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Leona Build Guide by Zardis

Leona, the AP Tank

Leona, the AP Tank

Updated on July 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zardis Build Guide By Zardis 6,550 Views 10 Comments
6,550 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zardis Leona Build Guide By Zardis Updated on July 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Fortify


Introduction. PLEASE READ!

Hi, this is my first guide and I also am not so new at the game tho I have had my great matches so please, before you vote down please let me know what do you think it deserves it. Remember this is not a war on who has the most rated guide but a web page where people come to see guides of a character they don't know very well and want to play.

NOTE: Please also consider that my point here is to make a good AP tank. I don't like the full tank Leona cuz she doesn't do enough damage, and I know she is a tank but if my team-mate on the lane doesn't do much damage either then is very VERY BAD.

Also, please consider again that this is my first guide and not very good at LoL, I am just doing my best to use better this champion which has become my favorite so far, specially with her Valkyrie skin. So please, any suggestions, leave me a comment and I will be sure to read it and of course I will try your suggestions and keep updating the guide.
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Pros / Cons

Remember that being a tank will get you almost no kills but that is okay, you don't wanna get the kills from your carries. Also, it means that you die a lot protecting others. AND building an AP tank has the disadvantage that you will die a little more often but will get easier kills.


Sexy female tank with an even sexier Valkyrie skin.
Higher AP than usual tanks, making it easier to kill/assist
Lots of stun/slows.
One Stalk ability.
Using on team fights will make your partners love you lol.
Can Jungle.
Your Q Works on turrets and Inhibitors, probably Nexus too. (haven't tested)


Could die a lot, specially if you are not used to playing her.
You will always be targeted first if you are an AP tank and last if you are full tank.
As a tank she doesn't have much survivability but she tries lol.
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Well I go with this sequence on my items simply because I like it. I love the little extra gold at all times since she can't farm very well due to her SLOW attack speed.

NOTE: Remember this is just my idea of how to run her and NOT a guide of how you should roughly play her. I am just dropping ideas for those who like to do some damage and get some kills now and then.

Also, if you got some extra money after going back to buy stuff and you are left with like 120, or stuff like that, stock up in potions. The longer you can stay in your lane, the better. You will level up fast, get more money, help your partner more, etc.

Also on the side of the boots, you can just swap them with Ninja Tabi if you see they have no one threatening that can deal heavy magic damage.

Other items to consider:

Very good option if you see you can survive enough nearby enemies.
Not my favorite but people like to use it.

Bad items:

This is very bad in her unless you are running a full tank build using like 2 of these and Atma's Impaler but I see it's not worth all the money and effort to get it.

NOTE: I am working on a Spell Vamp build for Leona I will post an alternate build later on once I get to work around it.
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You might ask why this random set of runes? Well, I tell you why. They WORK. It will give u an extra boost on a few things your champion will be needing but it is awesome, honestly.

will give you some magic resist she will need later.
will give you some armor SHE DOES NEED.
(See above)
well, I think that is enough explanation lol.

Magic users won't be a problem most of the time if you have a good team mate that's why you have to focus on the annoying assassins coming after you. That's why you have lots of armor.
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Skill Sequence

Well, as you can see I prefer leveling up my Q first. Also, I don't like going to max one or the other because they are both VERY useful, except of course her E, which is only there to chase after almost dead champions.

The reason why I alternate the abilities instead of focusing on maxing them quickly is because her Q is very good if you have a good team mate, but if for some reason your team mate dies or goes OOM (Out of Mana) then you have to try to escape from the claws of your opponents using W to go to base or simply wait for your partner.

Leona's abilities mark the target with Sunlight.Allied champions that damage marked targets deal additional damage and consume the mark.
This is very useful, of course, always remind your partner what this does because they may not know and you may have a very bad early game and a horrible mid game. Also remember that the damage output of this passive increases each time you level up so use that to your advantage.

Leona Charges her shield with the power of the sun causing her next melee attack to deal additional damage and briefly stun the target.
Then again lets not forget that this ability is only there so your partner can screw that character so always be close to your partner. Of course, this is what you will initiate fights with. The damage is pretty decent and once you get Rod of Ages you will start feeling the damage is very nice and the stun really helps.

Leona raises her shield granting her additional Armor and Magic Resistance for 3 seconds. When the effect ends, she deals AoE (Area of Effect) damage and increases the duration of the defenses by 3 seconds if she damages an enemy.
This is by far, my favorite shield on the game. Even tho it does not make her invulnerable like Kayle's Ulti, well it DOES give a huge amount of Armor and MRes. On top of that it will deal damage so if u are harassing someone it will hit them. Of course this is great for farming minions (And jungling sometimes). Just remember, don't waste the shield using Zenith Blade after you use this shield or you will regret it. Specially if the explosion is missed somewhere between her transportation next to the target of Zenith Blade

Leona throws a blade of sunlight that damages all enemies in a line. Leona teleports to the last enemy champion hit by this attack.
Good harassing technique. Not worth using on farming due to the extremely low damage output and of course, you don't wanna hit a champion with this by mistake while farming lol.

After a brief delay, Leona calls down a beam of solar energy dealing damage and slowing enemies. Enemies in the center of the beam are stunned instead of slowed.
1 Word. AMAZING. I totally love this Ulti and of course it has its benefits, even though you may not deal a lot amount of damage with it i recommend it for team fights. Also, I recommend using it after Shield of Daybreak. Just use your Q , and immediately use Solar Flare in the spot just right behind them where they are going to run from you so once they get out of their stun they will be stunned again. That play always, ALWAYS gets kills. Specially if you are going AP tank because the damage by those 2 attacks will be greater, making it easier for your partner to kill.
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Well this Masteries should be easy enough to comprehend.


This means you get Armor and Magic Penetration with Exhaust for when they try to run from you, you get 15% Armor penetration, Cooldown reduction, and some extra ability power from the Offense side.

On the Defense side, which is the most important, her being a tank and all, you are getting Magic Resist, Armor, Dodge (Which combines great with Ninja Tabi) and a little extra speed when you dodge. You are a tank, you are there to receive hits, not die receiving them. And well, you are also getting Splash damage with Fortify and 4% damage reduction, pretty cool, huh? Oh and don't forget that you are getting ability power and movement speed as well since both are very important here. Even though she is a tank, she is a born stalker.
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Summoner Spells

The reason I go with Exhaust and Fortify is because:

Amazing Stalking purposes. It also decreases their damage by a 70% making you stand more hits for a while. This also works to let your partner attack them as well. It is a great spell on her over all.

Well you are a tank and will be mostly very slow, you will also die a lot setting up the kills for your team mates so your turrets may be in danger. This is great help for that. Also of course, while it is ready to cast you will deal more damage to minions making the farming easier.

Other choices of spells are:

Not my favorite but it can help you on the tanky part.

Don't like this one much either since I prefer ghost on stalker champions. Flash will transport you there and maybe you will get 1 hit, they will just run away again from you.

Well as I said, Flash doesn't do what this baby does if you are all in for stalking, you will follow them, hit them, follow, hit, etc. If you have exhaust you will probably stalk them to death.
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Early Game

Early game is not hard, either you are going top or bottom just team up with a high DD (Damage Dealer) and ask them if they know about your passive, if not, explain. Clean up a little the field from minions before attacking and at the right moment go with Q and your DD to attack and probably get first blood. Please remember you will have to let them push a little to do this but with Q + is pretty much FB (First Blood)

After that just keep getting your items, farming cautiously, B (Recall) if you are low on health, you are a tank, not invincible. Try to always stick up with your partner, going alone won't do anyone any good, you will just feed.
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Mid Game

By now, probably some annoying rats have gone to your lane to gank you and may or may have not succeeded, either way, you know you need to be more focused so stay away from the forest while walking and search the grassy areas of the corners.

While attacking turrets always stay away from the forest, attack from the outside part of the turret to avoid ganks as much as possible. Also, use your shield while attacking it in case it suddenly attacks you and to farm minions while you get rid of the tower. If you activated Eclipse and a champion is approaching, start running from the turret cuz the explosion is most likely to hit the champion and the turret will start to attack you.
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Late Game

Not much to say in here. You just stick with your partners, start pushing a lane, own with your Solar Flare and make them regret trying to avoid your team's pushing. This is specially good if your team has someone like Veigar that can also help with the stunning.

Something I like to do late game if I can is, even if my partners are far if I see no one is at the enemy's base I rush there and start destroying turrets and inhibitors by myself so that minions take care of the rest.
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Well I hope you have read through all the guide and have liked it. Also I hope you enjoy playing her as much as I do. and I hope she gets a little buffed in the next patch :) She is good but she does tend to die a lot.

Also, don't get mad at poor Leona or yourself if you die a lot, that's what she's for (Of course not feeding lol) but she is a great champion after all.

I hope to see some positive comments although I kinda expect a few negative comments as well :P but that doesn't matter since I am not racing to see who gets the top list or w/e.

P.S. If you vote down, please give me a GOOD reason of why you did. I have seen people vote -1 for reasons as stupid as, I quote, "It doesn't have Sheen" or "I don't like Marks of Insight on this build" and stupid things like that.

Thanks in advance and have fun playing her!
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