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Leona Build Guide by Immortalph33r

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Immortalph33r

Leona tanking with the sun

Immortalph33r Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*Please note that this is my first build/guide and any constructive criticism will be gladly accepted but if you want to flame go home.

This is a build/guide for playing Leona. Leona is a tank, period. How you decide to build her really depends on your team and the other team. I generally play with the tanky DPS build to deal out the extra damage late game and because you chase like a boss, but if your team is squishy or you just want to play a dedicated tank, the pure tank is the way to go. The pure tank item build is for non single fed champions/balanced teams, more will be explained in the items section.

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Skills and Playstyle

In this section I will cover how the skills should be used.

Sunlight- This is your passive, it really doesn't have much to do with you but with your lane partner, any of your damaging abilities make it so that in the next 3.5 seconds if an allied champion hits the target they do extra magic damage.

Shield of Daybreak- This is your stun. This is part of what makes you a good initiator and what allows you to disrupt the other team as well as stop the other team from jumping on your carries , this skill also works great in tandem with your zenith blade in lane phase in order to get good stuns from the bushes for bursting or allowing your lane partner to get in some good damage and early kills. It has a short cooldown so you should be able to use it more than once in teamfights, if the other team has champions such as Katarina or any other channel champion you should save this for them instead of using it to initiate.

Eclipse- This is part of what makes you such a good tank. As well as your farming tool, it allows you to soak a lot of damage and when used with a zenith blade, Shield of daybreak, eclipse combo it does a lot of damage. Use it to farm by hitting the caster minions once or twice and then letting the blast from it farm for you. Also, the ticks from Sunfire Cape with this allows you to farm fairly well.

Zenith Blade- This is what allows you to initiate. By jumping into team fights, and used with Eclipse, this combo allows you to soak their damage while the rest of your team starts eating their carries. If you notice a carry is trying to get out of combat, you can use this to jump to them and stun them with your Shield of Daybreak.

Solar Flare- This is your ult, this has many uses; you can use this to chase enemy champions or stun/slow whole teams (which is great disruption). It also does a bit of damage and can be used to initiate because of its range and be used early to finish off champions under their turret.

As for skill progression in the tank build, I say to level up the stun all the way after your shield, so that you can have it off cooldown as much as possible. Since your going to be in the thick of things, I always say to level your stun, then your jump, then shield up all the way. The stun is really good for getting first blood and bush checking, and the jump allows you to almost always land a stun on the enemy champion. Your shield is leveled all the way because it allows you to farm and soak damage.

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Runes and Masteries

As for the runes they are fairly interchangeable, but I have listed flat armor and flat MR for Leona's early game, since for the first couple of levels she can take a lot of damage. Instead of armor yellows I also recommend MP5 Greater Seal of Replenishment, because she has early mana issues if you use your skills a lot. All of her abilities deal magic damage, so that is the reason for MPen reds , and either movement quints because the speed increase is really good for getting to teamfights or running away from them and ganks. You can also use health quints which just make you even harder to kill.

As for the masteries, you'll notice that I use the caster masteries for my dps build. This should be fairly self explanatory, but to make a long story short, with those I feel that the extra damage from the 9 points in offense really makes you able to do the good early burst, as well as having some CDR. As for the ranks in utility, I go with good hands over perseverance, because a 4% increase is so minute that it really doesn't matter. It also give you cooldowns on your exhaust and flash, and makes you even quicker with some more CDR.

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For the items in my build, I recommend going with the gold items, because your farm isn't great, and because the regen/MP5 is amazing from Philosopher Stone Philosopher Stone, since Leona is kinda mana starved early. The health boost and gold from Heart of Gold may or may not be needed in the DPS build - it depends on when you go back if you have enough for giants belt giants belt or not; but on the Tank build I highly recommend it, because Randuin's omen is really good for its passive and it's active is amazing too. I also use Force of Nature and Warmog's Armor because the health regeneration synergizes well together. Also as an MR item Force of Nature has the highest MR rating with nice movespeed bonus. Warmog's armor is the best Health item. I use Atma's Impaler on my DPS build because with the high health the passive is amazing, the armor is really good, and the crit synergizes with the Phantom Dancer . On the tank build I say to go with a Guardian Angel as the last item because it gives a good amount of both MR and armor with a great passive.

Now these builds aren't set in stone either, as with both builds you use a fairly balanced armor and MR amount. If the other team is strong in Magic damage - or has a fed Brand or other burst caster - swap the Sunfire Cape or Randuin's Omen with a Banshee's Veil or Abyssal Scepter . If the other team has a high DPS, or say a fed Tryndamere or another AD champion, swap Force of Nature or Guardian Angel for a Thornmail or Frozen Heart .

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Well this is my take on Leona, she's a very solid tank. I hope my build/guide helps you with your many at summoners rift, and if you liked it or didn't please, leave some feedback so I can change it, to make it better.