leona better poke and damage output.

-Why not armor pen ?because Leona has a low physical damage output, These marks are for poking. To poke in then (eclipse after you zenith so that if you miss zenith you shield isnt wasted) then and autoattack till your shield combusts.If done with conjunction with a teammates pokes this should do 500 damage at least.

Greater seal of vigor - Better survivability

-Why not armor,dodge seals? Leona gets enough armor from dorans shield and her own shield as for dodge we wont be going into the defensive mastery tree so dodge seals will not be effective.

- Because even tho you get alot of Magic Resist in this build early on in the game mages will be constanly harassing you and you shield wont be up to absord all of it.I chose flat Magic Resist because mid to late game you should have already bought more Magic Resist

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They'r caster masteries... Ive tried Tank masteries but then Id lack Movement Speed which is needed on tanks because they are usually the last ones alive meaning that they usually clean up the mess and for that I take caster masteries.It helps alot with both chasing and damage output.

I took this setup because of these masteries in particular

Most of Leona damage,like most tanks is from ability power.

Great mastery.

Good for early game.

Speed is good on almost all tanks.

CD is great.

Less cooldown more kills.

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This is what separates my build with others, the Dorans Shield start. I know that most guides start with but then I'm always lacking health, now I know people are like "Well the health regen from pendant will make up for the health in minutes" that's true but think of it this way would you harass someone with 800 health and a or a 400 health with a Regrowth Pendant size32and three ? Obviously you would attack the Teemo right? Same logic goes with this build,and it works!

Philosopher's stone This item is awesome on Leona don't skip out here. The health, mana, and gold is just what Leona needs, Feel free to upgrade it as both upgrades are good on Leona.

Wait a second you skipping the what happened to it? Well the is more important then that puny HoG because once you get the cape farming is a breeze the 5 gold per 10 and 250 health is nothing compared to the great farming ability Leona gets from the cape.How do I farm with said cape? well its easy, just try to the most minions then and your sunfire cape will do the rest.

and these are just typical tank item that I prefer to get feel free to switch them up. Although I do have great reasons for getting these items.

The enemy casters have been really farmed their close to 1 shotting you and their pokes hurt... Well this solves that problem,Also important is the Movement Speed and Health Regen this baby gives perfect for a heavy tank.

Since you have decent armor and decent magic resist,not to mention some more from you you need some health,you may be raging 'WHY THE HELL DO I GET THIS ITEM NOW!?!?!?!?!,IT NEEDS STACKS!!!' because after your FoN you dont really lack anything other tanks have but health feel free to switch this item,I highly reccomend it. I just added this item because it perfectly balances out the build but in most games teams arent perfectly balanced so get other items like

You now have 4 crowd control effects!

Reserved for offtanks but who cares its an awesome item.

An awesome item for Leona she benefits GREATLY from cooldown reduction Frozen Heart>Thornmail

VERY situational if your in one of those games where the timers is past 45 mins and if you die,you lose.

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Skill sequence

we upgrade this first because it gives
- Armor and Magic Resist
- Damage
- Cooldown Reduction

we upgrade this second because it gives
- Damage
- Cooldown Reduction

- Cooldown Reduction

At the first three levels feel free to mix and match.

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Summoner Spells

One of the best summoners in the game all the pros use it.

I get this on most tanks because as a tank its hard to get kills because usually they run away from your weak damage output I grab ignite to punish those who underestimate Leona.

Other great spells

3 stuns and exhaust? the enemy carry is so gonna rage.

Good spell for being where you have to be.

if no one else gets it,your going down the utility tree anyways so why not? This is more for your team rather than Leona

good for chasing

Everything else is just terrible.

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I made this build quick and clear because this week is free Leona week.
NEVER SOLO,unless you have to Leona is most effective with a teammate
I hope you try this build out before rating it I have tried Soooooo many builds and this gave me most success. I made this guide after I realized how well this build works so I only recorded some of my previous games but I have had better.
My first Mobafire guide I might make more If voted highly. ;)

Please someone help me with the pictures they are really good scores but they're minimized because I don't know how to upload pictures directly from my computer help would be nice ty.