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Leona Build Guide by D3gradation

Tank Leona - The Unreleanting Painbringer

Tank Leona - The Unreleanting Painbringer

Updated on November 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3gradation Build Guide By D3gradation 1 6 28,636 Views 7 Comments
1 6 28,636 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author D3gradation Leona Build Guide By D3gradation Updated on November 27, 2013
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Jungle Leona Concept

Jungle Leona is a strong gank that you rarely see. And be very cautious if you do, if someone is bold enough to jungle Leona, you will find them wracking up both kills and assists left and right after level 6, and trust me she doesn't struggle in the jungle contrary to popular belief.

Many people claim flash is better than ghost for jungles, I challenge that for just a handful of champions, and Leona is one of them. All champions with a grab such as Naut, Blitzcrank, Amummu, Thresh, and Leona don't need to flash to grab their targets they just need to skill shot them to get there, or bring them to themselves. Now, Leona is the ONLY champ that has a grab that WILL go through minions so it is not important to get minions cleared to gank.
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Playstyle and Stratagies

Leona is much like any standard jungle as far as clearing through the jungle itself. Yes she struggles to kill the waves a little at the start but after level 4 it begins to get a lot easier quickly.

Generally when clearing the Jungle I will go in a standard pattern of Blue-Wolves-Wraiths-Red-Gollems-Wraiths-Wolves then go back to base. Using smite on First Wolves, Red, Second Wraiths. It aids in clearing quicker and keeping up with minimum level. As well as helps with when you return gold and respawn time. My second and third clears through usually just go from one side to the other smiting whenever it is up to quickly eliminate the larger Monsters.
Ganking is a very simple idea with Leona, once you find an opening you can either open with your Ultimate (Solar Flare), and then proceed to walk in using Zenith Blade, followed by a Shield of Daybreak with Eclipse. Rinse and repeat until target is dead or successfully outlived your gank.

The alliterative to this is using Ghost to run in and stun your opponent with Shield of Daybreak with Eclipse. Usually your target will flash your response should be a Zenith Blade, and Ultimate or
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Item Discussion

The Boot Choices and Why!

This honestly will vary based on how the game is progressing and how mobile you need to be verse how tanky you need to be.

Boots of Swiftness is my favorite choice as it gives a sustained 60 movement to aid in chasing down, ganking, and clearing jungle. While the 25% reduced slows is makes it harder to keep champs like Ashe, Teemo, and any other slowing effect from getting your target. My build is all about being uninhibited to move for as short of an amount of time as possible. Tenacity, Slow Resist, and Legendary Guardian all stack with one another. This means you have effectively 50% reduced CC, and 75% reduction on slows. Thats damn good.

Boots of Mobility are good for the times when you need to be all over the map in quick succession. You will not ever beat that 105 movement speed going from place to place. I dislike it though when trying to chase targets down it can sometimes be troublesome to move while missing that 25% reduced slows. or 15 movement.

Ninja Tabi again should go without saying but if the enemy team is MOSTLY AD you should probably invest in this as it will give you a huge advantage and damage reduction.

(I left Mercury's Treads out of the options as Tenacity is unique)

Blade of the Ruined King VS. Frozen Mallet VS. The Black Cleaver

Blade of the Ruined King is in my opinion the best for Leona to output damage. as she does not have a lot of actual damage output the 5% of current HP is a great way to burn a target down quickly. As well as restore your own HP, for some additional sustain while in longer single combat.

Frozen Mallet provides a unique item for when ganking lanes or chasing down enemy champions. If you are ganking properly you should not need to slow your enemy down as you will have them stun locked for up to 3.25 seconds. provided your ult combo works as intended. Though this gives you a good amount of HP as a tank with a bit of extra damage as well.

The Black Cleaver is an interesting choice for Leona. Its advantage is giving your team armor pen to your target. This is helpful as you will usually be targeting their carries and diving. The 200 HP gives you a bit of sustain while the 50 AD gives you more damage and the 10% cool-down means you can use your spells in quicker succession. All in all a good choice as well. I have to admit I have not tested this on Leona myself though on paper it would seem advantageous with a AD heavy team.

Banshee's Veil VS. Spirit Visage

Banshee's Veil provides a shield that absorbs the CC such as Teemo's Mushroom's, Lux's "Light Binding", Morgana's "Dark Binding", or any other stun/CC you can think of. This is great for charging in for the ganks as typically enemy champs try and target you to slow you down or stun you. This prevents that possibility.

Spirit Visage on the other hand gives you a more sustainable and duration tanking item. If you are dealing with a team with few to no CC, go with this option. However since this is a very RARE scenario I usually get the former option.
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Rune Discussion

I am currently debating the use of the 15% attack speed over the 11 attack damage in the Marks. I am testing this and would appreciate any input from others on this topic. Most of these runes are fairly standard for most players so I would not be surprised if you already have them and just have to put together a rune page.
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As very few people actually play Leona as a Jungle there are record low reports or options to read through. If you or someone you knows has tested the difference of gear or has any input in this regard please let me know I would greatly appreciate it.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3gradation
D3gradation Leona Guide
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Leona - The Unreleanting Painbringer

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